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    Mistake in Central government job application form

    Worried about a mistake made while applying for a central government job? Searching for a suitable method to resolve the problem? Here, find suggestions from experts.

    Recently I have filled an online central govt job application. In filling time by mistake I have filled wrong year of birth. I noticed this mistake after submitting my all documents. At last I got my hall ticket. But the main problem is that in my hall ticket my date is mentioned wrongly.

    Will there be any problem for attending exam?
    Is it possible to fill other application form for the same vacancy?
    How to resolve this?
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  • Immediately you send a letter informing the correct date of birth of yours and attach a copy of your birth certificate and SSC certificate in which your date of birth is correctly mentioned. In that letter, you explain that the mistake is a typographic mistake and you have not noticed the same before submitting the application. Keep a copy of the letter with you and send the letter by registered post acknowledgement due. This will be a reference for you to produce at the time of document verification. You need not worry. In all other applications please be careful and submit correct DOB and verify before you finally submit the application. If you have submitted to them the correct certificate at the time of application there will not be any problem.

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  • This is a mistake on your part but you can manage it by taking a prompt action by sending an email to the concerned office as well sending a manual letter detailing about your mistake and the correction sought in that.

    With email as well as the manual letter please attach a scanned copy/ copy of the document which is showing the correct date of birth so that they can correct it in your data accordingly.

    Please take a copy of all these document with you when you go to appear for the exam and in case there is any query you produce all these documents to show them that you have already initiated the action for request for correction in your application.

    After some time if you get a call for interview please take all these documents with you and if they have not so far taken cognisance of your email and manual letter, please request them to make the correction right now. For this you need not to insist it to the interview board members but just keep it in their knowledge and then contact the staff assisting them in the interview who will help you in the matter.

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  • You have filled in your year of birth wrongly in an online Government job application.

    Will there be any problem with attending exam?

    Yes, there will be a problem but you need to be prepared to explain the simple human year of data entry. It is important to remember that all the preliminary tests and interviews for Government jobs are carried with the understanding that if the candidate needs to produce the original certificates to justify the claim and only then he/she will go for the final round and allotment

    Is it possible to fill other application form for the same vacancy?

    No, it is not possible to fill in a new form for online applications, this would lead to a huge amount of duplicate forms and would also be invalid.

    How to resolve this?
    Firstly, double check your correct date of birth with the age eligibility for the job. If you are NOT eligible based on the age cut off and the actual valid date of birth, then it would be a major issue because it would look like you have intentionally changed to become eligible for the job application.

    If this is not the case, then do not worry. You would not be able to correct this online at this late stage, Please check the application advert details, announcement, form filling guidelines etc.
    Find out the address, contact person, mail ID etc for contacting in case of queries related to your application form for that particular job

    Please draft a letter stating the genuine human error on your part in filling up the details. Apologise and then request them to correct the mistake.
    Enclose attested copies of your correct date of birth proof ( 10th marks sheet, birth certificate etc).
    Clearly mention the Job advert Number and reference number. Keep the registered post or speed post details with you safely so that you can show it to the authorities at the time of the written exam and the document verification.
    When you appear for the written test, please be prepared and anticipate questions by the invigilators or supervisors. Please have proof of Identity and Date of birth. This would help you in getting permission to write the exam.

    Lastly, send of the letters quickly and then focus on your preparation for the written test. In case you are unable to find out any contact address or email, get all the documents we discussed so far and carry it with you to the written test, there would some officer you can help you out and guide you.

  • You have to justify that while filling up the application form, the mistake crept in while entering the year of birth and this mistake may be treated as human - error. You may send the photo - copies of all the relevant certificates to the chairman for the correction - process and express your regret for the mistake Commited earlier. Then send a speed - post containing the photo- copies of the certificates along with an acknowledgement - slip. This slip would follow you later and keep it as a proof of initiating your action the moment you detected the mistake.
    Retain the copy when you are to proceed for the written test and for the subsequent tests.
    In case, you are being called for the final interview, produce all the certificates along with the correction of the error of the birth - year entered wrongly in your application - form.

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