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    Is there any book written by Indian author on stock market trading?

    Interested in reading a book on stock market trading? Want to know if such a book is written by an Indian author? On this page you can go through the responses by experts.

    Today I want to know that if there is any book that is written by Indian stock market trader ( or may be Indian author who is not a trader) on the same topic i.e trading?
    More specifically I want a book on trading in stock market than investing.
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  • There are various books written by Indian authors on stock market trading. Please check the list of few books that may help you in understanding the stock market strategies.
    1. "How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market" this book is written by "Prasenjit Paul".
    2. "Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Market Investing" this book is also written by an Indian author. 3. "Guide To Indian Stock Market"written by Jitendra Gala.
    4. "Tradeniti" written by Yuvraj Kalshetti.
    5. "Stocks To Riches" written by 'Parag Parikh'

    These books will help you in getting the following important things which are essential to know once you planed for trading business.
    > How to avoid loss in the stock market?
    > Stock Market is NOT risky at all, know how..
    > First step of picking winning stocks
    > How to evaluate management?
    > Valuation - It matters much
    > When to buy and when to sell, know the perfect timing.
    > Do's and don'ts to avoid loss in the stock market
    > How to construct your portfolio?
    > Is it required to follow an equity advisor?
    > Quick formula for picking winning stocks
    You should also read some foreign author books to get more knowledge about stock market. You can read the books like:
    > ''Beating The Street'' written by 'Peter Lynch'
    > "Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits Book for Long Term Investors" written by 'Phillip A. Fisher'
    > "The Warren Buffett Way" written by 'Robert G. Hagstrom'.
    > "Learn to Earn" written by 'Peter Lynch and John Rothchild'

    Wishing you all the very best for your career in stock market.

  • Hi, Navcheten kumar thanks for the list. This will surely help me to know more about the stock market's knowledge as well as in trading.


  • I may suggest a few books in this regard:
    1. How to Make Money in Day Trading: Trade on an Invitation-Mandar Jamsandekar

    2. How to Make a Fortune in Futures & Options: Secrets of Getting Rich on Low…
    Ashu Dutt

    3. Guide To Indian Stock Market- Jitendra Gala

    4. How to Make Money Trading with Charts-Ashwani Gujral

    5. How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts-Balkrishna M Sadekar

    6. 22 Stock Market Trading Secrets-Ashu Dutt

    7. Trading the Markets for a Living: How to Become a Professional Trader and…Ashu Dutt

    8. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading: -Ashwani Gujral

    9.How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing- Aditya Magal

    10. Secrets You Never Knew about Stock Market Investing and Trading:- Swaminathan Annamalai

    Please note that bookish knowledge alone cannot make you a goo trader. You may also take help of consultants, portfolio managers, read current financial magazines etc . In case you are beginner start with cautious steps. Stock trading has its own risks and hence discretion is needed.

  • Many Indian authors have written many useful books on stock market investing and also on different areas of stock market investing (technical analysis, fundamental analysis, etc.). I am mentioning some significant ones.

    1. Decoding Investment Myths: The Individual Investors Guide by Vivek Sharma
    2. How to Make Money Trading with Charts by Ashwani Gujral
    3. How to Make Money in Day Trading: Trade on an Invitation by Mandar Jamsandekar
    4. Trading the Markets for a Living: How to Become a Professional Trader and by Ashu Dutt
    5. Fundamental Analysis for Investors by Raghu Palat
    6. Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Market Investing by CNBC TV 18 (although not by a single author)
    7. Guide To Indian Stock Market by Jitendra Gala

    The above one is not an exhaustive list. There are many other good books on stock-market investment and stock-market trading in the market for readers of different levels.

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  • There are many books on stock market by the Indian authors. Most of them have already been mentioned by the other members as response to this question.

    In my opinion the book 'Stocks to Riches' by Parag Parikh is a very good book for the people interested in learning about the stock market. The book has meticulously explained the intricacies of the share market and the mistakes done by the beginners in this field. I will advise this as a must read book where the truths about the sock markets are well elaborated.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are many books written on the stock market. The books written by Indian authors are relevant and easy to understand the Indian market scenario.
    1. How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts: The author of the book is Balkrishna Sadekar.This book explains the subject in a very easy way to understands the subject very clearly.
    2. How to Make Money Trading with Charts : This is written by Ashwani Gujral. This book contains trading setups and strategies to adopt while trading in the stock market.
    3. How to Make Money Trading Derivatives: The author is Ashwani Gujral. This book will explain to you a different approach to trading.
    4. How to Make Money Trading in Intraday Trading: This is the book of the same author as above.
    5. Varsity by Zerodha – This book will give many important points on Markets, Trading, and Investing Simplified.

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  • You are keen to know more about stock trading rather than investing, both are different ways to make money.

    One needs to learn and grasp the basic principle in trading is the law of probability. Will a stock X go up, will stock Y go down, should I hold, should I sell, what is the stop loss trigger. Trading involves bigger risks than investment.

    I found this brief but simple pdf file worth reading 'Trading, who wins, who loses'

    This 100x wealth creator by Raamodeo Aggrawal is also good ( every trader should be an investor to some extent).(

    Apart from books, there are many free online videos by trading experts which are useful
    after you have understood the basics.

    Some of the basics of trading are covered in many blogs like

    You can also have the stock market trading apps, like stock edge, nse mobile trader and moneycontrol. As you are learning, please start dummy accounts and trade live with a small basket of stocks, maintain a profit/loss statement for each of these dummy accounts. Generally, with 5 lakhs in each account, you should be able to have a trade turnover of 30-35 lakhs with a 10-15% profit margin per month. Apart from the books, I hope this is useful.

  • The books that are written by indian author on Stock Trading are :

    1. How to make money by intraday trading : The author of the book is Ashwani Gujral.

    2. Stock market investing and trading : The author of the book is Swaminanthan annamalai.

    3. 31 Stock Market Trading Tips : The author of the book is Ravi Patel.

    4. Basics of Indian Stock Market : The author the book is Angshuman Adhikari.

    5. How to make money with charts( 3rd edition) : The author of the book is Ashwani Gujral.

    6. Stocks to Riches : The author of the book is Parag Parikh.

    7. How to make money trading with candlestick charts : The author of the book is Balkrishna M Sadekar.

    8. 22 stock market trading secrets : The author of the book is Ashu Dutt.

  • Yeah ofcourse. Balkrishna Sadekar is one of the best Indian author who wrote books on stock market trading and the language is quite easy to understand. While reading between the lines, one can easily grasp it.

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