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    Can I sit for any Govt. job during B.Tech

    Planning to take up a government job? Wondering if you can attend exams of government job along with BTech studies? Check out this page where our ISC experts shall answer your questions.

    Can I sit for any Govt. exam, when I am doing full time B. Tech in Electrical Engineering in private/Govt. college? Before I completed 3 years full time diploma in Electrical Engineering.
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  • Yes, you can appear in any Government recruitment examination (Central Government, State Government or PSU), during your study. However, you must remember that you should appear only in those examinations for which you are eligible on the date of publication of the advertisement. Generally, for Government recruitment examinations, a qualification which will be acquired in the future is not taken into consideration.

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  • You can apply and sit for any Government Job during your B.Tech, if
    1. The job you apply for has Diploma in Electrical engineering as the basic eligibility criteria.

    2. Some jobs allow the final year exams going students to appear for Government selection jobs provided the candidate if selected would be able to furnish the degree certificate after the final round of the selection process.

    3.Please check the date of announcement and the provisional dates of the various rounds of interview. If you get selected, would be able to join the job, do you need to have a few months leave to complete your full time B.Tech etc.

    4. If you stand a good chance of securing the job and nearing completion, go for it. Please mention that your a B.Tech student completing when. so, that there is no conflict of interest or issues later on.

    5. Lastly have a back-up plan if your potential joining date for the job if successful and your B.Tech compeletion/exams clashes. Would an option of joining the job and a few months later take up the B.Tech exams etc.

  • Yes. you can sit for written tests and attend interviews for government jobs during the education.
    1. Bank Clerk Jobs are based on your Intermediate and degree is not required. So if there is an advertisement these government banks for clerical staff you can apply, attend written test and if selected you can go for the interview also.
    2. Similarly, Group IV services of State government are also on SSC qualification and you can attend for those posts. You can apply while studying for these posts.
    3. Many PSUs advertise for Chargeman, Technician and other technical posts for which diploma in the concerned engineering is the requirement. You can refer the Employment news weekly and respond to such posts so thst you may be called for the interview.
    4. Staff Selection commission advertisements will also be coming in newspapers. As and when you see such advertisements you can respond to those posts also.
    5. Many advertisements will be coming for various posts for diploma holders in electrical engineering. You can apply for those posts.
    6. You can refer this ISC job section in which you will get the details of various jobs advertised recently. You can see the eligibility criteria and apply for such posts.
    7. You are in B.Tech now. If you are in final year you can apply for B.Tech posts also mentioning that you are in the final year provided you will complete the course by the time the process of selection is completed.
    8. Finally, you can apply for any government post for the qualification SSC, Intermediate and diploma without any problem. But I suggest see that you will complete your B.Tech before you join in a job so that you will have a better qualification for promotions and career advancements.

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  • Yes you can sit for any Govt job examination while you are studying your engineering course. But here you have to aware about the eligibility criteria of the aforesaid job.
    You can sit for those exams which have eligibility criteria of class 10 and 10+2.
    You can go for any engineering job but you may have to wait for the final result. It will be verified during if you are finally selected for a job or not.
    If you want to sit for some group C or group D jobs you can still now apply for it. Because these jobs need only class 10 or 12 pass candidates.

  • While doing your B.Tech, you may sit for the competitive examinations as listed below-
    1) You may look out for the job of supervisory cadre in different establishments including the state - government, Public Undertaking or in the Railways on the basis of your Diploma in Engineering. You will have to see the criteria mentioned for the post.
    2) A little introspection is required to be done for your past academic - career, a high first class in all the semesters up to the seventh semester and a similar score in your final examination would make you eligible to appear for the Graduate - engineer trainee test in different Public - undertakings. However, you have to ensure that your final - result comes out prior to the demand of the establishments.
    3) On the basis of your B.Tech, you are eligible for Probationary Officers Examination of different Nationlised banks including the private ones provided you fit in their selection - criterias.
    4) You may attempt for IAS and the allied services on the basis of B.Tech examination. However, your result must be published prior to their due date of selection of the aspirants.
    5) You may opt for M.Tech from a noted institution and for that you need to clear GATE with impressive marks after clearing your BTech examination.
    6) You can opt for a job in ISRO - a defence establishment and you may get a suitable assignment after clearing the written and oral test of the said examination subject to clearance of your B.Tech Examination.
    There are other jobs as well such as teaching profession in the Engineering colleges by clearing NET test.

  • While doing B.Tech you can very well appear for various Govt posts which require the qualification as 10+2. The posts of clerk, Postman, office assistant etc are some of the such posts.

    During your final year in B.Tech you can appear for those exams for which B.Tech is the eligibility but your participation will be subject to your qualifying B.Tech in a manner as prescribed in eligibility criterion and you will have to produce that within a stipulated time.

    So these are the basic premises on which you have to plan your application for Govt jobs whenever they are advertised.

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  • SSC and UPSC, two important department in the country arrange distinct recruitment runs throughout the year for B.Tech degree holders. There are recruitment exams conducted by state government and B. tech final year students are eligible to apply for vacancies recruit by state government. So first check eligibilty of the post you are applying for. Only in few posts You are eligibile for the any post. For mostly govt. posts, Only final year or graduate student are eligible to apply for competitve exams.

  • Yes, you can sit for government job while pursuing B.Tech. As you said, you are already a deploma degree holder so you are eligible to sit in SSC examination having 10+2 level. There are two levels of examination graduate level that is SSC-CGL and second is 10+2 level, so you can prepare for 10+2 level SSC examinations.
    You may get job for the position of clerk, office assistant etc. There are various jobs in PSU's for deploma degree holder where you can apply for technician, helper etc.
    At last, I would like to ask few questions. Would you join the job if you get qualified in any of deploma or 10+2 level of examinations? Will you stop pursuing B.Tech if you get job? So better to think twice before going ahead to get job while doing B.Tech.
    I would suggest you to do well in B.Tech and during these academics you may sit in any of examinations just to build up the confidence level and to judge yourself.
    After B.Tech you will definitely have graduate level of jobs having with high packages and lifestyle.

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