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    Cannot get the judgement copy. What to do?

    Are you duped in a property deal? Wondering how to get the judgement copy and the money? No worries, you can scroll through the page and get answers to your concerns.

    I wanted to purchase a old house from a person during the year 2002 and I gave Rs.65000/- as advance through cheque. The party cheated me and sold the same house to another person. (I am totally Deaf). I approached the court through a lawyer. Nearly I spent Rs.35000/- for all the expenditure charged by the lawyer/court. Even I worked in that lawyer's office from 7 pm to 11.45 pm to convert his computer documents from Wordstar to MS Word. And I finished all the work within two months. He promised me to pay Rs.3500 as a monthly salary during 2003 but did not pay any salary. (As I am a govt. servant so I ignored it). I got a good judgement but the lawyer did not give me the court copy. Further the lawyer told that you should give me the details of property of that person. How can the total deaf approach the people without hearing sense? Finally I understand that the lawyer cheated me (35000 + 2 month salary 7000 and link with the other person's lawyer). As a pure Lord Shiva Bhaktha, I cursed the lawyer that you will die shortly and the lawyer died and his wife is also a lawyer closed all her business and shifted to Chennai. Now how to get my money from along with bank interest? I don't know the court judgement details of period and other details. I am living in Thoothukudi (Tuticorin City TN State).
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  • If you know the case number you can get the Judgement copy by checking on e-courts services app. Otherwise, you can visit the court website and get the judgement copy using the case number.
    If you need certified copies of judgement then you can make an application to the court for the judgement copy from the court. You have to pay court fees as per the advice of the judicial clerk for which you will get a receipt You will be given a tentative date and you have to go and collect the same. It may take up to 2 months time from date of application for certified copies of judgement.

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  • What I am going to give is not a legal answer. It is more a practical one.

    You have incurred almost half the amount to be recovered from the builder as lawyer's fees and charges. So now your cumulative loss is about One lakh and its notional.interest.

    The original amount was relatively a mall amount. You could have got at lets a part of the money earlier itself from the builder by some practical methods. It now seems very difficult to get the money easily even though you have a favourable judgement. The procedure to recover money from him or his assets is still more cumbersome, especially as much time is lost. You have to identify his assets or get him arrested if he has no assets sufficient to recover your money. The case may stretch and prolong.

    Try the help of goodwilled people especially those people or organisations in the help of physically disabled persons and make some cases of cheating and get him arrested using some influence and publicity. But if that person also is influential it will be again difficult.

    To suggest about legal ways theoretically, You have to get some reference or case number from some of your old records. With that you may approach a good and helping lawyer and apply for certified copy of judgement. You can even approach the court clerks initially and get their help in this regard. You may also approach the lawyer who got all the case files from the earlier lawyer. Once you get the copy of judgement know the term and how much is ordered to be recovered.

    But before that you should verify and ascertain the present whereabouts of the builder who cheated you. Whether he has sufficient assets to recover your dues. Otherwise there is not much use filing a new case for recovery of judgement dues.You may search for some others who had dues to recover from him.

  • 1. I find it very unfortunate. This speaks about unscrupulous and unethical lawyer and builder.

    2. If you have the exact case number and the name of the parties, you can get the judgment from e-Courts Website. If not found, then the judgment can be obtained by paying requisite fee to the court legally. The lawyers sometime get the old judgment in this manner.

    3. I strongly advise you against filing another Court case. Instead, you may take the help of NGOs/Organizations working for the disabled people, as suggested by Mr. Venkiteswaran.

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  • Simply visit the below link :
    2. Click on district courts of India.
    3. Now select state and then city.
    4. On the right side there is an option of Case Status. You need to know FIR number or case number if you don't then you cannot proceed.
    5. Now select FIR number if you have or case number whatever you have.
    6. Now you need to select courts complex, police station where you file FIR, year, FIR number and enter captcha.
    7. If your case is pending then select pending if your case is disposed then choose disposed. It is bettar to choose both.
    8. Now simply press on go button.
    9. At the last, Click on green text copy of Judgement thats it you get the pdf of your case judgement downloaded. You can also see your case status and details there.

  • Thanking you all for your valuable suggestions. I was not given Case number/ court filing copy or any related papers by my lawyer. Earlier that lawyer informed me after judgement, If he has no property and If I want him to be arrested then I should pay Rs.3500 per month to court for his happy Jail Stay. If even I will pay and he will not be in jail only a few months. ( Sometimes I am meeting the build owner and he is laughing me. This is hurting me too much.) As per your suggestion, i will approach court clerk to get the case number(?) what is this use? Instead of approaching Court & Lawyer, if I approached police personnel earlier, simply paying them Rs.5000 to 10000. I can collect all money with bank interest. Now it is impossible as the case went to court. I should Delete this from my memory otherwise I should loss my peace of mind. Thanks again for your replies.

  • A.I can understand the situation you are in, a common man who is differently abled is cheated by many people. It is the society we live in, the meeker and the weaker are often preyed upon.

    Since you have suffered so much, you need to introspect and then decide honestly, do you want to make peace, leave this at this stage and keep in mind the important lesson learnt or you would want to proceed further, if you want to proceed further you need the support of some well-wishers, politicians or authorities with influence and be ready to spend some more money.

    B.First, try to get some more details from the site.( Here you can search by party name, advocate name, case number or court number etc. You one of these searches and get the details related to your judgement.

    You can also contact the officials below and get a hard copy of the judgment

    Principal District & Sessions Court,
    169, Palayamkottai Rd, Subbiah Puram, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu 628002
    Thoothukudi – 628003.
    Telephone & Fax : 0461-2323094.

    Please try and gather as much details of your case, including the word documents, the cheque you presented, the fees you paid.

    C. Then approach the builder/house owner via local mediators. Each city or town has a very influential person or group that settles disputes for a percentage of the total amount. Although, not legal, such people can settle issues quickly, see if you can find someone.

    D.If not search for an honest officer in the police/adminstration/ court complex who is known to help people.

    1.Try and see if you can meet Mr.Sandeep Nanduri, IAS, the District Collector. He is said to be an honest person and who is known to help the common people who suffer. He recently had favorable reviews for after the Sterilite protests.

    2.There is also a citizen petition portal, wherein you can air your grievance (

    3.The VOC educational society is known as an NGO for doing good service to differently abled people. The people are usually influential with local politicians and officials, try to meet them and seek some help.
    V.O.C Educational Society,
    37, French Chappel Road,
    Thoothukudi-628001 Ph:0461-2320507.

    4. There are district agencies for the welfare of differently abled people, you can give it a chance to seek their help

    a.District Differently Abled Welfare Officer, District Differently Abled Welfare Office,
    Collector Office Campus, Korampallam,

    b.District Differently Abled Welfare Officer, District Differently Abled Welfare Office,
    'B' collectorate Campus, Kokkirakulam
    Thirunelveli 627 009.

    If one of them takes up this as a duty or help to be rendered to a victim of injustice, then you will get some closure on your long-standing case.

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