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    How is it to be a consultant of Oriflame?

    Interested in becoming an Oriflame consultant? Looking out for how to do so, the detailed procedure and whether it is profitable? Suggestions from our ISC experts here, shall provide you with inputs to become a consultant.

    I want to know is there anyone with experience as an Oriflame consultant.
    How the consultants grow and earn from this business? Is it profitable? How one with no social contacts can grow in multilevel marketing (MLM) business? I expect the answers from Oriflame consultants. If you are one of them then please share your experiences.
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  • I was approached by many people to assist them in their multi-level marketing scheme. My idea is about this scheme is not very positive and I refused their offer. We have to drag people into the business and we have to make them use the products and the cost is also sometimes high. Hence I tell them always I am not interested. My opinion is always better not to get involved in these accepts.

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  • I attended presentation sessions of a few MLM businesses and noticed certain facts applicable for all of them.

    First of all they will try to paint a rosy picture about the prospects in their business and monetary gains, but in practice it is very hard to achieve. In all MLM companies the income is in a pyramid structure and the higher you are in the pyramid structure the better are the monetary prospects.

    Let me explain this pyramid structure of income with little details. Suppose somebody invites you to join a particular MLM company, you joined and purchased products. Now based on your purchase the person who invited you will get a commission. After sometime you invited another person and she/he joined and purchased products according to requirement. In this case, you are getting a commission as well as the person who invited you to join the business will also get a commission. So, this chain will go on for all the recruits.

    In most of the cases the cost of the product is very high and it becomes very difficult to convince the customer if she/he is not much closer to you. Moreover you have to recruit persons as your down lines to get the business going. If you have a good fan following you may try, but in the long run it may become difficult to continue.


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  • I would like to suggest you to go for more details before joining the Oriflame as a consultant. You can gather more information from the below websites. It would help you in getting more and more details about its benefits. You can even apply directly through online from the below website.

  • The conceptual part of any MLM business appears very lucrative and people are instantly attracted to it. Many such enterprises are running across the world as well as in our country.

    Unfortunately, this business model requires uninterrupted chains of enterpreneurs pushing this person to person sale of the high end merchandise and in reality these chains are often broken to bring setback to the persons above in the pyramid ladder.

    There was a time when these type of institutions mushroomed and though the early birds might had made some quick bucks but when you impartially analyze this business model there are many inherent lacunae which discourage us to join it.

    Many gullible people in a craze join such marketing gimmicks but soon quit it finding that it was not their cup of tea.

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  • To retain the business of a MLM company, you have to be a far sighted man, an ability to convince the people with a convincing logic encouraging them to use the latest product offered by the company. The usefulness of the product may not match as stated by the promoter but with the sharp skill of the promoter, the user is convinced and lastly agrees to purchase the newly product.
    This is a chain service and the consumer has to look look out another user insisting on the usage of the product and this way, one is entitled to enjoy a hefty commission. This chain will continue till the last consumer fails to sell the product to a new customer.
    Success of such selling would depend upon the quality of the product, the promoter and the reasonable quality of the product. This business requires some dynamic men and women having the ability to convince the users. Long trend of such business is questionable because many companies may sell products of similar nature and ultimately the glamour of the product is lost.

  • It is good to be a consultant of oriflame. There is no need of experience. Anyone can join consultant program of oriflame. Get commission with growth of your network. Complete your welcome program if you have newly joined oriflame and get exciting prizes and gifts from oriflame on target completion. You get a chance to meet new people as well as chances to participate in exciting events and activities. As an oriflame consultant you can benefit 20% discount on the entire product range. We always get oriflame products 20% discount.

  • I personally tried IMC, which is a multi level network marketing. The business is very tough if one is starting as a fresher. You need to buy products, attend siminars, trainings, meetings and etc.

    One thing I hate about MLM is promoting. You need to promote and also have to refer people about the company and products. MLM offers good, high quality and expensive products but earnings by selling those products can be a pang in your body. You need to promote now and then. You need to buy, personally try products, and refer others to join under you which in turn oppositely, you referral will do the same and will create a host of team under you that will fetch you considerable amount of profits and money. But only if you have active refferals and that really embarrassing and most people would gradually end up.

    MLM is not recommended unless you have strong network and refferals working under you. This kind of idea cannot be a postive approach.

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