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    Do we need all employer consent while withdrawing Employees' Provident Fund?

    Have you got a query about various EPF under one UAN? Wondering whether it is possible to withdraw without employer consent? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    If you worked with six employers including schools teacher, lecturer and in insurance company carrying different EPF account under one UAN. Now when you need money and wanted to withdraw amount then how can you do it? Do we need all employer consent while withdrawing Employees' Provident Fund or just the last one?
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  • Since you can submit EPF claims online, employer consent is not required. There are few things to keep in mind while submitting the claims.

    1.Your Aadhaar Number and bank account details have to be seeded with the UAN to submit claims online.

    2. If you remain unemployed for 60 days after resigning from a company, then you can submit claims.

    3. If you withdraw the EPF amount before completing 5 years of continuous service, then this withdrawal amount is taxable.

    4. You can withdraw partially or take advance from the accumulated PF balance for purchasing land, construction of house, marriage of self/daughter/son, non-receipt of wages for 2 months, medical treatment of self/family members, etc.


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  • Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has changed the partial and final withdrawal policy. It has issued a new form for withdrawal (Form 19 UAN). Presently employees can withdraw EPF without the employer's signature, subject to some conditions. If you are meeting those conditions, you can withdraw EPF. There is absolutely no need of the signature of the employer.

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  • @Sankalan , your answer is totally not relevant to my question.
    @Partha , Thanks for response. Any idea what are those conditions? I have situation like that so need more information.

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  • Mr Avi, you can easily withdraw your EPF amount by visiting the official portal of EPF. You do not need any signature of the employer. The government has changed the rules and has made it easy to withdraw your PF amount. I am providing a complete procedure step by step:
    1. Visit the portal
    2. Log in with your UAN and password.
    3. You will find a menu online services.
    4. You will find an option claim (Form 31, 19 and 10c)
    5. A new form will be opened and fill the form 31 to withdraw the amount.
    6. You have to verify your bank account by entering last four digits. You have to also verify your adhaar by entering OTP.
    7. After that enter the amount you want to withdraw and purpose of withdrawal.
    8. At last, submit your form. You do not need to submit any documents.
    9. Your application will be processed within 15 days and the amount will be transferred into your bank account.

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  • With reference to your second question, the conditions for EPF withdrawal are as under:-
    You can withdraw your EPF amount if you have completed more than two months of service.
    1. You must have UAN Number.
    2. You can withdraw if you have not got any job till two months after the resignation.
    3. You can withdraw partly under certain reasons (treatment of dependent, education of dependent, marriage of near relatives, etc.).
    4. If you withdraw PF before 5 years of continuous service, the PF amount will be taxable.

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  • Earlier days to withdraw the PF amount you were to get the signature of the last employer and you have to submit the application through him. But now there are many changes in the rules and you can apply for your withdrawal online using UAN number. If you are not retired but you are not in service for two months you can withdraw up to 75% of your amount in your PF account. The withdrawn money is not taxable. But if you are retired and if you are not withdrawing the money for more than 2 months, the interest you are getting on your amount is taxable.

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  • In the past, it is hard to get PF but at present everything is digital and easy. You can get PF/EPF without employers consent or signature but there are some conditions.
    You must fulfill these coditions to get PF money in your bank account. Conditions are :
    1. KYC must done
    A. Missing details such as Name, D.O.B, father's name,,,etc which is filled by an employer.
    B. Bank details
    C. Verified Aadhaar details by the employer.
    2. You must have UAN(Universal account number).
    3. If employee resigned from the job then he's eligible for withdraw EPF only after 2 months. Example : If employee resigned and exit job on 1st day of july month then he's eligible to get PF only after two months of exit.
    So these are the conditions you must have to fulfill to eligible for EPF.

    If KYC does not approved by the company then visit Epfindia. com then you will find KYC update option. At the right side bottom there is an option of contact us. Click on that and simply call on help desk number provided there and you can complain about not approving KYC.

    * Steps to withdrawl PF :
    1. Visit the link :
    2. Now login with your UAN(Universal account number) and password
    3. Click on Online sevices and choose claim(form 31,19 and 10C). 10C form is for pension withdraw. Form 19 is for EPF withdraw.
    4. After filling the form you have to validate OTP on registered number.
    5. Now submit it and after some days you get your pf in your account.

    For more information visit the link below and read an article :

  • Attached form can be submitted duly filled in and signed by the member by enclosing
    a.Bank Account proof - first page of sb account passbook or bank statement or chequeleaf
    b.aadhaar card xerox copy
    c.Form 15G/form15H under IncomeTax Act
    The forms should be submitted in two copies one for EPF and another for EPS (six months service should be completed for this).


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  • After the UAN number availability and online unification of the process it is easy to withdraw the EPF amount without any interaction with the employer. If you want to do it manually then only you have to route it through your present employer.

    The rules and regulation for partial or complete withdrawal and service length have already been explained in details by other members and I do not want to repeat them.

    You have to take care that your Aadhaar number and mobile number have correctly mapped in the UAN portal so that there is no mismatch or confusion in getting the verification OTP in your mobile. In online transaction what matters most is the KYC and registered mobile number and if they are all right the process stream will flow without any problem.

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