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    What is the procedure to get a Birth certificate if there are no Municipal records?

    Want to obtain a duplicate birth certificate, but there are no records at the local Municipal Corporation office? Get quick expert advice if it is nevertheless possible to obtain the certificate.

    I have to make my birth certificate. but the municipal corporation is not having my records. I am 50 years old. What is the procedure? I belong to Haryana state and the city is Faridabad.
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  • Rajesh Sharma please note that birth certificates are made and issued by the civic authorities only on the feed back received from the concerned hospitals where the delivery has taken place. Otherwise it is difficult to obtain. If you can remember from which hospital you were born, then having the details is possible. But again they may not have the details of such old record. Please approach the Collector of your district and explain the problem and need to have your birth certificate. Surely there may be ways and means to solve the problem. Without collectors involvement now, it is not possible.

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  • No Problem. You should visit your Tehsil office and apply for the birth certificate. The clerk will provide a form which has to be submitted along with an affidavit that you have born in this place and have not registered in Municipal office. After 15-20 days the Tehsildar will order the CMO of municipal office to issue you a birth certificate. You have to submit this order to municipal office and you have been provided by a birth certificate by the municipal office.

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  • You have to apply for a birth certificate at your municipal office. If they have the records of your birth they'll issue the same. In your case, if it wasn't registered they will give you a "Record Non-Availability certificate". You take this certificate and contact a good lawyer in your area. They will ask you to bring your school passing certifiable, voter ID card etc to verify your date of birth. Then the lawyer will file an application in the court and after verification, the court order will be issued to issue you a birth certificate to the Municipal authorities and then they will issue as per the court directions. I think this information will help you in getting your birth certificate.

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  • If you already have a birth certificate registered with your Tashil from where you initially applied for the DOB certificate, you could apply again with no issues.

    First, update records and make necessary changes as per your preferences. Once you are good and satisfied with the records of information, you can proceed to apply for new that will be used in future references. This way, you could never encounter any issues.

    Update the records and apply the new one with same registrar records in your DOB and this includes valid information updated in your Tashil office.

    Visit STATISTICAL OFFICE in your state, village, district or city to get a new updated DOB.

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  • You are required to apply for your birth certificate at the office of the municipality where you were born. If the municipality possesses the records of your birth, the birth certificate would be issued.

    But in your case, the relevant records are not available with the municipality. So, the municipal authority would issue a "Record Non-Availability certificate" to you. On the basis of the same and also the school-leaving certificate, you can get the birth certificate prepared from a First Class Magistrate of your city.

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  • Though the Municipal Corporation doesn't have the record of your birth, you must fill up the required Form to apply for a fresh Birth-Certificate. They will issue a 'Record Non-Availability Certificate' in this regard. Take this 'Record Non-Availability Certificate' along with your school leaving certificate and ID proof containing your address and DOB to a lawyer.

    Here the DOB in the school leaving certificate and ID proof must match. The lawyer will submit all these documents to the court under whose jurisdiction your area falls and the court after proper verification will direct the respective municipality to issue a birth certificate to you.


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  • Registration of births were not regularly followed earlier. In such situations, the school records, the cumulative record, 10th/12th or degree certificate would be accepted as the evidence of the date of birth. Please check whether you have such a copy.

    Now you have to apply in person to the
    MCF Office Faridabad
    Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, BK Chowk, Faridabad, Haryana 121001.
    The officers would check their records and issue a 'Record(of birth) Non-availability' certificate.
    Please meet a good lawyer with this certificate, any school certificate and ID proof and the lawyer will help you to get a birth certificate issued via the court (after verification)

    If this does not help, you can contact the office of the District Magistrate or Collector or the JMFC (Judicial Magistrate of First Class) to issue you a Make order certificate.
    You would need 10th or SSLC marks card, an affidavit from your parents or elder siblings stating your date of birth, your family ration card. Please have your photographs, ID proofs etc and then contact the administrative staff of one of these offices, they would help you out.

    Please contact the Municipal office staff personally, they would be able to guide you as they would have faced this situation many times.

  • You may approach Tehsildar of your locality in connection with your Birth - certificate. Tehsildar up keeps the records of the births of the inhabitants living in the village. After seeing his record, he will issue a document to be produced to the Municipal - office in order to get a certificate.
    However, in case of non availability of records, you may approach a layer of the first class magistrate in order to get an affidavit. You need to produce Aadhar card or any valid document indicating your date of birth. The affidavit signed by the First - class Magistrate is to be published in a leading English paper apart from the local one.
    The advertisement is to be preserved to produced in case of emergency.

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