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    How to get rid of rats in car?

    Are you having problem with rats cutting electric wires in cars? Want to know how to deal with this problem? On this page you can find suggestions from experts and relinquish your worries to get rid of the rats.

    Rats became a menace for us. Though there are no rats inside our home, they make our car as their home. We park our car under the portico of our house. Rats sometimes cut the car wires. They do defecation inside our car. If we keep some rodenticides, it is becoming very difficult to find the dead rats inside the car. Sometimes, we fear that snakes may enter the car in order catch the rats.
    I don't know how to deal with the problem. How to protect car from rats?
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  • There are many varieties of electronic repellers that are effective. Some varieties can be plugged into a wall socket, some into the car lighter receptacle and there are even some solar powered models.
    There are some ultrasonic, flashing strobe light and vibration type repellers. Some varieties give buzz sound when sensing a slight motion. others give a variable alarm heard only by rodents.
    One advantage is you need not keep respraying a solution or refilling bait.

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  • Like mosquitoes Rats are also a menace to humans and have not become fully successful against them.

    The first basic way to keep rats out is to keep the place very clean without anything that is food for them. So the car has to be kept clean always without traces of food,worn out clothes etc. The present infestation can be driven out by rodenticides. But the main difficulty is that they may be lying dead at some unused corner and then foul smell be emanating. Once almost sure that there is no infestation, then after parking the car keep repellents near the wheels. The rat pastes/Glues can be effective only for the small type rats. Park the car in a clean and hygienic place. You can spread Raw ,crushed ginger around the wheels for some days till you feel that rats are not visiting.
    For the big rats rat traps can be effective.
    The other remedy is to nurture a cat.

  • My solutions are:-

    (a) Tell a car cleaner to clean the interior of the car very thoroughly. If the small carpets, mats etc. are removed and the car is cleaned, all the rats will come out from the open doors.
    (b) Tell young children to keep the car clean and not put morsels of food inside the car.
    (c) Use a rat trap inside the car. Don't use rat-killing poison.
    (d) Put crushed ginger, onion or garlic inside the car for seven days or so. The rats will leave the car.

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  • If the rats are in that area where car is parked then they will enter the car in search of food or just as an animal curiosity. So main thing is to get the particular area cleaned of this menace. So rat poison is to be kept near the holes in the walls of the house and other places near the portico which are the main paths and ways for rats to come out in the night and move here and there and also to the inside of the car.

    Do not keep any poison pills inside the car.

    Repeat this procedure for a long time. The population of the rats will decrease with consumption of those rat poison pills. After that the glue board can be put at suitable places to trap the remaining ones.

    This will be required to be done for a long period on a regular basis.

    Using ginger, garlic etc to repell them will also be a temporary solution but until unless there population is decreased nothing significant can be achieved.

    You can take advise of some professional pest controllers also.

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  • My solution to get rid of Rats from car :
    1. Naphthalene balls : This balls contains chemical. Rats feel suffocated by the smell of Naphthalene. To use it first take a small cotton cloth and do some small holes in it. Now put 5 balls to that cloth and roped it. Now tie up with rope to any wire of car. Put balls in 3 to 4 cloths and do the same. Rats and mice stop came into your car after using this trick. Use it very carefully, it smells very bad.

    2. You can buy mortien rat kill it is available in any store. Rats feel suffocated by this mortien if they try to eat it. One more thing do not close all the windows of the car. If they feel suffocated then definitely try to come outside of the car. Use it properly because it is a poison. After using it, wash your hands properly with dettol.

  • You are parking your car under the portico. The car is exposed to the smaller animals including rodents, that can find their way from the garden, drainage areas and rubbish in the compound etc.
    It is very difficult to make compounds, gates and parking areas secure. Please clear out as much unwanted material and rubbish in the area around the portico.
    You can regularly use rat traps, ultrasonic rat repellants etc.
    The area around the home and within the compound should be free of all potential food and edible morsels dropping around.
    You can get your car serviced properly to check for any potential electrical wire damage etc, then ensure that the windows are up fully at nighttime and get the car cleaning person to regularly clean the vehicle after removing all the matting, cleaning under the hood etc.

    If you are averse to this, then you can call in for the services of professional rat extriminators (

    Like others have mentioned, it is advisable NOT to keep rat poison within the car,these are dangerous compounds that can be accidentally ingested or children can come in contact with these chemicals. You can use this around your compound gates, sewer pipes etc.

    Some natural rat repellents include peppermint oil, you have some natural rodent repellent sprays too.

  • Cleaning - aspect of the car is the the most important and placing of Mortien Cake is not advisable since kids if entertained for journey in the subsequent time may be affected because of its nesting or otherwise.
    A paste made of Garlic and Ginger containing slight amount of Apple - Cider Vinegar may create a suffocating agent for the rodents and in that way, their shelter in the car can be prevented.
    Ensure that there is no holes inside the car making an entry - point for the rats.
    You may use ultra sound repellers for expelling the rodents.

  • These are few tips you might want to try.
    1. Rats are nocturnal animal so they look for dark place. So try to keep hidden places like car hood open.
    2. Close or seal the rat possible entrance places inside car which will not car functioning. Also seal off hiding places near the car where rats usually run to hide.
    3. Do not keep the car unused for long time on once place.
    4. Spray the rataway , red pepper on wires. Rats usually fear to smell of dog and cats so try to keep cats and dogs hair at some places in car.
    5. Effective solution is to get a pet cat.
    6. There are electronic devices which makes ultrasonic sound which not audible to normal human ear but rat hear them and run. You can check for them in market. Some of them works on sensors too.

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  • Basically, for most pests, it is advisable to use repellents which attack the sensory nerves of smell. Odours which they cannot tolerate will keep them away.

    In the case of rats, there is one very effective solution which has been suggested by my Boss. Put tobacco (available at a local paan-supari shop) in small cloth pouches and place them under the hood of the car. The pouch should be a very thin one, preferably with fine netting. That is, the netting should not have large holes. My Boss uses the white cloth ones which are sold for filtering water from taps. These are easily available as many people buy them. These pouches also have strings or bits of cloth attached to draw or tie up the opening of the pouch. Hence it is convenient to prevent the tobacco from falling out. You can put two or three small such pouches in various places below the car's hood. Rats cannot tolerate the smell of tobacco at all. My Boss has even put these pouches in the passage outside the clinic premises.

    This advice has been followed by many acquaintances of my Boss and they have been found to be effective, too.

    Of course, the tobacco is not to be consumed by humans. Tobacco causes oral cancer.

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  • It happens when our car remains unused for a long time so it's better to keep a decided day to clean car from inside when we are not using it often.
    Also, it is advisable to keep naphthalene balls inside the car. Keep a rat trapper inside the car. Check the openings in your car and if possible seal them so that rats may not enter the car. If you are not using the car for a longer time then it is advisable to change the place of the car time to time.


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  • Rats come near to humans for two reasons. Food and Shelter. If they have come into your car, it is most likely have smelt some food component there. To get rid of them, without killing the creatures or hurting them badly, you have to invest in rat cages.

    Place it with a large size of cheese slice stuck to the pin, as instructed, near to the place you have observed it the most. It might not work the same day, but it will definitely work within a week's time.

    Once you catch it, leave it somewhere far from your place. If you suspect more than one, continue the process, till all of them are gone.
    Then take your car to a repair shop, and get it cleaned inside out. Ask the mechanics to look for any holes that are newly formed, and seal them off. Keep your car clean especially from food particles.

  • All my neighbours and we faced this rat problem from past 1 year, we kept naphthalene balls, wet tobacco leaves, eculyptus oil and many things but it was of no use, rats use to damage our car by cutting the wires. We tried rat poison mixed with masala bonda as said, and placed near the car and here and there. We got these rat poison from yestwantpur in bangalore. Since then touch wood we are not facing the rat problem. We had tried rat poison before also but this particular rat poison from yestwantpur area in bangalore worked.

  • The following remedial steps can be taken to get rid of the rat - menace inside the car-
    1) Seal the wholes which allows the rats for their easy entrances.
    2) Spray of Apple Cider Vinegar with the addition of paste garlic in this concoction would help to arrest the rat - menace. Pungent smell emanating from this mixture would drive them out.
    3) Ultra - sound rat - repellents are available and the same may be used. The ultra sound wave not audible to humans but such high intensity waves are noticeable to the rats can drive them out.
    4) You may apply rodent sprays time to time to expel the rats.
    5) Use the rat - traps inside the car.
    Rat - poison being high toxic in nature may prove to injurious for the safety of children moving with their parents during the course of journey.

  • Avoid eating in the car; If you need to feel hunger during driving. Come out from Car and sit in any restaurant or dhaba or any garden and have food. Because rats like the smell of food and reach to find the food.

    Clean your car thoroughly from inside and ask your car service person to clean all the parts. A good Vaccum cleaner can clean the car perfectly.

    Also, we can keep rat-traps and cakes (available in a local market) but we need to keep these items out the reach of children.

  • Firstly, check the surroundings where you park your car. In case you park your car nearest to the place where there is a lot of garbage dumped, please avoid parking near such a place. Secondly, ensure you don't keep your car parked without using it for a long time. Go out in the nearest roads for a small round so that the engine heats up and also to ensure the rats don't make their homes in your car bonnet. Rat sprays for the car really help to prevent the rats from creating a nuisance. They are very much available on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart. When the engine is cool, open the bonnet and spray it well, and also you need to spray in near the car tires, the bottom area of the doors. Please ensure that you wear a mask while spraying it as inhaling it for Human Beings is harmful. This easily works for a week or 2 and again you can repeat the process.

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