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    Query about a mistake for application

    Have a query about a silly mistake in an online application? Worried about what to do? On this page, find advice for your queries from experts.

    Just now I have submitted my online application in Calcutta University for clerk post. I have wrongly spelt my father's name.
    Will there be any problem in future? But all other information including candidate name is correct.
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  • Just check whether there is any editing facility for that field in the online application form. Generally they do not allow editing once the form is submitted.

    Anyway, there is nothing to worry as you immediately send a letter to the institution regarding this mistake and keep a copy of this letter with you and at the time of counselling session show this to them.

    This is a minor mistake and as you would be taking a prompt action by informing them about this, it will be taken care at the time of delivery verification.

    They will accordingly correct it in their records.

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  • When we submit online applications we should be very careful. Have you uploaded any certificates along with the application as a requirement? If so they will understand that you have done a mistake in typing and they will not take it very seriously.
    Try to send a communication by email to the concerned authorities stating the mistake you have committed and attach a copy of the certificate where in your father's name is correctly written. That will be a record for you that you have informed the concerned immediately about the mistake.
    There will not be any problem if all your documents are having your father's name correctly and same in all the certificates.

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  • Please check whether there is an edit facility. If it is not mentioned, please give a call to the helpline number and try to find the information. If possible, also try to know whether the edit option will be opened in future.

    If there is no provision for editing in present or in future, please submit a letter indicating the mistake and send it by registered post to the examination-conducting authority of the University of Calcutta. Please keep a copy of the letter and the acknowledgment. These will help you in future in case of your selection.

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  • As the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure. One needs to be very careful when submitting resume, CVV and other paper works, because they can either reflect good and bad and the outcome might put one's career to jeopardy.

    In your case, I can confidently say that there will be no problem in case of typos error. It happens to all of us even highly talented professional made such silly mistakes and they can be ignore in case of typos mistakes.

    Fortunately, you haven't misspelled your name. What's important is your correct name without any mistakes to refrain from confusing the reviewer or interviewer.

    In your case, there is no issues.

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  • During online application form entries, it is common to make such mistakes. This is an unintentional and simple mistake, I do not think that we need to worry unless it is a major mistake in age, education and cut off marks related to eligibility criteria.

    Most on line form submissions will NOT allow you to edit once you pay the fees or the click on the final submit button.You can give it a try.

    Please check the application filling guidance notes or the advert if there is a mention of any contact details for any errors related to the application form. It would be an email or a postal address.

    If not, please check for the contact details of the recruitment authority.
    For instance, I found one address for contact details for university non-teaching staff recruitments.

    Drop Box
    Central Receiving Section
    Office of the registrar
    University of Calcutta
    87/12, College Street
    Kolkata -700073

    You can send an email or write to the relevant recruitment in-charge, clearly stating your error and keep the acknowledgment with you in case, they ask you while you reach the document verification process.

    If you are communicating, please do not forget to mention clearly the 'Job title", 'Job advert date and announcement number/date' so that it would be easy for them to identity and process it.

  • Visit the link below and read it properly.

    There it is clearly written in the official website of culcutta university that after 'Final Submission' of form, user cannot edit data in the form anymore. If you had not finally submitted form then you can modify data by clicking on hyperlinks on available on payment info page.

  • If anyone facing any issue regarding application form correction. Every big exam now has an application form correction slot.
    A completion form of submission when the application took out the printout the submitted form.
    Check BITSAT detail at

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