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    How to become Private secretary to Union Minister of India

    Wondering how to become a private Secretary to a Central Government Minister? Looking out for information about where the post will be advertised? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I am a geologist (Group A gazetted) in Geological Survey of India. I was selected through UPSC geologist exam. At present I have 8 years of service in GSI. I would like to know how one can become private secretary to Central Government Minister of India?. Where will the post be advertised? What is the selection process?.
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  • 1. Those who remain attached with the Ministers in the personal staff are of two types. The first ones are Government employees who are in ministerial deputation. The second group is of non-Government employees (unemployed or working in the private sector).
    2. Generally, a Cabinet Minister can take 16 personal staff. An MoS can take 12 personal staff. An MoS with independent charge can take 13 personal staff.
    3. These employees' service is co-terminus in nature. This means those who are in Government Service go back to their parent office/cadre once the Minister loses/resigns his portfolio (because of any reason). Those who were originally unemployed, lose their employment.
    4. The selection of personal staff is entirely the prerogative of the Minister (or sometimes he/she selects someone as per the order of the party boss). So, if you have an excellent relationship with a particular Minister, only then you can approach him/her to request to work in his/her ministerial staff. Otherwise, it is not possible.
    5. Please remember that as you are already in Government Service, if you join in the ministerial staff of any minister, normal deputation rules (as detailed in DoP&T's O.M dated 17.6.2010 as amended from time to time) will apply to you.
    6. The work of the ministerial staff does not have any fixed timing of work.

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  • Govt officials are posted on deputation for the personal staff of the Ministers. Generally these persons will be allowed to work there for a maximum period of 10 years (including all the deputations together) after which they will go back to their parent department. However, this tenure limit is put only 5 years for 'Private Secretary' and 'Officer on Special Duty' to the Minister

    So if you are a Govt servant, you can apply for this posting on deputation through your department itself and if they forward it to the Ministers office and Minister wants to take you, it is possible. Please note that it is purely the prerogative of the Minister to choose people of his choice. He can also ask a particular person from a particular department to be posted in his office, if he wishes so.

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  • The Minister can appoint his Private Secretaries either from government employees or from the private employment people or even unemployed. There are no set rules or guidelines for this appointment. I know a minister who appointed a lecturer in a private college as his Secretary. He will be on this post as long as the minister wants or the minister ceases to be a minister whichever is earlier. If a government employee is taken as Secretary, he will go back to his position once the minister ceases to be a minister. Unemployed will become unemployed. If you know any minister well you can try with him.

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  • After becoming a central Minister, Mr. Alphonse Kannanthanam, from Kerala, chose the then Kozhikode collector Prashant Nair as his private secretary. The minister himself was a bureaucrat in Delhi.Prashant Nair was a popular IAS officer in Kerala for his straight forwardness and also his social media interfaces, social welfare aimed actions. The minister himself publicly asked the officer if he can join him as private secretary. The relationship did not last as cosy later is a different story.

    I just wanted to say that Ministers can select their private and personal staff. Many times it is the party bosses or the person's political leniency or closeness and affinity to the party and party leaders that become the main selection factor. However there are some who choose efficient and straight forward result oriented bureaucrats from different departments too.
    There was some public discussion about the burgeoning personal staff in Kerala ministry sometime back. Even MLAs have their personal staff.

    The posts are not advertised. Usually when a new Minister or Ministry is to take charge there will start lobbying by interested persons. It is not easy to become a minister's private secretary unless you have proved exemplary well in the concerned department or in relevant fields and minister considers you as an asset and valuable to him or the department ; or you have sufficient political backing for the posts.

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