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    Correction the name of my SSC certificate.

    Having some problem with your SSC certificate? Wondering how to correct a name spelling mistake? You can find the detailed procedure here, as provided by ISC experts.

    I have a mistake in my name in the SSC certificate while all the other degree certificates have correctly mentioned my name.

    Now I want to change my name in SSC certificate?

    Can you tell me the procedure to do so?

    if yes how to change it ? what should i do?
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  • If you have the wrong name in your SSC document, first contact the principal of your school and check the scholar register. If the scholar register has the correct name then you can go to change your name in your SSC document.
    For correction in name, you have to follow the following procedure:
    1. Visit the site of board you have passed SSC examination.
    2. You will find an option, correct name/surname/ father's name/mother's name. Click here.
    3. You will be provided with a form. Fill the form. And scan the following document to upload with the form:
    (a) Photocopy of Scholar register
    (b) Original Mark sheet
    (c) Certificate issued by the school principal
    (d) Adhaar Card.
    4. After uploading all the document, submit the form and pay the fees which are nominal and vary for different boards.
    5. Once you submit your form, the DEO of your region will verify and the board will issue you a new corrected mark sheet.
    6. You will receive the new mark sheet within 15-20 days through your school principal.

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  • If in your school records if your name is correctly recorded and there is a mistake in writing the name in the certificate you can get the name changed by your Board. So first check what is written in your TC and CC. If it is correctly mentioned in those certificates you can go to your school and give an application for correction by attaching a copy of TC and CC along with your application. The board will do the needful.
    But if the name in the records itself is a mistake then you have to contact a lawyer in your area and make an affidavit saying that your name is so and so. The advocate will know how to get it done. Once your affidavit is ready you make a publication in two newspaper one in the local paper and one in English mentioning your correct name. Then you have to apply to your school with all the required documents. The required documents will be informed by the school to you. Then apply accordingly. They will forward it to the board for correction. Once the certificate is corrected it will be sent back to the school and they will issue it to you.

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  • You have to get this mistake corrected in your SSC certificate otherwise it would create problem at the time of any future document verification.

    You have to apply to your education board office for rectification of this problem and now a days this can be done online also. You have to deposit the application fee also for this. While applying you have to give other authentic documents like Aadhaar card or PAN card or driving license etc to give support and reference in respect of your correct name.

    Generally this takes some time in getting the corrected certificate from the board office but you can also follow it and get it in time.

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  • Firstly contact headmaster of your school where you had studied and get letter of name correction with school stamp. Submit your mark list and letter(which is get from headmaster) to DEO office or you can directly contact SSC board. After correction they will dispatch your cetificate to school and you can get the certificate after 7 working days.

    You cannot go for correction after 2 years of passing SSC because school have registered student name for 1 year. Example : If you passed SSC in 2015 and you go for correction in 2018 in schools then they will not help you to get the certificate corrected. School does not help further to correct name. If you found any error then immediately rectified it by visit the school and follow the procedure. Later on you have to meet lawyer and make an affidavit for name correction. You also have to pay some charges to get your certificate corrected if you correct it by making affidavit.

  • If your name is not correctly reflecting in your SSC certificate then you have to get it corrected. Generally school administration will not do it as these records are centrally maintained at the education board office.

    What you have to do is apply for this correction to your education board or District Education officer's office who will check the reference documents provided by you and issue a corrected certificate. They will also ask you to deposit some fee for this purpose.

    Please ensure to give them a copy of some authentic document where your name is correctly mentioned so that they can refer it. The authentic document could be Aadhaar card or PAN card or driving license or voter card etc.

    Alternatively you can consult a lawyer and get an affidavit prepared to that matter where everything is mentioned about this error and this affidavit is to be countersigned by a first class magistrate. A copy of this affidavit will be required at the time of document verification whenever you encounter it in connection to a job or applying for some exam etc.

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  • As far as I know, there is no Edit option after submission of the online form of Staff Selection Commission (SSC). So, there is no question of editing the application at this stage. So, you can send a written application to the Zonal Director indicating your correct name along with a copy of an uploaded application and reference number. You are required to send the application by registered post and keep a copy of the same for future reference.

    At the time of appearing in the written test, you must carry the copy of the written application with you and write your correct name during the examination.

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  • Your name is different in your SSC or 10th certificate.This needs to be rectified so that you do not have future issues with jobs etc.

    Please use this opporutinity to check for other errors in your certifcates and ID dcouments.

    If the name mistake is done by the school authorities ( and you have filled in your forms correctly), then the school has to verify and get this corrected. It would be easier for you to initiate the name change

    You need to have at least two documents that state your correct name ( birth certificate, 12th marks card, PAN or Driving license).

    You can use attested copies of these are proof of your correct name. If you do not have this or your 10th is from a CBSE school, then you need a name correction or change affidavit made, this will be done by the Notary in your region/ civil courts. Once you do this, you would need to publish the name change in two newspapers, one English, one vernacular language ( this is not difficult, just approach any newspaper office nearby they will do it for a small charge).

    You need to meet the current principal of your old school/administrative office, draft a letter request the name the service you need and then forward it to the state board/10th board via the principal or current head of the institution.
    Also, enclose the old certificate copy, ID proof or name affidavit with the prescribed fees.
    You should get the new corrected certificate in around 4 weeks time.
    If it is the CBSE for your 10th, then the process is the same but you need a formal form and the name change affidavit, this link gives your the guidelines and the downloadable forms for the same (

  • Mistake might have originated from either of the sources - you did not make correct entry of your name in the application form submitted to the school - authority or the Board might have misspelt your name in the SSC certificate because of sheer negligence. What ever the cause may be, this needs to be corrected at the earliest so as to avoid any future complication in relation to your education - programme or undertaking a job in the areas fitting to your qualification.
    First of all, you need to meet the Principal of the school where you last studied and submit an application indicating the anamoly appearing in the school - certificate. Verify the admission - register of the school and see if there is any mistake with respect to your name appearing in the Register. Your original admission - form has also to be verified with respect to correct entry. Any mistake made by the School - authority or vice versa has to be forwarded to the Board with the due remark of the Principal. The correction will be made by the Board within a very short time. However, you need to send the photocopies of Aadhar and PAN card in support of proof of correctness of your name.
    If no deviation could be observed from both sources as mentioned earlier and if the Board - office is solely responsible for the error, the same is to be intimated to the Board.
    The other process would be to make an affidavit with a lawyer of the First class of the magistrate. The same is to signed by him and get the same published in a local - language paper apart from an English paper having wide circulation. Retain the copy so that it could be produced during the verification - process.

  • Name,father's name,Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving licence should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.

  • No issue its very easy to make correction of name in your ssc certificate,just go to your school where you passed out and check your name in class register,if in register your name is correct than write an application to your principal or Head of the department regarding the same or collect xerox copy of register covering that application and your mark sheet,after than go to ssc board directly meet with ssc board's respective officer they will be your mentor and help you to get your name correct,it will take probably a week not more than that.

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