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    Is it possible to start a career in the technical line after MCA?

    Want to pursue M.Tech. from IIT after MCA? Learn from experts if this career path is possible and what are your other options.

    I have completed my graduation (BBA) and am pursuing MCA from IGNOU. How can I start my career? Can I apply for M.Tech. from IITs? If so, I need basic tricks to cracks the exams easily. Provide me with the best guidance accordingly.
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  • What is your future plan and which field is you are interested in?
    Answers to these two questions are important to answer your question.
    You are already completing a PG course. So why to go for another PG course.
    So I suggest you can start your career once you finish your MCA. You will get good jobs in the IT industry with MCA qualification. If you are interested in going for a lecturer post also MCA is enough. If you want to improve your qualification you can try for your PhD rather than M.Tech for teaching line.
    If you are interested to be an entrepreneur you can try for MBA from a good Business school or IIMs which will enhance the chances of getting a good job initially in a good MNC before you start your own business.
    Based on the above lines you can decide on the most suitable option for you.

    always confident

  • Before answering your question I would like to ask you a question, what is the reason behind for choosing such a career path?
    Firstly you have done your BBA which seems that you are interested in management line. But after that you are pursuing MCA from IGNOU. But why you are doing such a course in distance mode? If you do it in regular mode it will be better for you. Are you are doing any part time job? If not you can go for any part time job related to your field in your spare time. It will help you to gathering work experience which will definitely help in your career. As you are doing your MCA in distance mode, so it can be done easily by you.
    In the later part of your question you asked about studying MTech. My question is that why you want to study another PG course. MCA will be enough to get a good job. Study hard and reflect it on your academic result. Then you will be able to get a good job.
    So, try to focus on your present course. If you want to study M Tech you can do it in distance mode also after you get a job on completion of MCA.

  • You have just completed your MCA so you have lots of higher study scope. You can go with following courses and programmes after MCA. You can also go for a job in any IT comany or MNC(multinational company). You can also apply in any IT government job.
    M. Tech : You must be cleared the GATE exam. Some institute provide admission in M. Tech without GATE score.
    MBA : You must be cleared the CAT and MAT exam. Some institute conduct their own entrance exam.
    JRF : Only B. Tech, M. Tech, MCA and science graduate students are eligible for JRF.
    MS : Only M. Tech and MCA candidates are applicable.
    Phd : B. Tech, MCA candidate must have GATE score. M. Tech candidates apply here without GATE score.

  • Once you complete the MCA course of IGNOU, you will get a lot of oppurtunities in getting a job in an IT company including MNC provided you have thoroughly undergone through the cirriculam covered for MCA course.
    You need to command over over your oral language, an analytical minded to sort out the issues in relation to your job and a better grasping the different tools recommended for the post - graduation course. With these perquisties, you will land into a job of a MNC. So to have an idea to start M.Tech with IIT will air additional time which could have been otherwise put to in an IT job enhancing your experience in your chosen line.
    You have to choose your option to be initiated from your end. If you want to enter into a teaching profession , continue your Ph.D with a coveted Institute.
    In case, you are interested for MBA. Choose a better business school like IIM by clearing CAT and in that way, your job prospect will multiply in getting a MNC job.
    You may decide your future course of action depending upon your interest in the area you want to persue.

  • You have already got sufficient qualifications in hand but due to other reasons you are inclined to do M.Tech from IITs. You must be having some career path in your mind while going for this additional academic pursuit.

    If it is so then you have to prepare for admission in IIT which itself is a tough task seeing the present rush of candidates everywhere. Anyway with hard work and persistence it is achievable. Only thing is you have to do your homework thoroughly and precisely.

    There is no magic trick for getting qualified in a particular exam, what is required is a hard work coupled with strong will power to excel and get success.

    Before going for M.Tech you must analyse all the options available to you with your present qualifications. Computer applications and software devlopment are already a good career options for you and there is tremendous scope and potential in these areas. So before taking any action for enhancing your skills in a new area better to see what you already possess with you presently.

    Please remember - one in hand is better than two in the bush.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Having completed BBA, you are dong your MCA by distance mode.

    A. At this point a further M.Tech would be one more lateral shift in your education.
    I would suggest, start looking for a job at the earliest, even if it is a teaching job, part time job related to buisness administration or computers, it's fine. Just get going and this will be very useful in filling up the work experience column in you CV or future application.

    B.Once you complete your MCA, then you can move on to a better job in terms of designation and salary. This would be the way foward for you. After this, you can consider PhD in computer science from IGNOU which would help in your career progression.
    After your MCA, if you like teaching, then you would be eligible for the NET exams and this would enable you to be part of the faculty in government or private colleges.

    C.The other way to look at your situation is with your BBA and MCA, you have an option of moving on with a MBA in computer science or MBA in IT. Some international universities offer a Dual MS + MBA in computer science. This would mean more time and money spent before you can start earning.

    D.I think, what you should understand is just having one more masters will not land you that dream job. It would open some avenues to explore, but it would be your practical experience, skill set, commitment and the list of senior people whom you have as personal contacts/ well-wishers that would land you a good job. Developing contacts is crucial to any sector employment, more so in the IT sector, it does not happen overnight but you need to work, even if it means as an internship
    Internships after BBA (

    E.For instance, you search for internships for final year MCA students
    Please choose your internship carefully with a reputed or well known MNCs.

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