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    PSU or IIT's for Mechatronics graduate

    Aspiring to join a PSU? Confused about giving GATE if being a Mechatronics student? Resolve your worries and decide your further plan of action of giving GATE by going through the responses from experts.

    I'm 4th year BE Mechatronics student. I thought of writing GATE for getting into PSU or IIT's. Since there is no paper for Mechatronics, many suggested me to write in ME, IN or ECE.
    But I got to know that in PSU's, it doesn't matter which GATE paper you gave. But what matters is which is your core branch, and PSU'S don't call Mechatronics people through GATE.
    So, even if I get 1st RANK, I will be not able to get job in PSU's and it will be waste of time and energy.
    I heard it is the same in case of IIT's and NIT's. Can anyone guide me in direction ?
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  • Most of the PSUs don't consider people with a degree in Mechatronics eligible for recruitment through GATE Mechanical. But NTPC is one of the PSU that allows people with a degree in Mechatronics through GATE mechanical.
    What I suggest is write GATE with the Mechanical subject and Join in any IIT for M.Tech Mechanical. Once you complete that your chances of getting a job will be better.
    But Nowadays mechatronics is everywhere in process industries. So knowledge of mechatronics is very much important because we are surrounded by mechatronics systems. In industry demand for mechatronics engineer is increasing. A person who knows mechatronics can work in process industries very efficiently. So you can try in MNCs and Private Industries where they have many automated systems.

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  • For engineering graduates, PSUs generally conduct their entrance tests and interviews for appointment to executive posts in addition to taking some people through GATE mode. You can start doing preparation for that entrance exam. That will be a better option in the present scenario.

    These exams are generally known as graduate trainee exam and written test is taken in questions related to Science, Maths, Logic and Reasoning, English, General Knowledge etc. After that the qualifying candidates will be called for interview before awarding the letter of offer.

    As the jobs in PSUs are quite lucrative there is a heavy rush for them and one has to do a lot of hard work and efforts to compete in them. In fact GATE and these exams are equally tough so both require same level of efforts.

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  • In order t get entry in PSU as a graduate - engineer, the aspirants must secure an aggregate marks of 65 percent throughout the semesters so as to be eligible for the screening test and the same is applicable for all the streams.
    The aspirants are required to appear in a written test in their own streams and upon passing the written - test, the aspirants would be intimated for the second round of the test ie the oral test. In your case, you will have to opt for Mechanical - stream since this branch covers Mechatronics. With an impressive performance in the interview, you may given an appointment letter subject to clearance of the Medical - test of the company.
    GATE aspirants are preferred in the process of recruitment of graduate - engineers and even they are offered two advanced increments in the pay slab of the graduate - engineering post.
    Mechatronics people are employed in the process - industry since they can guide in a better way in the process - manufacturing.

  • Mechatronics will basically enable you to have a good chance to join a relevant job in the branches that deals with electrical, electronics, mining, robotics, R&D, instrumentation, equipment designing etc

    So, you should have a decent chance in Airforce, Railways,BHEL, Army,DRDO, ISRO. ONGC, NTPC.Also L&T, infrastructure companies etc. Please take your GATE exam and then move on to M.Tech. Along with this, If you are good in computer programming/core mathematics. This will enable you to have options open in both the public and private sector units.

    IIT Kanpur offers courses M.Tech in Aerospace engineering, Nuclear engineering & technology. The PG programs also focusses on Robotics and Mechatronics( Once you join,you can focus on doing research projects which will enable you to apply for jobs in the same sectors(
    You can search for the recruitment criteria in

    Please prepare for the GATE exams, get a good score and then complete your M.Tech and move on.

  • Thankyou everyone for taking your time to clarify my doubts, what I saw is almost everyone of you is suggesting to write GATE and go for IIT. Almost 90% of GATE Instrumentation syllabus has been already covered in my Academics, So thinking of writing GATE in IN only instead of ME, is this right decision ? What difference does it cause ? Or should I write in ME only ?

  • You can appear in GATE in Instrumentation and join IITs/reputed NITs for M.Tech in Instrumentation. You may start planning to join Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, ISRO, DRDO or similar other scientific organisations with M.Tech in Instrumentation. So far as PSUs are concerned, BEL is another organisation which accepts students in M.Tech in Instrumentation. You may also consult your professors for proper guidance in this regard. Alternatively, you may consider joining faculty position in reputed engineering colleges, if you are interested in teaching profession.

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