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    How to copy and export contact numbers in Jio phone to another Android phone?

    Unable to quickly directly transfer contact numbers from a Jio phone to another smartphone? Learn from experts how this can be done easily and quickly.

    The Jio phones were introduced with much fanfare and their customer base is increasing day by day. But people who want to have a second phone and also save the contacts which are already in the phone mode of Jio are not getting copied nor getting transferred. That is big problem. Being 4G supported, the Jio phones seems to be not sharing the contacts that go to inbuilt mode and cannot be copied to other Android phones. However, if someone goes for Jio 4 G phone with the Android version it is accepting. Can any help to sort out the problem. Please note that Jio SIM is not accepted in other phones too.
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  • In Jiophone contacts settings though there is a provision to 'export' the contacts to the Memory card and via Bluetooth. Both these options are now blocked and not allowed. So as of now, you cannot transfer the contacts in Jiophone in one lot from Jiophone to another phone.

    You can transfer individual contacts from Jiophone to another Android phone one by one. I have done that. What you should do:
    Open Bluetooth in Jiophone as well as the recipient phone.
    Open contacts in Jiophone; select the particular contact to be transferred; select 'options'; select 'share'; select ' via Bluetooth' and click 'OK. The selected contact will be transferred via Bluetooth to the recipient phone.

    Jiophone was targeted at the people who did not have a smartphone or even a feature phone. So it is considered that they will be using only the Jiophone or some feature phone. Hence the necessity of transferring contacts will come later only when they buy a new smartphone. That is probably why Jiophone has not provided the transfer facility as such in bulk. However, practically even the smartphone users have bought Jiophone as a second phone or standby phone or just for curiosity. Very soon Jiohones are going to get WhatsApp facility too.

  • But when a person is having more than 300 numbers, transferring one by one would be cumbersome, isn't it?

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  • There is a roundabout way - Open your Gmail on your Jio phone, do not log out for a day or two. The whole contact list is automatically uploaded to your contacts in Gmail, if you have previously set all your contacts to be stored in Gmail only (for one account only). Check it on a computer whether the whole list has been uploaded or not. When the whole list is uploaded to Gmail, open your gmail in your other phone, where you want the contacts to be transferred. The whole contact list gets automatically downloaded to your new phone.

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  • First of all, you have to synchronise all your contacts with your Gmail account. This you can do by opening your Gmail on Jiophone. Once you do that you can have all your contacts in your Gmail account. Then you open the Gmail account on the phone where you want to have your contacts. Automatically all your contacts will be added to your contact list in the new phone. Whenever you want to add a new contact, the phone will ask whether it can be added to your Gmail list if you have set more than one email account in your phone and it will get added to that list. This is the way you can do this transfer.

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  • Further to my response # 151820, today I again tried in my Jiophone with a new SD card (memory card) and it is successful. Probably there was some problem with my memory card/phone yesterday.

    You can transfer the entire contacts in Jiophone by the following method. I have tried and verified.
    1.Open contacts in your Jiophone
    2. Click onsettings
    3.Scroll down to 'Export contacts" and click on it.
    4.Select 'Memory card"
    The contacts get exported to your memory card. You can see the progress of export.
    After finishing take out the memory card and insert it in the other phone.
    Select and open contacts /people.
    Go to settings- click import .It will ask permission to import.
    Allow.and select the destination(phone contact) and the contacts exported from the Jiophone gets imported to the recipient phone.
    That is all. It is very simple and straight.

    (My answer in the post#151820 stands amended and updated as per this answer).

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