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    What are the facilities required to be allotted in Government quarters?

    Would you like to know which facilities are supposed to be provided in residential quarters of a Government organization? Know from experts which all facilities should be mandatory in such quarters.

    What are the essential facilities required within an office campus which are allotted Government quarters to employees by a Government organisation? In our office campus, quarters are available but facilities like a good School, a Hospital, a Bank, ATMs, a good Market area is not available. Even if required, in an emergency, the Ambulance service is not available.

    Related query: Can house rent allowance be deducted even if the employee does not avail of Govt. accommodation?.
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  • Providing facilities for an official colony where the quarters are constructed and given to a particular employee is dependent on the area and the number of quarters. Basing on the number of quarters available in the township the facilities will come in there. There is no mandatory rule on the government on the facilities to provide in the colony. Depending on the size of the Organisation and based on the number of employees who require the housing,

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  • The Government provides basic facilities to the Government accommodations. If the area has electricity, then the Government would provide the electric connection. If the water supply is available, then the Government would provide a water connection. But please remember that these are not mandatory. Government is supposed to make necessary maintenance of Government accommodations.

    The schools, colleges, markets, banks, etc. will start in such localities where a sufficient number of people live. It is not an essential pre-condition.

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  • Generally the staff quarters not just government, but even by private sector organisations are first given the basic requirements of its employees to have an accommodation. Depending on the place, the project etc there may be different types of accommodation like sharing, bachelor accommodation, family accommodation etc. If the quarters are not sufficient to give to all employees, there can be some sharing accommodation. Then there can be categories like Type I,II etc. The nomenclature may change.

    The types may vary in number of rooms or area of rooms, apartments or villa types etc.

    I was staying in a government allotted quarters during my early stages of my career. . According to my designation then,I was allotted a one BHK flat. Water connection, electricity connection etc are provided. The maintenance of the building and other main fixtures will be done by the employer organisation and we have to pay the consumption charges of electricity etc. Water charges may be deducted as a minimum uniformly or may be free. The daily managing of such matters and affairs may be done either by the supervisor employee appointed by the organisation or by a small committee of the employees elected or selected from among them.
    As the place was an interior and isolated place and we had to work in round-the-clock shifts, buses were provided to and from the project site to quarters. The same buses were also sent to the nearest railway station to pick people coming to the project and/or allowing shopping for the quarters people. As there was another organisation also in that area adjacent to our quarters, for the combined use of both organisation employees there was a central school, a hospital and a recreation club. (The quarters was about 5 km from nearest railway station. Only very few trains stopped there. The work site was about nine kilometres away from the quarters also near sea cost.)

    In a later occasion, working in another organisation, we were provided furnished accommodation.

    So it all depends on the area,the number of employees and families residing, the proximity or difficulty of the area to the normal faculties etc. Some projects quarters are designed as self sufficient townships. Others will be having just houses only as the place will be having all other facilities easily available.

  • The facility awarded in Government quarters is Electricity, water and civil work / maintenance of quarter. This is the basic facility which are provided to all carder employee. Rest as per your post the other facility will be provided like servants. Apart form that the medical and school facility may given to employee directly or indirectly (like just contract with some schools and medicals for their employee).

  • I was posted in a totally rural area and I was allotted a Government accommodation in that place. The electricity reached that village only two months before my posting, but there was no electricity connection in the Government quarter which was allotted to me. There was no water line either.

    So, the statement "The facility awarded in Government quarters is Electricity, water and civil work / maintenance of quarter" is not always correct. In this particular case also, the questioner has been posted and allotted Government accommodation in a total rural setting, where there is no provision of electricity or water supply.

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