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    What is the easiest and fastest way to place a watermark on a photo?

    Does adding watermark on photos is troublesome for you? Know the easiest method to add watermark on your pictures from here.

    I have a very roundabout way of placing a watermark on photos which I take with my smartphone, download on my laptop and then upload for my blogs. I would like to know a quicker and easier way to do so.

    This is what I do-
    1. Copy-paste a photo on a PPT slide.
    2. Put a border to it as per my preference.
    3. Place the watermark of my blog's URL on the image.
    4. Save the slide in JPEG format.
    5. Open the photo again in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and check if the JPEG image is Ok and crop or resize it if required.
    6. Upload the image on my blog.

    Now, what I would like to know is if there is some way I can place the watermark directly on the photo itself once I have downloaded it from Google Photos to the folder on my laptop. Can this be done in a shorter & more speedy way than the steps above? I don't want to download any fancy software or work on it directly on my smartphone with some app. I wish to do the needful directly on my laptop only, perhaps via Microsoft Office Picture Manager or even, if possible, in Google Photos itself.
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  • A watermark is a logo or superimposed on an image to help stop an image from being copied or allow others to know where it was copied from and who owns the rights. You can easily put watermark on photo, for that you need photoshop installed in your laptop. You can create text watermark easily in photoshop. If you do not have photoshop in your pc then visit the below link to download photoshop :

    After complete installation simply load any image in which you want to put watermark. and follow the process :
    1. Create a new start by opening your picture in photoshop.
    2. Enter your text, with the new layer selected choose the text tool.
    3. Tweak the font. Select the text tool and highlight your copyright notice.
    4. Pisition your watermark.
    5. Finish touches.

    You can convert text into watermark simply by reducing the transparency.

  • The easiest way is often not a good practice to be followed if you want to safeguard your image from being misused or copied. There are many ways to do this, the two simplest versions are

    A. The mobile version.
    Please visit the play store in your mobile, download and install one of the many free watermark maker apps.

    Easy to use
    Saves a lot of time
    In a matter of few seconds, you can place a pre-formatted watermark of your choice on the image, save it and use it/send it.

    Pops ads that can annoy you.
    The very good ones allow you 20-30 free ones and then charge a monthly fee of Rs100-200. You can choose one of the many others are you delete the current one, if it does not allow you to use it.

    I have enclosed a image of the that I have used the mobile watermark app. On the right in the actual watermark that you can create yourself.
    It is simple and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
    Once you create the watermark please store it.
    Then after clicking an image on your smartphone, open the app, then select the image from your image chace/folder and then click the icon 'add watermark'
    Many apps allow you to control the size and the position.

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  • B.The Laptop version
    Here also you have many free software apps that can be downloaded. Some are easy, some are complex, give excellent quality but charge.
    I found the 'Photoscape' app to be very good in terms of a combination of quality and easy of use
    Once you are happy with the image, size etc, you click on the 'T' icon type @your name or @blogsite and then you can select wherever you want to place it. If you do not modify this 'T', the same will come up when you use the icon/function the next time (for the next image in your case).

    This allows you to edit your image, sharpen, crop, auto-adjust color, contrast, brightness, light etc.
    The good quality of the final image will enhance your blog appeal. This is good for images of houses, landscape, flora and fauna.
    You can re-size, make it a black and white image etc.

    You need to transfer the image
    Spend 3-5 minutes on the image for editing and adding the watermark
    Save and then re-use or upload.

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  • I have asked if there is any method to place the watermark without the need to download any additional software and also not via the smartphone with an app. The answers above mention these options only.

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  • The other way (without downloading any software) would be to use the basic Paint tool program that is there in most laptops and desktops
    You can open the image in the paint application. Then just click on the insert text option 'A', type @name and the save the picture and use it further. This to me would be one of the simplest way.
    Hope this helps you.

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