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    Inability to access gmail account only from a laptop

    Are you having trouble to enter your Gmail account from your laptop but not from other devices? Get a quick solution to this problem with expert tips.

    Whenever I tried to enter my Gmail account from my laptop, instead of asking for a password, it asked for my email address and I entered the same. But it said, there is no such google account. Thus I could not enter my Gmail account from my laptop.

    But I enter my Gmail account from both my PC and mobile. But why it behaved so strangely from my laptop? As my PC is out of order at present, I have to enter my account from my laptop. How can I solve the problem?
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  • Open Gmail. Click the gearwheel icon in the top right-hand corner. Select Mail Settings. Choose the Accounts and Import tab and under Check Mail using POP3. Click Add POP3 email account. Follow the prompts and type in the email address and password of the account you want Gmail to check
    By following the above you may be successful in seeing your Gmail account on your laptop also,

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  • You can also try a very common method which people use often.

    Go to the control panel and select add/ remove programs. Now remove the gmail program and clean the hard disk once using system tools etc.

    After this again install the gmail program and configure it interactively. It is more and less automatic process.

    I hope your problem will be resolved with this.

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  • Ms Mitra,
    If you are able to log in through your mobile but not through your laptop it means there is a spelling mistake in the google id. Please check the spelling of google account.
    Please also check keyboard in the setting. If there is more than one user in the laptop this is a common problem. I have faced this problem. Use admin user to log in. Sometimes # is typed when we press 2 with the shift key. please check. I am 100% sure that there is a problem of the typing error. Hence correct it.

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  • Try logging in from a different browser. It may help. Or, remove cookies & history of your browser. It may help.

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  • Gmail account not accesible on the laptop.

    1.You can clear all your browsing history and then try once.

    2. If your google/google chrome is outdated then you could have some issues. You can uninstall the existing one and download the newer version of google chrome.

    3.Sometimes, if your internet security anti-virus program is set for 'Do Not Allow cookies' then you can experience this problem, turn on the cookies or accept cookies and then try to login.

    4.If the above does not help, then try the Google account recovery service
    a. please use this link ( Select forgot email option.

    b. you will see a line to enter your mobile number, enter and press next

    c.Now you will be taken to a page to enter your first and last name would be asked a series of questions related to your password and personal details.

    5.Please you your regular device and IP address that you have used before.
    Re-check your passwords and your security questions
    Try and remember which email address you had given for the recovery email option. You can use this to sign in and then recovery your account.

    6. Try using the google can't sign in guide page. Ensure that your internet is working, then ( use this troubleshooting link and follow the stepwise guide.

    7.If all fails and you are unable to access your mail from either of your devices, then you can create a replacement account

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  • It would be really helpful if you give snapshot of page where you are asked to enter your email id.
    There could be following reasons.
    1. You are really entering wrong email id and because of it is asking it to re-enter correct gmail id.
    2. There might be browser issue which is looping back to sign-in page.

    1. What Operating system you are attempting to login? Rather what browser it is? clean your browser history , cache and try again.
    2. Make sure you are really connected to internet by browsing other websites.
    3. Attempt gmail login from different browsers of laptop
    4. Gmail or google is very secured so before attempting multiple times from laptop make sure you have recovery phone number added to restore account.

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