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    Help regarding teaching career

    Interested in taking up a career in teaching ?Confused between regular or part time BEd? Scroll through this page and get advice from experts for all your queries.

    I had given 1st year exam of M.Com(Hindi medium) in June,2018 from IGNOU. I'm thinking to do B.Ed with M.Com together now. My accounting knowledge is up to mark only. I am good in economics and commerce.
    1) As I'm doing M.Com from Hindi medium, does it have value in comparison of English medium for getting teacher job easily in school/college? Is B.Ed possible from Hindi medium?
    2) I'm thinking to do B.Ed because it will be 4 years from next year, is it correct? Is it a good decision of doing this year (second year of M.Com )?
    3) I'm thinking to do from regular, is it good?
    4) Are there good opportunities available for M.Com & B.Ed for male?
    5) Actually my interest is in teaching students upto class 10. Hindi is my favourite subject. Science maths is ok-ok. If I will learn easily in comparison of Economics and commerce. Since I choose commerce these are better but not in comparison of upto 10th class subjects). I choose commerce stream which was wrong decision.
    You know lack of guidance; students choose wrong stream and the same happened with me. teaching Commerce is the only option now. If I apply in any school they will prefer art stream candidate for upto 10 class teacher instead of commerce stream where we both have done B.Ed. Is It the same with government teacher vacancies for upto 5th or 10 class i.e. since they will prefer art stream?
    In short, how can I be teacher in shortest period of time according to my current situation?
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  • As you told you are doing M. Com second year. If you want to do B.Ed. you have to leave your present course. It is also right that this year is the last year for B.Ed. Next year will be zero years and no admission will take place in B.Ed. As you told the commerce students do not have many opportunities to teach up to 10th standard. I will suggest you should complete your M. Com so that you would be eligible to teach in higher secondary section. You can also start your coaching institutes. Without B.Ed. you would not be able to teach in any school. So, let wait what policy does government brings for the students like you who are in the middle of the course and cannot do B.Ed. at present scenario. You can join any private school before 2019 since after 2019 no school will appoint you as a teacher without B.Ed.
    After doing M. Com. you can make your career as a professor also. So, concentrate on your present course M. Com and after completing it make a decision related to your career.

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  • Doing a graduation or pursuing any higher studies from IGNOU is never recommended since the chances of getting job from these universities are vague.

    On the top of this, you have pursued studies from IGNOU and another sad thing is in Hindi Medium. This will definitely put your career in jeopardy. The reason is even if you have knowledge, most schools and colleges ask for English medium and not Hindi medium.

    In your case, I am afaraid to say this but chances is very low to meet the expectation with English medium. Doing Master in Commerce is a good option but not Hindi medium is recommended. You can go for English medium to refrain from getting disappointed in many cases.

    There might be some schools that might accept but remember, most schools wants English as mandatory along with Hindi. Chances are that, you can teach Mathematics for classes 8 to 10.

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  • There are two ways of looking at it. After M.Com you can do B.Ed and go to a high school as a teacher. You will become a teacher in the high school. But after M.Com you have to spend two years on your education.
    As you are completing your PG course, you can try for lecturer post by attending the NET exam. Once you are qualified in this examination you will get a lecturer post in government colleges. You can complete your PhD while you are working there as a lecturer.
    If you feel it is difficult to get qualified in NET you can try for a junior lecturer post in any junior college and while working there as Jr.Lecturer, you can complete your PhD. Once you complete your PhD you will become eligible for lecturer post in the degree colleges as well as in Universities.

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  • Dr. Rao after MCom NET will be enough for getting lecture post? Do I need to do B.Ed and whether my Hindi medium would be an hurdle ?

  • It may not be proper to study M.Com (IInd Year) and B.Ed. at the same time. Even if you are pursuing M.Com by correspondence from IGNOU, pursuing two courses simultaneously must be avoided.

    So far as the medium of instruction is concerned, it does not have much importance. IGNOU is a UGC-recognized university, and so the degree offered by it is valid all over India for every purpose.

    I advise you to complete M.Com, then go for B.Ed. Thereafter, you should apply for the teacher's job in your state and also under the Central Government (Kendriya Vidyalaya).

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  • B Ed is the mandatory qualifications for teaching career. Now in the present situation as detailed by you, after completing M Com only you can go for that.

    I will suggest you to concentrate in your present course and try to secure good score. After that you can prepare for NET which is the prestigious test after qualifying in which you can apply for lectureship in colleges which is also a teaching job although at a higher level.

    You should not undermine your academic potential by thinking that you can only teach to class 10 students.

    If you are not able to concentrate in commerce and B Ed is also a far off proposition for you then you can attempt other alternatives like going for Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) after which you can apply in schools for teaching to lower classes.

    You can also join a private teacher training centre where you can learn the techniques of teaching and if not in Govt, you can try to get teaching job in some private school.

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  • As far as the career of a person is considered it is a must that he should choose a career line where he has interest and aptitude. The reason is that only then he can exert much and work hard to get the desired results in his areas of liking.

    In your case it has not happened so and due to certain compulsions you have landed now in a difficult situation. Let us not cry over the spoilt milk now and form a strategy for your future career and job prospect.

    From your narration it is clear that though you have apprehensions to teach higher class students but you are comfortable upto high school classes. It also indicates you have interest in teaching line. There are various options in teaching to lower classes also and for that there are various training courses available and also there are many tests, qualifying which you can be eligible to apply at various places.

    So, whether it is delayed or differed in time, still either you have to do B Ed or some Diploma in Primary Education so that you can be eligible to apply for Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) which is held in all the states in our country every year. If you are qualifying in this test then the career of teaching in primary or upper primary or even high school classes opens up for you.

    Have you ever considered other alternatives for your career in teaching line like teaching in a coaching centre, running tutorial classes, joining a collective institute where you can work even part time to teaching aspiring candidates in many academic courses and things like that. It is not so difficult as with hard work and patience you can achieve the desired success and excel in that area.

    Please remember that every student is not good in academics and everyone can not score high marks but in our life there comes a situation when we have to strive hard to achieve the goals and remember that there is no substitute for hard work. Instead of doing hard work in your life later, why not to do it today at the present juncture so that you can reap the benefits early.

    One thing which is also necessary in today's world is working knowledge of English language. The reason is being very simple. Today English is not a language of U.K. only. It has got a wide acceptance and has become the number one communicating language in the world. So today or tomorrow any deficiency in this matter is going to be detrimental to the career of people in any country. I will sincerely suggest you to join an English language course however elementary it is no matter. Develop it as a hobby rather then a burden. Try to read children's story books in English. They are the great source of common vocabulary. Once getting a feel of the language switch to newspaper or internet for articles etc. You can read articles in ISC itself. Most of them are written in very plain and simple language which will not only increase your knowledge but also proficiency in English.

    I know many cases, where the students were dull and not interested in academics but after completing their formal education they did a lot of preparations for competitive exams and were selected in that, though many of their high scoring academic classmates failed in those exams miserably. So it is only a matter of time when you wake up to the realities and start working hard.

    So, I am giving you this lead to think or consider for attempting some of the prestigious competitive exams in our country which give a great career option in administration and management. I will again reiterate that there are many mediocre students who are at high official posts today just because they did hard work at a certain juncture in their life to compete in such exams.

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  • I have gone through your submission and you have raised a vital question inquiring if your Hindi medium in persuasion of M.Com would create any adverse impact in your career. I don't think so if you could satisfy the Board of interview with your overhaul knowledge in the commerce - stream. However, you should not have any aversion in commanding your English - knowledge since with the sound familiarity of English would help you to converse with the people of other sections - not familiar with Hindi. You can handle a large number of students with your communication skill in English.
    You should not have any inferiority complex for choosing IGNOU for your M.Com course, since this open university has world wide recognition in terms of its standard and is recognised through UGC.
    Your passion for teaching in the High - school would require to gain a B.Ed degree from a recognised university and as you have indicated that the B.Ed would go into transformation from the next year onward and any notification regarding the change of the structure will cause a delay in acquiring the B.Ed degree.
    Think of a better option of securing at least a first class in M.Com and then appear for NET and with your hard labour, you would be able to crack it thereby getting a chance of Lecturership in a government college and later a Ph.D degree can be persued with an able guide.
    Alternatively you can have plenty of oppurtunities of teaching commerce students of secondary - schools if interested for coaching. With the exposure of coaching for a couple of years, you can set up your own coaching institute where your earning potential will be substantial with the time.

  • You are currently doing your M.COm in Hindi medium from IGNOU by distance mode. I have just checked the IGNOU website, you have a maximum of 5 years to complete your M.Com course.

    So, you have sometime to focus on your B.Ed

    1) As I'm doing M.Com from Hindi medium, does it have value in comparison of English medium for getting teacher job easily in school/college? Is B.Ed possible from Hindi medium?

    In general, the English medium of instruction (for any degree) will enable you to look at jobs all over India and overseas(middle east), so, it would be better for take up English medium of instruction for B.Ed.

    If your aim is to be only a hindi teacher or join colleges that teach students with Hindi as a medium of instruction, then you can choose Hindi medium, but this would restrict the jobs you can apply for.

    2) I'm thinking to do B.Ed because it will be 4 years from next year, is it correct? Is it a good decision of doing this year (second year of M.Com )?

    It would be a good decision to get into B.Ed, if you get a chance now, before the change or the freeze year of admission come through.

    3) I'm thinking to do from regular, is it good?
    Since you are already doing your M.Com by distance mode, you have no choice but to do the B.Ed by regular mode. Please select a reputed, recongised college for B.Ed.

    4) Are there good opportunities available for M.Com & B.Ed for male?
    There are good opporutinities, with B.Ed and your old B.Com, you apply for the PRT/TGT exams and get a job as a government school teacher. While you are working and gaining experience, you can complete your M.Com and then take the PGT exams or the SET/NET exams and move on to become a lecturer in a Government college.

    5) Actually my interest is in teaching students upto class 10. Hindi is my favourite subject. Science maths is ok-ok.

    You are welcome to stay focussed on your favourite subject Hindi but the job market is very tough, the competition is increasing every year. So, it would be better to have another option of teaching mathematics or commerece. If you do well in M.Com and your NET/SET exams, you would be eligible to apply for lecturer and above.

    The other option is while you are doing your Hindi teaching and if you find a good job and you are doing well, then for long term you can even consider an MA in hindi and further a PhD.

    So,keep your options open, go for an English medium or instruction, improve your English language skills if needed, this would give you a better chance in the shorter period.

  • Hello,
    I will just answer to your questions as you asked and try to solve your problems in simple way.
    1) Yes, M.COM. in Hindi Medium does have value in comparison of English medium for getting teacher. Also B.Ed is possible from Hindi medium also. Basically you already expert in particular subject now B.Ed. will educate you way to teach.
    2) So far Maharashtra Government will be holding the first ever CET for the integrated BEd programme on June 21, 2018, and has finalized the curriculum for the same. They will likely start the course and make it compulsory from academic session 2019-2020. The test will be held for 4-year BA BEd/BSc BEd, and 3-year BEd/MEd. So you can expect 3 year of B.Ed. with admission through entrance test.
    3) Yes, regular is good.
    4) Yes, there good opportunities available for M.Com & B.Ed for male. But being commerce focus should be more on core commerce subjects than Hindi.
    5) Schools prefer Art students more because Hindi, regional languages are core of Art stream.
    In teaching there is no short cut unless you do D.Ed. and teach primary schools.

    Some tips to are
    1. This totally different and try to get job in banking and insurance companies. They prefer commerce students over Art stream students. Also there is less competition compare with teaching.
    2. B.Ed. can done with core Commerce subject that will boost your chances of job.
    3. Right now focus on clearing NET,SET and other Teaching eligibility exams before B.Ed.

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  • Career in teaching is good and respectful job. It is also toughest job for everyone who aspire to become teacher. You need to be active in the classroom if teacher is not present in the class then how students be active in the class.

    Two degrees at the same time valid but one course must be regular mode and other is distance mode. It is valid but it is not preferable because you have to focus on two different course and there different subjects. It is advisable to focus on then after completing that course go for B.ed.

    Yes, you can do B.ed in hindi medium and it is advisable to do B.ed course in a regular mode.

    If you don't wants to get into teaching then you can go with commerce. You can easily get a job in any bank or any company if you have some knowledge about commerce mainly accounting and taxation.

  • To make a carrer in teaching is good enough,none of the work is equivalant to this,A carrer in education is specially very challenging yet,Rewarding school teacher are tasked with prepairing their students with the knowledge that will see them through into adulthood.Adult education teacher may prepare college & university students for future carrers or teach a new skill such as language.The specific teacher are appoint for their specific subject and they must see their patience,calm & detail oriented,with his ability that he or she is well versed in communication or not in the class room.
    lately their are various ways to make a carrer in teaching job,You can take admission in B.Ed after the completion of your course you are eligible for teacher in any of the school.
    you can start home tuting if you have time.
    you can set up your coaching for competitive students if you are veteran in any of the subjects.
    At last but not the least as we all know that teaching can be one of the most rewarding & energizing carrers.Never lose sight of the kids who drew you to their carrers.when we forget the human aspect of teaching & get bogged down by the pressure of testing,standards & curriculum we are forgetting about the needs of our learner,Let your dedication to helping your students succeed drive your energy for the rest.If you do this you will have a fantastic & wildly exciting road a head of you.

  • As you have told that you are pursuing presently so it would be better that you complete your M.Com first then you should go for B.Ed as it will be not easy to do both the courses at the same time. If you want to score good marks then concentrate on one subject at a time.
    As you said you want to opt for Hindi medium then I would like to suggest you that you should try to take English medium as Hindi medium does not have much scope nowadays in comparison to English medium. As English medium is compulsory everywhere now. So would be better for you to opt Englush medium while doing B.ed.

  • If you want to teach Hindi, you need to have a degree in Hindi. Without a bachelor's degree or master's degree in Hindi, your admission in B.Ed too will be a constraint. As you said your favorite subject is Hindi, and you want to teach students up to class 10 in Hindi, I would suggest you to quit the M.Com since you have given only 1st year exam, and join Masters in Hindi. Once you complete it, you can pursue the B.Ed Course after that, as no university will allow you to pursue two degree courses at the same time.
    Till then, we hope to get a change made in the Government rule about B.Ed. But if you are doubtful, you can do a Teacher's Training Course and teach Hindi in lower classes. In my opinion, that way your chance of getting a job will be much more .

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