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    Going to take up the government exams but don't have document needed for verification .

    Having some name mismatch in documents and marksheets? Worried whether this will create a problem in document verification ? You can overcome the problem by getting advice from experts here.

    My father's name in the 10th and other degree certificates does not match with that in my PU marks card.
    Is it going to be a problem to get government job during document verification?
    If so what I should do to overcome this problem?
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  • Your father name should be same in all the records. You have mentioned that your father's name is correct in your 10th and other degree certificates. But it is wrong in PU certificate. Why did you wait till now to get the name corrected? When you have joined PU course you will give them 10th certificate. They should record your father's name from that certificate only. But in this process, there is a mistake taken place. Immediately after getting the certificate you might have noticed it and applied for correction.
    You can now apply correction in your PU certificate through the college where you have studied with a written request pointing out the mistake took place in the certificate. You have to attach your original PU certificate and an attested xerox copy of your SSC certificate. Please remember to keep some xerox copies of PU certificate with you. Once you apply there, they will forward it to the University where the correction will be carried out and send back to you the corrected one again through your college only. If you are in urgency you may have to go to university after the letter is forwarded to them and you have to follow up with the concerned department and get the correction made. This will see that your work will be carried out fast.

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  • Thank you for the suggestion .I ll get it corrected .

  • A. Your father's name does not match in your 10th,12th/PUC and degree marks card (it is not clear which one has the wrong name). Yes, it would be a problem during document verification but can be rectified.

    B.The title says that you are going to take up government exams. I suggest apply and take with exams with what you have because the Government job selection will have many stages and document verification is after the written qualifying rounds and by that time you can get your documents in order.

    C.Please check you father's correct name and other details regarding your date of birth, your name etc. Also check your other ID documents (PAN,Aadhaar,DL) and caste certificate if applicable.

    D.If only your PU marks card and certificate has the father's name mistach then

    1.Please have two ID documents of father that has his name clearly mentioned (PAN, Aadhaar).
    2.If you do not have this for father or you have your 12th from CBSE, then you need a correct name affidavit that will be issued by a Notary in the local region.

    3.With this, then draft a letter regarding the service you need which would be a name correction service, enquire about the necessary fees and then forward it to the local PU board via the proper channel which would be the principal of the PU college you studied from. The new certificate will be sent to you 12th college in a month's time.

    4.For CBSE (, this is the form and the filling guidelines (

    E. If your 10th and degree certificate has the incorrect name of father then

    1. for 10th it would be the same as above in D
    2. For the degree, you need to check the university under whose jurisdiction your college falls under. Then check the university website for name correction service or approach the university office/registrar's office, the staff will guide you. It would involve a form, attested copies of your father's documents with the correct name, a prescribed fee, usually in 4-6 weeks time the new certificate would be issued

    Please keep a record of the letters and the acknowledgment slips as it would be useful in case there is a delay or if you have questions at the time of document verification.

  • Any mismatch in the father's name across your educational documents will be problem and source of embarrassment at the time of document verification.

    From your query it is not clear which one is correct and which one is incorrect. In any case first you match his name as per the authentic document like PAN card or Aadhar card. Wherever you find a mistake there you have to take steps for rectification.

    For that you can apply for rectification to the concerned authority.

    If the name in PU certificate is wrong then you have to approach the education board office for this rectification. To support your request you will have to provide the reference document like Aadhar card or PAN card or driving license where the name is reflecting correctly. Nowadays, you can request it online also by paying the requisite fee.

    If time is short then do not wait till you receive the corrected copy from the education board office and instead, consult a lawyer for preparation of an affidavit in the matter clarifying the mistake in the document and affirmig that the person mentioned is same.

    The affidavit needs to be signed by a first class magistrate.

    Meanwhile you will be receiving the corrected copy of the certificate which will be a permanent sution of this problem.

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  • 1. Mismatch of father's name in different documents will definitely cause a problem, not only in case of recruitment examinations but also in other areas like at the time of acquisition of property, etc.
    2. So, what should be done? You have to first check your father's name in his AADHAR CArd, PAN Card, Election Id Card or in Passport. Whatever is indicated in those documents will be considered as his correct name.
    3. Thereafter, you have to check in your documents where your father's name has been indicated differently. You have to apply to the Board/University to rectify your father's name with supporting documents (copy of your father's AADHAR Card or other documents as mentioned in Point No. 2).
    4. If the Board/University rectifies the mistake and issues revised document(s), then your problem is over. Otherwise, you have to sign a notarized statement before a First-class Magistrate of your city indicating the correct name of your father. You have to publish classified advertisements in two newspapers (English +Vernacular) indicating your father's correct name as well as wrong name. You have to preserve the original documents permanently.
    5. Please start the procedure at the earliest.

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  • You said your father's name in certificates don't match with your marksheets. It won't create problem for you as individual because for all jobs your importance is more than your parents. It does not really matter what father name typo present as long as you have first and last name you should be good. Everyplace you will see keeping middle name is optional. So whatever University passing certificate full name will be preferred.
    Now in order to correct the wrong name , you can request for duplicate marksheet with correction in name. For University certificate you will have to submit form. All university nowadays provide forms of correction on their website. You can mail it through post also. I am providing Pune University website link for such forms.

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  • Any mismatch appearing in your father's name in PU certificate and in the related marks will pose problem during the stage of verification and hence you need to take a corrective step and sooner you do, the better. However, you need to ensure which certificates are perfectly tallying your father's name.
    In the event of wrong incorporation of your father's name in the PU certificate and in the related marks - sheet, you need to approach the Principal of the institution from where you passed out your PUC with an application indicating the error occurred in your father's name in the certificate along with the photo - copies of Aadhar - Card and PAN card of your father in support of your claim. The Principal would write a forward - note for the speedy correction of the mistake and the same application, the requisite amount of fee for this purpose and the supporting documents are to be addressed to the the Board. You would get your corrected certificate and mark - sheet in a fortnight or so.
    If the date of verification is nearing within a short time, approach a lawyer attending the office of the First - class Magistrate for making an affidavit and the same is to be signed by the magistrate. Once, the same is released, get it published in a leading English News Paper apart from a local paper. You preserve this copy to be shown to the verification - authority.

  • No issue regarding mismatch in the verification document at the time of examination,You can immideately meet with the senior invigilator at the exam centre he will permitt you to take the exam and after clearing the exam you will have to show all your documents at the time of joining.

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