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    Does anyone know remedies for Kanya Dosha ?

    Do you have a query about remedies for Kanya Dosha? Searching for details of genuine answers to overcome this issue? On this page our ISC experts shall resolve your queries.

    If anyone has came across this Kanya dosha and know any remedy can answer: Kindly don't relate it with Sarph dosha or Visha Kanya Dosha. Only if you have genuine answer do reply. I am just hoping if anyone can answer this due to some personal experience and not a duplicate note from internet.
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  • 1. Frankly speaking, I don't know anything about kanya dosha, sarpa dosha and vish kanya dosha.
    2. I have not yet got my kundli made. My parents also don't have a belief in Astrology.
    3. I would advise you to take the kundli of the concerned girl, meet a top-level Astrologer of your city, take his/her advice, purchase stone rings or some other remedial measures and everything will be alright in due course of time.
    4. But you have to find a good Astrologer who knows the subject very well.

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  • It is an astrological condition in the horoscope which one got by curse,only chanting Durga mantras is the best remedies to eradicate kanya dosha from horoscope

  • As per hindu mythology Kanya Dosha is a condition related to the curse of a woman either in the present birth or earlier one.

    The suggested remedy is chanting of Durga mantas and worshipping of Godddess Mahalaxmi.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Kanya - Dosha is related to a malefic effect manifested in the present birth. It is assumed that the man afflicted with this kanya - Dosha as a result of putting a kanya including his own - wife in a torturous condition and as a result cursing of that Kanya will continue even in the present birth.
    There are remedies of course for the prevention of this malefic effect by having a consultation with a sidha Pandit or Tantrik. Recitation of mantras of Maa Durga with pure devotion at least 108 times in a day followed by offerings to a kanya with a red saree, flower and to offer such a kanya with food of her liking for a year on a weekly basis will dilute such effect. Other remedies have to be followed as directed by the Pandit and if implemented correctly, the affected man gets rid of such a Dosha.

  • Please be attentive - Our entire life is a series of Action & Reaction. A good action will result in a good reaction (happiness) & a bad action will result in a bad reaction (pain, sorrow).

    Kanya Dosha is a curse inflicted by a woman during the past lives. To be more specific, the chief cause for Kanya Dosha is the curse of the wife during the past life in response to the cruelties done to her.

    Now if we look closely, we will see that one has to go through the consequence of the action done in the previous life (good or bad). One cannot avoid it by any means.

    What Mantra does is – it helps you divert your mind from the field of anxiety. Once the mind is diverted, it doesn't resist the consequences of the past actions, and the process speeds up.

    The best thing is to openly accept the consequences as repentance & help nature nullify it.

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