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    How to put the date & time on photos from a digital camera after uploading?

    Are you interested in including data and timestamp on photos clicked using a digital camera? Looking out for an automated process available during upload to a computer? Check out this Ask Expert page and resolve your queries.

    Similar to my other query on how to get the date & time automatically on photos taken with a smartphone, I have a query with photos uploaded from a camera.

    At my workplace, I sometimes have to upload photos of Dental Xrays, documents, etc from a digital camera. The date and time appear on the screen against each photo. However, when I am uploading it to the computer, the date and time do not show. When I point the cursor to the image, I can see the date and time. I want it to come on the image itself. How to do so? Is it possible to have it automatically as soon as I upload it? Or would I have to do it in some roundabout way, such as put it on a PPT slide, insert the date and time with a text box tool and save it as a JPG image?

    Please give some suggestions in case the automated process is not possible.
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  • The original date and time information are recorded by each digital camera in the photo's metadata. Hence you can add a date stamp to a photo already taken. You can do that as per the information given below.
    Transfer your digital photos to the computer (Mac or PC);
    Create a backup copy of your pictures;
    Use a software app to automatically date photos in batch mode.
    BatchPhoto is a photo editor for date stamping photos in bulk. This will work on both Windows & Mac (macOS).

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  • If you wants to stamp a date and time on existing images then download the software for your pc called 'Batchphoto Pro'.
    *After installation there is an option of "Add" to the top right side.
    *Click on it and select photo. Now locate all the pictures and select all the pictures through cursor.
    *Select any one picture and click on next button.
    *To the filters there is an icon of +. Click on the plus icon.
    *There are many graphical filters you see that batchphoto can apply to photos.
    *Now Click on Annotate filter and select date option.
    *It display date and time on the photo on preview tab. You can change font format, position and color. You don't need to write the date and time. It screens the date of you clicked that image.
    *Last step click on next and select use of output folder. Click on process button. If you clicked pictures on the same date and if you want to stamp date in all the images then select yes to all. Thats it. All the photos saved with stamped date and time.

    It is possible to stamp date and time automatically just by doing some camera settings but setting vary from cemera to camera and only modern cameras have this setting of autonatically stamping date and time. As you did not mentioned the name and model of cemara. Anyway try this setting and look it works or not.
    *On your digital camera, press setup button and navigate to the menu that is called date stamp. If there is not any feature of date stamp then go through google and write the date stamp settings with your camera name and model of camera.
    *Scroll down in your camera and find adds date and time stamp. If you see then simply save the setting and close the menu.
    *Now take any pictures and press view button. Now you can see the date and time stamped in your digital photo on your cemara automatically.

  • When you upload it to computer from digital camera there is option to add date and time to photos in setting. What is your camera brand and model? Just google for that model to see exporting photos with date time and you will get solution. Other way you can check digital camera manual and read instructions. Also there is option to print date time at time of clicking photo. So basically everything is in camera setting.

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  • Every digital camera will automatically save the photos with its date and time. Depending upon the app you choose to download your photos, on the setting there will be an option to make the date and time appear on the photos, while printing.
    If you are giving your photos for printing to any shop, you can ask them to insert the date and time to the photos, if you want them to appear on the prints.
    Make sure that the date and time doesn't cover any important part of the picture, and if possible, you can even make a border and make them appear ut side the border of the photos, so that it doesn't interfere with the photographs.

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