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    What is fatty liver condition?

    Have a query about fatty liver? Looking out for details of this condition and how is it harmful to health? Check out this page and get responses for your answers.

    Liver is an important organ in our body. Now a days we are hearing a lot about fatty liver condition which is supposed to be a health hazard.

    Can someone tell in details about this condition and how it is harmful to our health?

    Are their any home remedies or lifestyle change methods to combat with this ailment?
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  • There is no medication or surgery to treat fatty liver.
    1. You can turn fatty liver disease by lowering or throw out fatty foods and foods high in sugar from your diet. Choose healthier foods like vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits.
    2. Avoid alcoholic drink managing your cholesterol losing weight, controlling your blood sugar.

    It is normal to have some fat in your liver, more than 5 to 10 percent of your liver weight is fat in the case of fatty liver. Your liver may become a little increased and your doctor decrease can detect this during physical exam.

  • There are two types of Fatty livers. One is an alcohol-related and the other is nonalcohol-related. Alcohol can cause inflammation. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic related steatohepatitis (NASH) are different illnesses and there are many causes for fat accumulation in the liver. The reasons for this
    1. Consumption of excess calories in the diet
    2. Fatty liver is also associated with type II diabetes and obesity
    3.Rapid weight loss and malnutrition.
    Mental confusion, increased bruising, swelling of the body and jaundice are the symptoms of this fatty liver.
    By conducting the liver biopsy this problem can be diagnosed.
    A balanced diet increase in physical activity and exercise and medication if needed can minimize the risk factors. However, it is always a must to avoid drinking alcohols. One should consult the general physician and act accordingly to come out of this problem.

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  • Fatty liver, though a reversible state in most of the cases but alcohol consumption make the liver - disorder worst. Fatty liver is often marked with the patients who are habituated with heavy drinking of alcohol, taking the same in empty stomach or excess consumption of the same. The disorder are of two types the first being non alcoholic fatty liver and the other one is alcoholic related fatty liver.
    The other reason of such disorder is due to the diabetic condition of the patients or due to heavy consumption of spicy and oily foods.
    However, detection of this order can be done by means of ultra - sound test or by undergoing liver biopsy. Liver - cirossis or enlargement of the liver can be gauged with the liver - biopsy. Liver - function test can detect the abnormality with respect to liver - engyme and abnormal presence of Bilrubin.
    If pain persists in the right side of the stomach, fast detoriation of the body - weight, loss of apetite and having chronic constipation, one should consult the liver - especialist to ascertain the true cause.
    However, in most of the cases, this condition is reversible with making some changes in the life- style. One should desist from alcohol - consumption so as to maintain the healthy - liver.
    Avoidance of junk - foods, restriction in sugar - consumption, eating right amount of fats such as fish and chicken and regular taking of Nuts such as Almond, Walnuts and citrus Fruits such as Orange, Lemon, Grapes can make your liver healthy.

  • Deposition of fat in lever is a condition which on deterioration can be fatal to the well being of a person. Though there are tests to identify these problems but there are not much remedies to reverse the process and repair the damaged lever.

    As per Ayurvedic system of treatment it is believed that the life style management is one of the most effective ways to fight with the fatty lever condition.

    There are certain type of foods which have large amount of carbohydrate and fat are to be strictly restricted. For example oil, ghee, cream, full cream milk, meat and poultry items, cool drinks, cakes and chocolates etc are to be avoided.

    Fibrous foods and vegetables and low sugar fruits are recommended. Boiled or baked vegetables are preferred over the fried ones.

    Regular walk and light exercises coupled with above diet can bring drastic changes in the health conditions of a person suffering from fatty lever conditions.

    It is difficult to control ones diet and keep it in such a strict regime but these are the things which in long run reduce the fat in the body and avoid many ailments including fatty lever syndrome.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Now a days many patients who have an ultrasound done have a report of fatty liver. About 12-20% of the regular population have this. This incidence goes up to around 70% in diabetics and obesity. At Ultrasound - the fatty liver is graded from 1-3. Alcohol is just one of the causes of fatty liver and this can be reversed to some extent when the offending agent is stopped.

    Non-alcholic fatty liver disease is something that needs attention if the person also has heart disease, high cholesterol, narrowing of the arteries of the heart or legs (often known as atherosclerosis), diabetes mellitus and obesity. Higher grade of NAFLD and the presence of the other conditions above is known to increase the chances of health issues and a shorter life span. So, it is better to get a professional opinion from a medical gastroenterologist or physician. The good thing about this is it can be reversed to a certain extent in the early stages.

    Basically, the liver which is integral to digestion and handling of various medications and adverse agents (including alcohol). In ismple terms when the intake(of calories) outweigh the output (of engery expenditure), then the fat begins to accumulate in the liver cells too. As the grade advances, the chances of inflammation and fibrosis of the liver increases and hence risky.

    What one needs to do is
    1. Have a formal medical consultation along with investigations when suggested (blood tests, ultrasound, even a liver biopsy sometimes)
    2. Maintain a food dairy and meet the dietitian
    3. Exclude unnecessary intake of fat
    4. Avoid drugs that are toxic to the liver (unauthorized use of medicinal products, weight loss medications and alternative medicine compounds that are given by unqualified people)
    5. Cut down on smoking, alcohol, fried food stuffs, junk food,
    6. Regular exercises and a healthy life style
    7. Giving up on white sugar, plenty of dairy products, maidha flour based items
    8. Having a diet rich in anti-oxidants
    9. Glutathione is a good anti-inflammatory agent and liver detoxifier, it is found in eggs, cabbage, garlic and broccoli.
    10.Avoid carbonated drinks, liquids with high sugar content (packed juices, canned drinks - still and aerated, sweet lassi, sweet milk shakes). Instead go for fresh vegetable juices, fresh fruit juice without extra sugar, low fat milk based yoghurt, buttermilk etc.

    Lastly, like any other chronic disease that needs regular follow-up, fatty liver also needs a periodic visit to the medical specialist the interval depends on the patient status, severity of fatty liver and other medical illness.

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