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    Need assistance regarding choosing a course in Australia

    Aspiring to study Masters abroad? Searching for detailed information and guidance regarding the best PG course in Australia? Find answers from our ISC experts on this page.

    Completing my Bachelors in Engineering from the Mechanical Field, I now wish to pursue higher studies in a country like Australia.
    I am currently residing in Coimbatore. Could somebody please advise me an academy who is apt for counselling me whether the country I intend to study is worth the investment? I intend to pursue my masters but from a varying amount of options for specialization, I am confused as to which is the apt course that could possibly fast track my job opportunities in Australia.
    Could someone please provide some accurate details about a course or a good counselling institute where I could get more information?
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  • You can go through the following URL.
    You can also see the following URL
    The following will also give you some details, › Courses › Australia

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  • You have your bachelor's in Engineering - Mechanical. Inted to do a Masters in Australia.

    A. Have a discussion with your good professors who can give valuable inputs. Then narrow down on the best universities in Australia. Keep in mind the quality of education, the number of students, the scholarship chances, the placements with average salary and student satisfaction. Keep the options open with Singapore also because, they too have good universities that come up in the world rankings. Discuss with your family also regarding finances, student loans etc

    B.Now coming to the course with a view of a job. Choose one that is related to Automation, Robotics, Artifical intelligence etc

    C. While choosing an International university, most people recommend the QS world univeristy rankings, this is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty:student ratio, number of international students and citations/faculty member.(

    D.If we apply these parameters, the best ones are
    1.The Australian National University (
    2.The University of New South Wales (
    3.The University of Sydney(
    4.The University of Queensland (
    5.The University of Western Australia(

    E. From this list, please visit the website and check-
    a. Life in the campus
    b. Accommodation
    c. Scholarships
    d. Application process
    e. Help with study visa and placement
    f. Fee payment installments, some universities provide financial aid.
    g. The estimated cost of living as a student
    h. Site visit
    i. Healthcare support.

    Once you do this, contact them via an email expressing your intentions and the course you choose and seek more specific information and contact details.

    F. You have to do some background research on the place you choose in terms of safety, travel options, crime rates, Indian associations in the vicinity etc.

    G.Compare countries with the best colleges, ease of getting visa and ease of working part-time as students and future immigration.

    H.Since you are interested in Australia. You will need to meet the strict criteria laid down by the Austaralian government.(

    I. Lastly do the same for Singapore, USA and Germany and compare the entire cost, visa process, job prospectus and then take a final call. Have a good insurance, take an international driving license and remember to responsibly enjoy your college days bearing in mind that you are in a foreign country following their rules.

    There are quite a few study abroad consultants who can help you with selection of ideal college/university, complete application procedure, assistance in obtaining VISA, etc. You can seek their services as well. However, make sure you are opting for services of a well known and reputed consultant.

  • Australia and Canada are two countries where there are good employment opportunities and if you are planning to go for higher education to Australia it makes sense.

    After US and UK , Australia is the third most chosen destination for higher studies. There are many good universities in Australia where you can apply for the intended course and if you are lucky you can even get a sponsored scholarship at a later stage. Moreover, it is very common there to work part time in the campus itself to help oneself financially. Foreign students are allowed to work part-time (20 hours per week and during holidays 40 hours per week).

    In Australia post-study work visas are also on offer, from 18 months to 4 years, with the opportunity to apply for a resident permit that paves a way to a regular employment in Austrlalia in future.

    So, first of all you have to decide on your preferred course and institution and submit your application online. The preferred courses amongst Indian students are generally pertaining to business, tourism, hospitality management, MBA, accounting, healthcare and IT.

    In response, you will get a letter of offer and electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE). The next step is applying for your student visa.

    For VISA application you will be needed to provide your academic credentials, evidence of funds to support your study in Australia, overseas student health cover etc.

    The cost of living in Australia is a bit higher and a 2 years post graduate program will cost at least Rs 30 lakhs. This includes everything from tuition fee to lodging & boarding etc. This is an approximate value as tuition fee and other living charges will vary place to place and the institution.

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