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    Should higher education qualification be revealed for DRDO STA B post?

    Applying for a DRDO post which does not require higher academic qualification but you do have one? Find out if you should include it in your application and whether or not you would be eligible for the post.

    I have completed my 3-year diploma in Computer Science and Engg. in 2013 and B.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. in 2017.

    As per DRDO notification STA B post, the essential qualification requirement was 3-year diploma in CSE only And they have another notification stating that "Please note that the candidates possessing higher qualification viz. M.Sc. or B.Tech or B.E. degree etc. as on closing date, shall NOT be considered for the recruitment to the posts of Senior Technical Assistant 'B' or Technician 'A

    Can you please tell me, I am eligible or not? Will having higher qualification lead to rejection then should I show my higher qualification or not?
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  • Hiding a qualification you possessed and going for a lower post is never acceptable in any government Organisation. It will lead to other problems afterwards and you may be losing your job also. There may be other actions also. As such one should not apply for a lower post without showing the attained qualification.
    DRDO has particularly mentioned in its advertisements that they will not consider higher qualified for these posts. You are not eligible. Even you apply by showing your B.Tech they will not consider and applying without showing the qualification is illegal.

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  • This is the first time I am coming across such stipulation that candidates having higher qualifications are not eligible for posts where minimum eligibility is less. But if there is such a condition, you should not conceal facts. Because, if it comes to the notice of the authority at a later stage, your appointment is liable to be cancelled. Even after joining service, dismissal/removal from service is legally possible.

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  • In order to safeguard the job opportunities for diploma and certificate holders some departments may be having these provisions avoiding the highly qualified people because of the fact that they will be leaving the organisation as soon as they get good job elsewhere.

    In such a situation you forget about this job and concentrate for other jobs in other organisations where no such conditions are stipulated.

    In most of the places no such conditions are mentioned against applying for jobs.

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  • The DRDO has announced advert for recruitment of senior technical assistant B jobs.

    Can you please tell me, I am eligible or not?
    Having read the full advert information, this job is for only BSc and or diploma holders. It is clearly stated that B.Tech or B.E qualification holders need not apply. If you have a degree in hand on the crucial date of eligibility (29th August 2018), then you need not apply.

    Will having higher qualification lead to rejection then should I show my higher qualification or not?

    Yes, this would lead to rejection of your application. In any Government related posts, particularly defence and sensitive organization will frown upon any misinformation by means of hiding to state the truth. So, please do not suppress this information in such jobs and any other job application because it would reflect badly on your individual self and at times can have a potential of being debarred or invite legal action ( please see the section 5.3 of the pdf file in page 4).

    Given the huge number of graduates and post-graduates applying for basic jobs in India, looks the DRDO has set this guideline. If you want to just apply, go ahead BUT declare all your qualifications.


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  • It would be better on your part not to apply for the DRDO post since they have clearly indicated the eligibility - criterias.
    There exists one possibility for the aspirants - by not making any inclusion of the higher qualifications obtained in their academic career. However, one should restrict to such restriction since in the event of Police - verification, the hidden fact may get exposed and you may be subjected to disciplinary- action.
    The other possibility would be to mention all such qualifications which one may posses but then candidature may be rejected owing to higher qualifications.

  • In Organisations like DRDO, ISRO, NRSA the advertisements would clearly specify the requisite educational qualifications to various posts and candidates having higher qualification are not allowed to apply. In the present case of recruitment of STA in DRDO, only Diploma holders are permitted while Engineering graduates are disqualified. The main reason is that the required qualification for the entry-level post for Group A service or the Scientist B grade is a graduate Engineer or a Postgraduate in Science. There would be a periodical assessment for career progression and special increments for acquiring higher qualification are also given. There would be a facility to go on study leave to obtain Mastrer's degree in premier institutions like IIT by drawing pay and allowances as per the rules.

    If you are qualified more than the requirement and you hide the same at the time of the interview, there is every possibility of getting revealed at a later date which would cost your career.


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