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    Ear drum torn - mastectomy surgery for left ear done - now discharging

    Having a problem with ear drum? Looking out for advice from medical experts regarding ear drum cure with or without surgery? Check out this page and get medical opinion and advice regarding how to cure the ear drum.

    I approached GH for a certificate to recommend me Purchasing Digital Hearing Aids for both my ears in 2002. Doctor told me that I should undergo a surgery mastectomy operation for my left ear to arrest liquid discharge. If I do my hearing will improve and you cannot use hearing aids. Before surgery my left Ear hearing loss is only 60%. After surgery my left ear hearing loss is raised 100%. Till date some times liquid discharging (very small drops). Whenever I feel I am losing my concentrate in my works. The doctor also advised another surgery myoplasty for my nose for better hearing!. After surgery I could not understand speech. ( I just went GH for a Certificate but returned back with Total deafness! What a Miracle Doctor)

    Now I request you answer me that Instead of another operation, is it possible any advance Micro surgery to Clean the affect areas of Left ear inner side and to stitch Ear Drum. If so what is the cost of surgery? Can Latest Medical miracle any cure my left ear without surgery? (My age 52 - Diabetic - Taking Ayurvedha medicines.)
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  • Sometimes there may be abcess formation in the middle air or upto the boney region behind the ear.

    Doctors advise mastectomy operation for that to remove the extra cells and liquid formation their in.

    Unfortunately, this operation has inherent risks of damaging the hearing pattern also. As you have not taken second advice and consulted the other doctor, you have gone for that and have reached this situation.

    Anyway, if the ailment is still persisting you have to take advice of an expert ENT surgeon and ask him for the options. If there is an option of drying up these discharges by antibiotics, go for that.

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  • Please seek professional help for a premier ENT unit or Hospital.

    A. Having read your questions, the surgery that you underwent first is likely to be a


    (mastectomy is the word used when the breast is removed).
    The second surgery on the nose is likely to be a rhinoplasty.

    B.There are a wide number of causes for discharge from the ear after this procedure, and this can persist for even 3-5 years after surgery. Very few drops should be accepted practically.

    C.Given that you have diabetes mellitus, the basic concern would be whether there is any recurrent focus of infection occurring in your case.

    D.Given the two surgeries in the past with complete hearing loss, I would suggest that you have a specialist opinion with a good ENT surgeon at a higher or referral center.

    E.Often the good experienced doctors are there in both private and Government sector. It would be worthwhile trying to get a thorough check-up done at the Department of ENT surgery in a busy/reputed teaching medical college. I say this because these centers would get a number of complex cases or failed treatment cases and would be involved in specific focused treatment programs.

    Some suggestions would be to seek an appointment with the
    Head of the Department of ENT, Tirunelveli Medical College (
    JIPMER, Pondicherry is a well known unit,
    Coimbatore has good hospitals,

    F. The simple things to be done are to aviod water entry into the ears, ear picking and use of traditional oil into the ears etc.

  • Failure of your operation with respect to ear may be due to negligence of the surgeon or may be he could not locate the sensetive portion where concentration was to be paid by an experienced surgeon.
    Before you approach an experienced - surgeon having vast - knowledge, you may meet an Homoeopath and apprise him of your development. In Biochemic 12 salts are utilised for the remedy of host of elements and the specific salt in your case, will be prescribed by the Homoeopath. I know one of my friends having similar problem and with the prescription of Kali Mure 3 X along with some medicine prescribed by the Doctor, restored his hearing sense.
    Biochemic medicines repair the tissue of our internal - system and the specific medicine, frequency and duration of its usage can be decided by a competent Homoeopath.

  • I think the doctor we treated you is not a competent person. He unnecessarily made the issue very complicated. Now don't take any further risk and directly contact a famous ENT Surgeon and then take the second opinion also before going ahead.
    There are some procedures which are developed recently to close the holes without surgery. But this treatment also should be done under the supervision of a good doctor and an anaesthetic specialist.
    The ear is anaesthetized with 1% xylocaine, Some fat is removed from the back of the neck. After trimming the margins of the perforated eardrum under a microscope, the middle ear is filled with resorbable sponges to provide support for the fat during healing. The prepared fat graft is put in place through the eardrum perforation to completely close the hole. It is then covered with a natural constituent of the extracellular matrix. This will essentially accelerate healing. This procedure lasts an average of 20 minutes. Oral antibiotics are prescribed for seven days. The ear must be protected from water for two months. After that, you have to have a visit to the doctor for follow up and know the position.
    But I repeat you should act as per the suggestion of a very good doctor.

    always confident

  • I strongly advise the questioner not to ask such questions in this general forum. Instead, he should visit a reputed ENT specialist of his city, or better the ENT department of a reputed hospital in his city, and start medication as per the advice. If another surgery is suggested, he can go for the second opinion, and act accordingly. At this stage, the questioner must desist from any other alternative form of treatment/medicine.

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  • Thanks to All Experts who answered. 1. After the First surgery the concerned chief Doctor ENT Head went on leave for 15 days. No help from visiting doctors. 2. I am diabetic only from 2015. 3. As per experts advised I am keeping away my left ear from water, now the discharge is in controlled condition (further I am taking Ayurveda medicines for DM and ear discharge.) 4. Asper expert guidance, I will meet the GH ENT Doctor. Thanks all

  • The problem of perforated eardrum can be solved through surgery. As you said you cannot hear properly after surgery this may be because of doctor is not good in there job. We should choose the best doctor for treatment. You can go with Tympanoplasty surgery performed for the reconstruction of Eardrum and/or the small bones of the middle ear. Ayurvedic medicines and antibiotics really works and it helps to cure ear infection. Warm compress can relieve pain and stiffness, help in wound healing. You should meet any good ENT doctor. Visit the link below : There you can find out some best ENT doctor in India.
    You also need to be aware about following thing after surgery for next 2 weeks :
    *No swimming or water in ear
    *No air travel
    *No musical instruments
    *No powerful exercise
    *Don't play any of the sports
    *No lifting, jumping and bending

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