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    Whether to choose Startup or MNC as a Fresher?

    Confused between joining MNC or a startup? Wondering which one has a better pay? Our ISC experts shall provide you with ample pros and cons to make the best choice.

    I was selected in a startup (started before 10 years, 70 members are currently working) 6 months before for an internship.
    Just last month they confirmed my job.
    Now I am selected in Infosys. Which one should I opt for? I am really confused.
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  • Infosys is a big company with more opportunities to grow. You will have fair chances for a fast growth if you work hard. At the same time, the experience at Infosys will have a better rating when you want to shift to another company for growth. The other organisations will have a better understanding of the company.
    In a startup company, the growth completely depends on the outlook of the promoters and their nature of decision taking for expansion. The financial position of the company may also differ from time to time. All these points will have an effect on the growth of the employee.
    Based on the above points, If I have to take a call, I will go with Infosys.

    always confident

  • Have you got the urge to do something originally using your creativity and knowledge and hardwork? Are you comfortable and not in urgent need of a standard paying job in a reputed organisation? Are you sure you will be ready to put up extra hours and lesser or sometimes erratic salary? Are you ready to absorb with poise any ups and downs in the same way? If yes you can join a start up.

    But before that,
    Ensure that the startup has positive looking,confident people at the helm of affairs.Ensure that the company is steadily progressing even if the rate of growth is less.Ensure that the products or services of the start up has demand and good potential for more buyers and is a very potential product or service which can be of great help or use to the clients. Also ensure that you have th minimum basic knowledge and qualification which can be useful to the job in the start up with or without training. Also ascertain whether a good percentage of initial employees or founders are still with the company.

    If you have ensured these factors also, then you can join the start up. You can grow with the company. You can be a part and sometimes one who can also chart a growth path to the company gradually while growing yourselves in career. Even Infosys was a startup once upon a time.

  • If your salary grade pay is higher of startup company compare to Infosys then you should join startup company if salary matters for you. I'm also in that situation whether I had to choose one. So I go with startup company because its salary is higher compare to MNC. This is not only reason of choosing startup, there are other advantages employee get. There are several benefits of working in Startup :
    1. There you gonna learn about how company/business grows in front of your eyes if you working there and It is very helpful for those who wants to becone Entrepreneur.
    2. When you work at Start up, You'll get possessions over product.
    3. Whatever you do for startup company it really matters to the crucial success of the company.
    4. There you can share your ideas and startup definitely execute it if your idea helps company to grow up. So anyone can come up with their ideas or project.

    So you cannot do those things in MNCs. They just provide 6 months training to employees and there you need to work according to the company. So you should go with startup conpany.

  • The choice of whether to work for a start up or an established MNC player depends on many factors including your outlook and approach to the job, risk appetite and aims/goals.

    What most people do is to weigh the key pros and cons of both.

    For instance, when you work for a start-up, the job description is flexible, so are the working hours, you will be doubling up and covering other jobs too from time to time. Many start-ups do not have a dream run and growth, such companies run into financial difficulties, this would translate to a stressful work enviornment, lay-offs, delay in salary/allowance payments, backlogs and hold on promotions and increments.At times, if the company folds-up, then you would loose the job. Office ambience, work culture, office space all would be modest. Many people dream of a quick trip overseas once they join the job, this may not be feasible in the start-ups.

    Let's consider the well running MNCs, it has brand value, social recognition, adds to your image ( I work for Infosys!), The work culture is more or less standardised and the teething issues are long gone. These companies have a formal greivance redressal policies and protocols, including abuse and sexual harassment. The number of employees would be more, hence the PF, allowances, healthcare benefits and travel arrangements would be much better. In the long run when the markets fall or the industry runs into a crisis, the established MNCs would be better placed to weather the storm in comparision to start-ups

    The unique appeal of start-ups is for the passionate graduates and young minds who are eager to take the risk of an unsteady enviornment and career growth in exchange for the valuable knowledge gained with regards to how to set-up and run your own firm or company. Minds that need constant challenge and good with leadership and trouble shooting would tend to join start-ups.

    In the current difficult job market, with 6 months of internship in the start-up, I would lean towards the job at Infosys for more stability at this point of time.

    Before you make your choice, kindly check your contracts with the start-up with regards to the clauses related your discontinuation and refusal of job confirmation.

  • you are in startup company where employees are 70 then it is not growing. You should move on and grab new opportunities. Check market of your startup company and growth chances. There are pros and cons of MNC like Infosys. I don't know what services your current employer offers and what is your expertise. Think after 10 years where will be your current company and what position you will be. If you wanted money or month growth together. Compare benefits of both companies and then take decision. All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • 1. Mindset
    Are you a person who has certain amount of entrepreneurial love? Or you just need a job and is comfortable with a regular income? I do not mean you starting a company, working in a start-up is somewhat similar. The point is if you do not want any risk in your career and future, this is your time to move on. On the other hand, if you can adjust some risk, hang on.

    2. Personal Relations
    I will give an example. If you are in a group of millions, you will be probably be in touch with only a few. But a smaller group will have more attachment. The chances of feeling an attachment to the company will be less in an MNC than a start-up. At the same time relations can get complicated too, so it is your call towards having strong relations.

    3. Being Rational
    This one can be called a genuine cause. Consider your situation somewhat tight - you badly need money to meet your needs. Here, you will have to be rational and go for the highest paying job unless you are that attached to the current job.

    4. Reputation
    Of course, working in an MNC will be considered as a high profile job by the society, and they will be rarely accepting any start-ups.

    5. Belief
    If you strongly believe that the start-up you are currently will be successful in the coming years, be inside. Who knows, may be as the initial employees, you may get something good. And also think of buying kind of shares of it, if you can afford.

    Again. it is all up to you, it is your life. Stand where you feel good, others are mere viewers, not decision makers.
    Good Luck!!

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