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    MBBS in Philippines or Germany?

    Want to study MBBS abroad? Looking out for advice regarding doing MBBS in Philippines or Germany? Get answers to yuor questions here from experts.

    i have decided to do MBBS abroad. I have scored 300 in NEET exam and I am from forward category so obviously did not get any seat in government medical college. I received lot of advice from my peers and they suggested me to go abroad. I checked out a lot of countries offering MBBS but Philippines and Germany remain the best among all to me. So what is your advice to me: whether should I do my MBBS in Philippines or Germany? Do respond soon as I've got very less time in my hands right now. I have also planned to do my PG in USA where we have to write USMLE exam to qualify and practice there. So if I study in Germany then can I qualify the USMLE exam or not?
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  • For studying MBBS in Germany, first you should learn the German language and the course is also in German language only. But in the Philippines, the course is in English only. This is one advantage if you study in the Philippines.
    The course duration of MBBS in the Philippines is 4 to 5 years instead of 6 years in Germany.
    But the standard in Germany is high when compared to that of the other.
    The tuition fee is less in Germany when compared to the Philippines.
    The chances of getting the job and settling there are higher in Germany than in the Philippines.
    If you have the idea of settling in Germany I suggest you can go for MBBS to Germany. Otherwise, you better opt for the other country.

    Checkout IndiaStudyChannel's comprehensive guide for study abroad in Germany which will help you find complete information on best universities, admission procedure, visa application process, fees and cost of living, etc.

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  • I think you should do MBBS medical course from Philippines. Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking nation in the world. MBBS students from Philippines have the highest MCI pass percentage compared to students from other countries. Disease spectrum in Philippines is same as in India. Students who study MBBS In Philippines have no language obstructions during their medical education and during their clinical practice. Before enroll yourself in MBBS course, you have to enroll in 1 year 4 month course that is AB psychology. Philippines universities imparting quality education to indian students at low affordable cost. After passing the Pre-Medicine program & NMAT (National Medical Admission Test), they will be enrolled in 4 year Medical program, DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (MD) which is equivalent of MBBS course. Here are list of colleges in Philippines that offer MBBS at low fees are :
    1. University of perpetual help system(DALTA) : 1740 Alabang–Zapote Road, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines.
    Contact no : 6328710639
    Duration of the course is 5 years.
    Total course fees is Rs 15,07,000 approximately.

    2. Our lady of Fatima University : MacArthur Highway, Bgy. Marulas, Valenzuela, 1440 Metro Manila, Philippines
    Contact no : +6322916538
    fees of full 5 year course is around 19 lakhs.

    3. Angeles University Foundation : Manuel Roxas St, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines
    Duration of the course is 5 years.
    Contact no : +63456252888
    Course fees is around 14 lacs and there is no donation required, direct admission.

    4. Ago Medical and Educational Center : 85 Rizal St, Old Albay District, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay, Philippines.400 kilometer away from Manila.
    Contact no : +63528205877
    Toatal course fees is 11.70 lakhs of 5.5year MBBS course.

  • 1. In the Philippines, the medium of instruction is English. In Germany, the medium of instruction is German. So, you have to learn German for studying MBBS in Germany. But the German language has a close relationship with English. So, it would not be very difficult for you to learn the German language.

    2. The MBBS degree from Germany would have a high degree of respectability in India compared to the MBBS degree from the Philippines.

    3. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of studying MBBS in Germany is much less than studying MBBS in the Philippines.

    4. Considering the above factors, I would prefer studying MBBS in Germany.

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  • If you sincerely want to have elaborate and detailed knowledge with respect to the course structure of MBBS, you should opt for Germany though it would be essential for you to be familiar with the German language. However, it would not be that much difficult provided you get a right tutor. In some cities, there are Max - muller Insttutes offering you relevant guidance in terms of your teaching in this language apart from your convenient stay in the Germany for your studies - purpose.
    Now there are twin angles to be considered - firstly the quality of education of the course of MBBS imparted in Germany and the the tution fee being paid for the course and in both the aspects continuation of MBBS in Germany seems to quite justified.
    MCI approval is instantly obtained due to rich content of the course of Germany.
    Hence you may think of the similar line while choosing the country.

  • A. You want to do yoiur MBBS overseas and importantly planning to take up USMLE for PG studies in USA.

    If so, I would suggest consider the Caribbean islands ( Barbados, Antigua and St.Kitts). These colleges have exchange programs with US universities and prepare the MBBS syllabus that is more in line with the US programs and hence USMLE and further PG/job prospectus would be easier.

    Please check the colleges, the average tuition fees, the cost of living inclduing the internship time.
    Also check the travel times, safety and the global recognition of such MBBS degrees.

    Before joining, narrow down of a handful of colleges and then check the MCI verification list and recoginition. I say this because, the government is planning to merge the Foriegn Medical Graduate licensing exams with the NEXT - National Exit Test for all MMBS students who pass their final year exams.
    This is except to be passed in the monsoon session and would be in vogue from 2019.

    B.In Germany, the MBBS course is 5years + 1 year of internship. The cost lower but you need a good level of competency in German language so that your eduation starts of well. The standards are high with chances of the students finding some form of employment during the second year of the MBBS program. Once you work for three years, then you can potentially be eligible for PR status.

    In Phillipines, the cost is a little higher but the course is shorter (5 years), easy to travel/closer to home

    C. So if I study in Germany then can I qualify the USMLE exam or not?

    Yes you can qualify for the USMLE exam. This site ( gives you the advise regarding the step 1, step 2 (CK/CS). This link gives you more information about the years of training and when to plan the USMLE (

    Please read this document about how international medical graduates perform in the USMLE and programs (

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