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    How to get the date & time automatically on photos taken with a smartphone?

    Have a query about better usage of smartphones? Wondering how to get data and timestamp on photos clicked by smartphones? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have a Redmi 4 smartphone. I would like to know how to get the date and time automatically on the photos in the similar manner of a smartphone's photos when I click them so that when I upload them at my blog or elsewhere, that date and time shows in the corner. This was automatically there with my previous phone but does not seem to be so with the current phone. Is there a feature on the phone to put the date and time stamp? Where is it located? Please guide.
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  • If there is no default setting on your Android phone by which you can add time and date to your Photos, you can make use of free software utilities that are available on Google Play Store like Camera360 to add date and time stamp to your Photos on Android Phone and tablet. The following are the three Photography apps which allow you to add time and date stamp to your Photos.
    1. Vingette is one of the most popular Photography app available on Google Play store. You can add date and/ or time and Can customize, colour and size of the stamp.
    2. Camera360 is another photography app which is available on Google Play Store for download. The app comes with over 200 filters with the free version of the app. This app will come with other features like different camera modes, free cloud album, facial recognition and photo editing tool.
    3. APD TimeStamp is to add date and time stamp to your Photos. Apart from this, it can also add, make of the camera, GPS coordinates and ability to print the address of the place where you have clicked the photo only if you have access to the internet.
    You can select one app from the above as per your choice.

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  • Hello Mam, To stamp date and time in your pictures automatically, you need to download and install android app called Auto Stamper from the playstore. With the help of "Date and Time Stamp on Photo" Application, your Pictures will always be stamped with Date and Time. You don't need to open the app again after installation. There are many exciting features of the app :
    1. You can adjust the format of date and time stamp according to your choice from many options available.
    2. There are different varieties of font format, you can choose which font you want to display in your pictures as date and time stamp.
    3. You can choose the stamp color you want to display.
    4. You can position your stamp date and time.

    You can easily customize things you want. Default font is too small and default color stamp date and time is red. So you can change as you want. You don't need to do changes again and again.

    In other Applications, you need to open up the App and then click images through their inbuilt Camera to stamp date and time which does not allow you to use your inbuilt Camera's Features. But this Application is completely different and what you need to do is just install this Application and set preferences according to your convenience.

    That's it. Then click images as you do normally through your Default Camera and date and time stamp will be automatically inserted into it. The main benefit of using this Application is that you can click images with all the features of your Default Camera.

  • In the Redmi 4 smart phone, please go to the settings icon, then the device or system apps icon. This will show the list along with the camera.
    Once you click on the camera, you will see a list that you can scroll up and down, it will include 'Add time stamp on photos' activate it or push it to on mode and save the settings.
    After this is done, click a picture and when you view it, you should see the date and time stamp in the right lower corner.
    If the phone does not have this option, then you can use any of these apps
    Photo Stamper free version
    Many of the photo editing apps like camera360, Photoscape etc allow you to add the date and time stamp too.

    There are some who prefer not to add the date and time stamp as it looks odd.
    One can retrieve the image date and time details by viewing the Exif specifications. All images take will have this data - exchangeable image file data. This will usually have shutter speed, aperture, file size, date and time.

  • Snapseed, PicsArt, PexelPay and other third parties apps available in Google play stores can fix your issues. Just download one of the above apps and open the camera, click photos. The date and time are auto added to your photos.

    You can change to either display only date or time or both from the apps settings.

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