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    Can we add lemongrass in our routine tea?

    Have a query about using lemon grass in making tea? Looking out for information about whether we can add other ingredients to tea? Find advice from experts here.

    Lemongrass tea is prepared by boiling the lemongrass in water for 5 - 6 minutes and then cooling it and adding sugar to it. This is supposed to be good for health also.

    In our usual tea which we prepare in our home, we generally add all or some of the ingredients like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper etc to make it flavoured and tasty.

    My question is can we likewise add a little quantity of lemongrass also in the tea? Is it common? If anyone has used it in that way then please answer and share your knowledge.
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  • Yes. Some people add lemongrass to normal tea. It tastes good. You can make the tea as below.
    Take 2 lemongrass stalks, a pinch of ground cinnamon, Honey, Boiling water, tea powder bag, Lime juice are the required items.
    Take the lemongrass stalks and remove the root ends. If there are any dried leaves, remove them also. Gently bruise the base of the stalk with a rolling pin. Tie the lemongrass in a knot and place in a cup with cinnamon and honey. Honey is optional. You may or may not take as per your taste and requirement. Some people may use sugar also in place of honey. Some will not use either of them. Then pour the boiling water into the cup. Then dip the tea bag into the above liquid. The dipping duration will be based on the individual. It is advisable to remove the tea bag once the liquid in the cup turns golden brown. Add lime juice to taste and drink. Lemongrass can also be used as a stirrer while you are drinking the tea. If you want you can add milk also in the boiling water as per the requirement of the individual.

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  • Many connoisseurs of tea don't like adding any spice or strong aromatic substances with tea because they feel that the taste and the smell of tea change after such addition of other substances. But many people use lemongrass with tea to get a different taste and smell. This is not at all harmful for health and does not make the tea inferior by any manner.

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  • Yes lemon grass can be added along with usual tea made up of Cardamom, Ginger, Cinamom etc and can be taken once or twice in a day. In order to reap maximum health benefits of the lemon grass this has to boiled for five minutes along with the spices mentioned above and having filtered the same, you may add honey if you so desire. Health benifits of such a concoction are as follows -
    1) It regulates the blood - pressure.
    2) It strengthens the digestive - system.
    3) It can enhance metabolism thus removing the constipation if any.
    4) It can purify the blood with the removal of toxins from the body - system.

  • Yes, you can add lemongrass to chai(tea). It is beneficial for our health. You can make the lemongrass tea as below. Boil a few fresh chives of lemongrass, two or three cloves, a small piece of cinnamon stick, one teaspoon of turmeric powder in one cup of milk. Strain and drink it when it cools down. Drink this once a day for a few days.

    Lemongrass is a good source of vitamins A and C, folic, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc and potassium. The tea is good for blood pressure patients because it helps regulate blood pressure. Drink this tea can heal cold and flu because it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps your body cope with fever and coughs. Cancer patients can drink this tea. It helps lower the risk of cancer by fighting free radicals. It kills bacteria and make our digestion system away from bacteria. It helps purify the kidneys and liver. Lemongrass helps remove bad cholesterol, toxins and uric acid from the body.

  • Fresh good quality tender lemongrass can be bought, trimed and used for a couple of days, it can even be kept in the freezer for a few months.

    Finely chop the lemongrass stem, then boil it in water ( 200ml of water can be flavoured with 1/2 a small cup of the cut stems) for around 5 minutes, then leave it simmering for another 5 minutes so that the flavours are extracted.

    Then use can drink this as your cup of healthy tea. You can also add a little bit of ginger or fresh lime or even a green tea bag. SOme people like milky/white tea, for this you can add a little bit of milk. But the flavours as taste is better without milk.

    We buy lemongrass oil/extract, whenever we or friends go to Ooty/Kodiakanal or Croog. We just add 2 drops to a glass of hot green tea and it tastes good. Too much of the lemon grass oil or the stem gives a pungent aftertaste. If you are using the extract please buy a good quality one.

    You can even cut the lemon grass stems, dry it well and store it. This has a weaker flavour but can be kept in the home kitchen for around for a few months.

  • When we prepare tea in our households it is a general practice to add a little of different spices etc to it to give it a unique flavour and that is commonly known as masala tea.

    Even in big hotels and at the time of even international conferences this masala tea is getting popular as it rejuvenates the tired minds.

    Lemon grass in limited quality can be added to this to enhance the flavour. Generally the other ingradients which are added in masala tea are black pepper, ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon etc. Please note that all of these including lemon grass are to be put in little quantities and the quantities can again be adjusted as per individual taste. For example some people do not like the taste of black pepper in tea so they can skip this item while preparing the masala tea.

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  • Lemon grass tea is often useful for detoxing your body. Also it can be a good option to take it when you have lose motion or have some other stomach issues. However don't take it daily as means to reduce the weight. That would not be a good idea for the body. Though many companies are recommending the detox tea as a way to reduce the weight. But that may not be good option for the body.

    You can either buy the lemon grass from the market in it's natural form. And there are also the processed form of the lemon grass that you can make use of and that would be good for the starters.

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