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    Looking for suitable name for new Christian matrimonial

    Are you planning to start a new matrimonial site? Searching for suitable names for this site? Find ample suggestions from experts for your query , here on this page.

    I am going to launch new christian matrimony site in India, Kerala state,

    Could you please suggest me name for the site(domain name) which is NOT registered yet?

    Name should be short and sweet, may include words like India, Matrimony, Marriage, etc
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  • Starting a matrimonial sites may be difficult but finding the right name can be more difficult. Especially and specifically for Christian matrimonial sites, the domain names cannot be suggested since there might already be 1000 of similar domains names that are already registered and available online.

    Second, you will need to hire professional appraisal or freelancer to get the job done. However, here are few names that I would like to suggest for Christian matrimonial domain names.

    1. IndiaChristianMatrimonial

    2. IndiaChristianMarriage

    3. ChristianVows

    4. ChristianLoveMarriage

    5. MatrimonialForChrist

    6. ChristMatrimonial

    Well some of them might have already registered, it is always a good idea to go the Service provider website and make an available domain search by typing your preferred names.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • My suggestion for your domain name are :

    1. www.Rishtadiloka. com









    10. www.christwedding. com

    You have to choose different or unique name for your matrimonial website. I hope you like those names suggested and I hope the names are not already registered online.

    There are different domain extension for different category of websites. For your website. com extension is used. Best companies for domain registration and web hosting are BIGROCKS, Godaddy, Domainz. in,, etc.

  • My suggestions are:-

    (a) ChristianLifePartner; (b)EternalChristianMatrimony; (c)KeralaChristianMatrimony; (d) Matrimony4IndianChristians; (e)HeavenlyMatrimony; (f)DivineChristianRelationship; (g) IdealChristianPartner, etc.

    You can choose anyone from the above or can use combinations of the above. People should understand that the matrimony is basically meant for Keralite Christians, from the choice of words.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • Naming anything whether it is a house or shop or internet site is generally a personal choice but people also seek opinion of others to have many alternatives from where the final one can be selected.

    A matrimony site in internet is like starting a new business and giving it a name which denotes ones family as well as is catchy in nature will be a good idea.

    For example if the family surname is 'Luis' one can think of 'LoisMatriPort'. So these are some creative ideas which can be amalgamated in the name of the site. Similarly the name of a famous ancestor can be incorporated in the name of site. For example if there was a famous Mr Smith as one of the ancestors the name 'MerrySmith' will be a good cryptic choice.

    You can have more imagination in this way resulting in many interesting combinations.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The name you choose would depend on your inner liking, your and your families religious beliefs ( many choose a name that imples 'The Lord' and start a new buisness, be it Hindu, Chirstian or Muslim). If this is the case then you can focus more on it.

    If you need a wider appeal and reach, you can choose a neutral name that appeals to the older and newer generations.

    Many people register a domain name ( it will show up on google and other search engines) but fail to pay the charges to keep it active or have rights on it. SO, when you try domain registration in Godaddy etc, it will let you know whether what you have is available for you. You can mix and match from the above also.

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