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    Which are good opportunities in HR to balance work & family life?

    Are you searching for career opportunities in HR which will provide a good balance between work and your family life? Check out which options are available from this Ask Expert page.

    I have done MHRM and have work for 3 years in the HR field and have taken some break due to some reason. Now I am looking to work in HR field again with flexible timings so could you please guide me in finding the right opportunity to have a bright career, at the same time being able to balance my family and my career equally without having any disturbances.
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  • 1. You can take up HR Consultancy works. Many small-scale industries will not have their own HR department. So they will be taking people on a consultancy basis. You need not go to their office as per any given time. You can see the convenience of your timing and you can complete their works as per the date they wanted.
    2. You can join in any Organisation as an HR Manager or HR officer and take care of the department. Here you have to follow the timings and do the work as needed by the company. They may ask you to do IR works also in addition to HR works in the Organisation as per the requirement.
    3. You can be a trainer. For this, you have to join with a good trainer and work with him for some time and learn the technique and then you can go on your own. This depends more on your individual interest and ability. You may have to work for some extra hours till you learn the process. Then it will be easy for you.
    4. You can start your HR services firm. You have to maintain the database of the people who require a job or who want to go for a better job and contact the employers and provide them with the suitable candidates. This is also a lucrative business. But it depends more on the contacts you develop and the skill you have in winning over the people.
    Now it is your turn to decide on the way forward based on your interest and ability.

    always confident

  • You have your Masters in HR with a 3 yearwork experince and now wanting to resume your career after a break.

    The job market is very competitive with many IT and other technology related companies going through difficult times. If you are coming back to work after a break, make a quick assessment of your core strengths and the specific areas wherein your previous experience can give you an edge over others.

    For instance, were you handing training, compensation, placement, campus recuritment officer etc?. If you have focussed experience and are good in a particular area, then it would be useful. If not, you need to look for generic HR jobs.

    Initially, I would suggest trying to link up with your old firm where you worked, the contacts you have and try to get into a good job first and re-start your career. If you get a job that fits your needs take it, if not consider joining even full time. Once you settle down, then you can try and get a part time or a flexible hours HR job.

    While you are searching for the job, try and see if you take a short term course or a certification as a
    Corporate HR trainer and program developer
    HR benefits/compensation manager
    HR placement specialist consultant
    HR information system analyst etc.

    You can register on the common job portals and, interact with the group of friends and previous contacts and keep a look out for a HR job opening.

    If you good contacts in MNCs, insurance firms, retail outlet chains etc, then you can start venturing our as a private HR consultant or even function like a sub-contract firm for bigger chains.

  • Please do note that one service is in huge demand. It is not clear if you know the practical application of the ESI Act and the PF Act. There has been a huge amount of computerization of all records. Yet, the administration of these two services, for any subcontractor who supplies goods to major industries like all organizations belonging to the TVS group, the Murugappa Group and so on, will remain complicated. They always hire only part time professionals.

    Kindly note that you should know all details of dealing with the Government authorities. In spite of huge computerization, there are still delays in processing of PF claims, transfer to other employers and so on. Since this is a complicated work, not many people like to work in both the areas, that is, PF and the ESI.

    If you do not have practical experience, try to join with someone who has tremendous practical experience or go to any small company and learn the ropes. In short, all the complications and the complexities. You should also go to Government offices on behalf of the company and learn everything.

    Please do note that the work itself is no joke. Running to the Government offices is huge leg work. But the employers will pay you at least Rs.3000/- per month and also take care of petty cash expenses towards local travel. However, you need to get yourself parked in a huge metro or a B class town like Coimbatore, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Indore and so on. You can get business if you sniff around and then identify those who need these services. The huge retail shops are also covered by both ESI and PF.

    Please do note, that as a former HR Professional, with thirty years experience, I can tell you this. You cannot achieve anything with just three years experience. You have not indicated areas where you have had the experience. If it is hard core Industrial Relations, to some extent, small companies may give you some chance to advise. However, please note that you will be nowhere when compared to the giants who are in the field.

    All HR consultants who work in the field, are those guys with over twenty years experience in every area of HRM. Like Hard core industrial relations, working with the trade unions, signing of long term settlements, breaking trade unions, severe cost cutting through lay off of labor and all the not-so-pleasant jobs associated with the industrial relations portfolio. To say that you will be able to do great, is to mislead you. This is untrue.

    Given some domestic complications, the best is to get into the PF and ESI consulting thing. However, you are a full blooded consultant. If there is any complication, the employer, that is, your client will simply blame you. It is like a A to Z marriage contract. Remember this important point. In this commercial world, you also need to "take care " of the Government employees. This is a hard reality, more so, in the ESI department.

    In the medium term, I do not see any great career as a consultant, for you. Get back to regular work in as short time as possible. If you delay beyond three years, you will not be respected by the industry, as you would have not been in touch with the ground realities. HR is a hugely practical job. Your three years experience is not sufficient.

    Am sorry for being blunt. It is just to help you to understand where you are. Once you know this, you can decide what to do. In my opinion, plunge into the PF and ESI role after learning all the ropes. It is not a full time job. In fact, most Government departments demand that the guys who work on behalf of someone else, come to their seats and offices only after 2PM. You have the entire half day, upto around 1PM. All the best.

    Yes, get back to regular job after your personal problem is solved or under control. Remember, only your skills will save you. HRM is a big game. You have just touched the tip of the iceberg.

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