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    Books on Sylhet referendum in English

    Want some information about Sylhet Referendum In English? Searching for reliable information with historical evidence online? Find suggestions from experts here.

    The students of modern history in India are well aware of the painful history of Sylhet (Srihatta), now in Bangladesh. They know how a legitimate part of India went to Pakistan due to the farce of so-called referendum. In this context, I want to know the names of some reliable reference books (in English only) containing historical evidence on Sylhet referendum and the role of some Indian political leaders in this regard. The books should contain proper historical evidence and references.

    I would be grateful.
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  • Related to the Sylhet Referendum of 1947, it is one of the six referendums in India history that changed the face of our country. I have made a list of the most popular and quoted articles/books

    1.You can visit, register and get free online access to the article The Sylhet Referendum (1947): Myth of a Communal Voting by JB Bhattacharjee,Vol. 51 (1990), pp. 482-487.

    2. Although not a book, for credible information, you can also contact the 'IHC' Indian History Congress, which has members and experts in subjects from ancient-Modern India
    Room No.33 ,Department of History
    AMU, Aligarh-202001
    Mobile No: 08791455786/09760666637

    3.A'God-sent opportunity' Sujit Chaudhuri related to Sylhet referendum and Assam's loss of a district.(

    4.The 'hut' and the 'axe': The 1947 Sylhet referendum by Bidyut Chakrabarthy, The Indian Economic and Social History review, Volume: 39 issue: 4, page(s): 317-350
    Issue published: December 1, 2002
    the free abstract is in this link, it needs a payment for the full article.

    5.History and Politics of Partition:
    Assam and Sylhet. This is a 41 page pdf file that you can download for free. This has maps, census data, impact of the referendum and 8 key points with names and references.

    6.Politics of Subversion:The Untold Story of Sylhet by Sujith K Ghosh. Book that can be bought from Amazon or for a reference library close to you.

    7.Remembering Sylhet: Hindu and Muslim Voices from a Nearly Forgotten Story of India's Partition by Anindita Dasgupta.Book that can be bought from Amazon or for a reference library close to you.

    7.Introducing Sylhet: historical outline, research concerns, and others, 43 page downloadable pdf file. This has maps and 10 important notes point with key events and the time line

    8. Remembering Sylhet: A. Dasgupta, this free pdf article has 13 references in the last page 5.

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