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    Is it possible to take up Intermediate admission in two different Boards?

    Want to seek Intermediate admission in two different Boards? Check from the expert responses below if this is possible to do so.

    I wish to know if I can take up Intermediate admission with 2 different Boards i.e. one from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and the other from a Regular College.

    NIOS is at one Sitting and the examination will be held in April 2019, whereas the Regular College Exam will be held in March 2019 but for 1st year Intermediate.

    I have completed my SSC in 2017 and due to health issues, I could not complete my 1st year Inter, hence would like to appear in One Sitting and if I pass out, will join Graduation in a Regular College or else will continue with my Regular Intermediate.

    Please guide.
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  • No, you can not take the admission for intermediate in two different boards. It is not possible. How can you take the admission in two different boards? What documents will you submit at the time of admission? You have to submit mark sheet, TC and migration at the time of admission. If you are going to take admission at open or distance mode you are also required to submit the above documents. So, it is not possible to take admission in two different boards.

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  • I don't know why people want to make life complicated on their own. If you want to register yourself with NIOS and pass X+II from NIOS, then why don't you go to your school/college where you are presently enrolled, submit an application for Transfer Certificate and Migration Certificate? After obtaining Migration Certificate, register yourself with NIOS, and appear in X+II Board from NIOS with any fear or hesitation. Always take the straight and clear path to avoid any future problem and confusion.

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  • No. you cannot persue studies in two different Boards at a time since you are aware of process of admission. You would be required to submit your original school leaving certificate, Migration - certificate and the photocopies of marks - sheet of your SSC examination and once you submit the originals like school leaving certificate and Migration - certificate, there is no room for you to produce the originals in the second time for the admission - procedure in some other Board. Even in the NIOS, there is no deviation in the normal - system being followed by the Boards and hence you need to change your mind - set in this regard.

  • You should not take admission for intermediate in two boards at a time. The best is to go to NIOS and get admission there and finish of the course in one sitting. It is not legal to join in the same course at a time on two boards. You will get into complications.

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  • You have been unable to complete 11th due to health reasons and you have passed your 10th in 2017. You want to think about dual boards for XII

    This is an unusual combination ( XII form NIOS and XII from regular course).
    Students often consider XII from the state board and CBSE.

    I think you have misunderstood the purpose of NIOS. As per the common notion among people, NIOS is an Government organisation that primarily encourages people who have dropped out of education for a long period, people who want to start getting the basic jobs that have 10th or 12th as eligibility criteria. NIOS is for people who are looking for or just completed a vocational course. NIOS is for people who have had a a few years of the academic break with age on their wrong side and they are in search of a job with some urgency.

    So, NIOS is not for you and having an additional certificate from NIOS will not add weightage to your 12th pass from a regular recognized collge. I suggest, you to focus on the regular intermediate, get re-admitted soon and then complete the 11th and 12th.

    Lastly, if you are really interested in NIOS, then the answer is yes, it does offer a dual enrollment for students who are in the regular school BUT please remember that NO CERTIFICATE will be issued EXCEPT the statement of grades. So, technically if you do take the NIOS in April 2019, it would not add much/ make sense if you then take your regular XII in 2020. The only use to me would be a scenario, wherein you do a part job evening job that needs any form of XII completed while you go on with your regular education. But it would be complicated.

    If you in a hurry and want to quickly complete your intermediate via the NIOS, then you can try ONLY NIOS, please bear in mind that it could be difficult to seek admission into the regular stream for graduation/job prospectus.

    Please visit the NIOS guidelines for dual enrollment and transfer of credits (

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  • To pursue your Intermediate education simultaneously from two different boards is not permissible. The purpose of thinking for such an unusual and extreme measure is not understood.

    However, to improve upon the score some people reappear for their class 12 exam next year and if there is a significant improvement in the scores then the new scores are allowed to be retained by the student as their final educational career. But in such pursuits one complete year is lost.

    You can consider that option if the idea of improving the score is in your mind.

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  • It is not advisable to opt two universities or two studies at same time. But if you have enough proofs to take admission or try out one Sitting then you should try. In Open university mostly no classes done unless required so you will have to clear exam. So like you can not do two full time jobs same time similarly you can not do two studies academically at same time.

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