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    How to correctly calculate Double Transport Allowance for handicapped employees?

    A bit confused about the TA and DA calculated for Double Transport Allowance for handicapped employees? Confirm your calculated TA & DA with expert help at this page.

    Today I have been granted Double Transport Allowance for hearing impaired (mine 100%), wef 19.2.2014. I was drawn Rs.800 + DA for Transport Allowance during Feb. 2014. For Handicapped employees, TA was minimum of Rs.1000 per month with DA. I want to clarify that if a govt servant's claimed TA (6th Pay Com.) is 1600 (A-1 City) + DA, then Handicapped employees will get Rs.1600 x 2 + DA. Is this calculation correct?

    If yes, then for other Cities, my area Tuticorin city of TN, TA is 800 + DA for normal. For Handicapped it was minimum of Rs.1000. So TA (1000 x 2) + DA or (1000 + DA). Which one is correct? (For 7th Pay commission this amount revised for handicapped Min. Rs.2250 + DA. Is this to be read as Rs.2250 x2 + DA?
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  • The minimum amount is Rs. 2250/-. That if TA for a single person is 1000/-. Then Double payment will be 1000 X 2 + 2000 rupees. But as the minimum amount is Rs.2250/-, you will be entitled to get Rs.2250/- + DA as admissable. But it is not Rs, 2250 X 2 = Rs. 4500/-. So the minimum for the double the DA is Rs.2250/- but not for a single person.

    always confident

  • As per the extant orders on the subject as per 7th CPC, handicapped employees are eligible for conveyance allowance prior to 6th CPC will draw transport Allowance at double the rates as applicable to normal employees and subject to a minimum of Rs.2250/- plus DA thereon.

    You have not mentioned your class of city and the Level under which your present job falls but as per the mention of drawl of TPT allowance Rs.800 per month, it is construed that you role falls between Level 3 & Level 8 where you are entitled for TA at 1800/ p.m + DA thereon. If so, you would be drawing 3600/- + DA. If you fall below the line, then the TA would be 900+ DA, as such you should get the TA @2250 p.m + DA and not 4500 + DA.


  • Sir I went a dept training and returned back today. And I asked the experts (AG office) about Double TA. They told me as per following:
    6th Pay Commission: Transport Allowance
    If a Govt Servant whose Grade Pay below Rs.4200 and pay in Pay band below Rs.7440 /-
    then Transport Allowance admissible per month is Rs.600 + DA for Classified Cities (Annexure - I) and Rs.400 + DA for All Cities/Towns/Other than those included in Annexure - I)

    For Physically handicapped, if the GS whose Grade Pay < 4200 and pay in pay band below Rs.7440. His Transport Allowance is : 400 x 2 = 800 + DA (other cities). It is not correct. As per rules Minimum of Transport Allowance is fiexed for PH that is Rs.1000 + DA (instead of 800 + DA). (Suppose the GS in working in Annexure I cities then his TA will be Rs.600 x 2 = 1200 + DA (and not Rs.1000 + DA ).

    7th Pay Commission: Transport Allowance
    If a Govt Servant whose Pay is Level 1 (GP 1800) and Level 2 (GP 1900) (and working in TPTA Cities - it should be 1350 + DA (for Double TA 2650 + DA). The same for Other cities it should be 900 + DA (for Double TA 2250 + DA and not 1800 + DA because minimum TA should be Rs.2250).
    If a Govt Servant whose BasicPay (24200 and above) in Level 1 and Level2 , and working in TPTA Cities - it should be 3600 + DA (for Double TA 7200 + DA). The same for Other cities it should be 1800 + DA (for Double TA 3600 + DA and not 2250 + DA).

    (TPTA Cities
    Ahmedabad(UA), Bengaluru(UA), Chennai(UA), Coimbatore(UA), Delhi(UA), Ghaziabad(UA), Greater Mumbai(UA), Hyderabad(UA), Indore(UA), Jaipur(UA), Kanpur(UA), Kochi(UA), Kolkata(UA), Kozhikode(UA), Lucknow(UA), Nagpur(UA), Patna(UA), Pune(UA), Surat(UA))

    Thank you all for kind guidance.

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