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    About result of BSc 2nd year from Ram Manohar Lohia University

    Worried about a fail status in BSC course? Wondering how to get pass status? Read the advice and tips from experts here and get all the options to pass the exams.

    I have scored 7,19,22(48/150) respectively in chemistry , 7,23,19(49/150) respectively in botany and 21,24,12(57/150) respectively in zoology.
    I am very worried due to my fail status.
    What are all the options through which I can get pass status?
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  • The works you have obtained are less than the marks required for passing the examination. Now the option available to you is to attend the supplementary examinations that will be held in the month of October 2018. You have to apply through your college and you have to attend the examinations without fail. By the time you clear your final year next year, you should clear these all subjects.
    There is no substitute for hard work and be focused on learning. Unless otherwise you study hard and complete the courses this time, there is no chance for you to come out of the B.Sc course successfully with at least second class. Start working from now onwards. You try to get more old questions papers and start answering all the questions and if you are not able to get the answers, clear some books or contact the concerned lecturers and be ready with answers. That will help you in getting good marks in the examination.

    always confident

  • You have scored less in the subjects Chemistry,Boatany, Zoology od B.Sc II year. In general we would need at leat 50% marks in graduation degree courses to move to the next year.

    Delhi university allows students to take up their third year course (, while preparing and appearing in the suppermentary exams along with the next freshers for the second year subjects. In your case, you need to appear for the supplementary exams and clear off the pending subjects, so that you can focus on your third year studies and exams.
    You can find out other students who are in the similar state as yourself and then as a group request for extra classes or help from the teachers and even the good students of your own batch.
    You can consider focussing on the practicals and the internals well so that your overall score improves. You need to study hard with time given for the sections that you are weak in, the subjects that need more attention,refresher notes, old question papers, mock exams etc.
    Once you put in your sincere efforts then you would do well.

    Please check this site for the back or supplementary exams and apply online (

    Failing in subjects does not mean the end of the line or education. Now, instead of feeling sad, you need to analyse the reasons for your poor performance. Was it lack of preparation, lack of effort, unable to understand the subject etc.
    I would suggest, you to sit with your favourite lecturer or teacer in Physics, Botany and Zoology and find out your strengths and weakness. Once you do this then you would have identified the areas where in you need more focus or attention.

    Some students who are unable to study well for personal reasons or social reasons plan to take a break and drop a year. I would suggest, make an honest assessment of your subject knowledge, the time in hand before the supplementary exams, give the exams and then consider the next course of action.

    There are some online sites that give you notes and course material for B Sc second year subject wise, you can check it.

  • Your only chance is now to try to go for forthcoming supplementary exams and with hard work you can not only pass the exam but can get good marks also.

    So, apply for the next chance and deposit the requisite fee. As time is short I will advise you to solve as many old question papers as possible. You can get them either in this site (ISC) or other educational sites. More you attempt more your confidence will increase. Just concentrate and put some hard work for your studies and you will be soon out of this situation.

    Do not get discouraged by your performance. Everyone is not having interest and aptitude for academics and it is not directly related to the success and career in ones life.

    You may be aware that many big businessmen and successful enterpreneurs around the world have little educational qualification to their credit, still they are doing very good and MBA, Engineers and CAs are working for them. So do not link this small setback in your life to your future career.

    Clear this exam by hard work and sincere efforts and after that just ponder over your interest and aptitude. What is your passion? Are you intrested in theatre or cinema, if yes, go for some diploma or course in that. What about proficiency in sports? What about anchoring a TV show? There are many fields where interest and aptitude count more than academics. Choose your area and identify your core interest and excel there.

    Enterpreneurs are converting garbage into revenue. There are opportunities in organic and herb farming. Many areas are becoming more lucreative for business purposes.

    Academics is not everyone's cup of tea and do not pursue it endlessly. Graduation is more than a sufficient degree and after its completion one has to plan his career in the real commercial world around us.

    So identify your interests where you can exert on 24/7 basis and achieve the success.

    Knowledge is power.

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