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    Details about getting a job

    Interested in taking up a job? Confused whether Hadoop course will enable you to get a good job? On this Ask Expert page our ISC experts shall provide you guidance to get a job in the IT field.

    I am a student of 4th year Computer Science. I have recently joined a course for Hadoop from Noida . So I want to know as a fresher: will I get the job in this field or not? Have I made a right choice by selecting Hadoop course or not?
    I am very scared about my future.
    Please guide me. I want a good job in future
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  • As far as the demand of your stream ie Computer - science is concerned, it is very much in demand but a few things are to be kept in mind. The points are given below-
    1) You should have the thorough concept of your course - stream and in case of ambiguity at any stage, the same is to be sorted out with your professor or an expert in the field.
    2) You should know how the different tools used in your cirriculam can be of immense interest if practiced sincerely.
    3) Being a student of 4 th year, concentrate sincerely on your present assignment so that the final result of yours is impressive.
    4) It should be your sincere attempt to develop your communication- skill so as to impress the interview - board in the upcoming interviews. Otherwise also a good communication- skill is vital for the faster growth in your career.
    5) Desist from negative emotions since such emotions would prove to be a stumbling block in your advancement.
    With respect to your joining in the Hadwoop - course, you may join it and enjoy the training - session. You would learn many useful tools there and ultimately conversant with such language will definitely be helpful in getting an IT job of your satisfaction.

  • Things keep changing in IT industry. One should understand the new wave and ride it when its there. This course would take down all the initial struggle that one might need to do to learn a complex technology and will be able to learn easily through video and by interacting with the trainer. This is one of the best course to brighten carrier opportunities. So the decision you have taken is good and it will help you in getting a good job.
    You are already in the final year. So concentrate on the subject also so that you will get a good score. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • As you have joined an institute to take a course on Hadoop, I would say you taken the first step for entering into the Big data field of Information Technology. There are more steps you have to take for getting a job related to the course.
    1) Try to complete a recognized certification for Hadoop after the completion of course
    2) Create some small projects on your own and have a working model. Describe the project in your resume. If it is related to solving a small real work problem, then that would be great. You can post your project on GitHub as well.
    3) Participate in online forums such as StackOverflow to clear doubts of people who face genuine issues in Hadoop area in their work. Doing this way will gain you more knowledge on the subject. You also get recognized in StackOverflow website which is a good indication for your expertise level.
    4) Create a LinkedIn profile and connect with people who are working in Hadoop area. Post your projects, short written articles or you answer from StackOverflow in LinkedIn. This would give high visibility of skills to others.
    5) And finally, do not stop with Hadoop. By the end of the course, you would probably come to know other related or similar technologies. Start learning and get more hands on about the related subjects as well.


  • Computer Science is a very big area and it has many branches where good opportunities are there.

    Please do not choose a line randomly. You must find out your aptitude, interest and core strength.

    There are many lines like database, networking, security, system management and software development which culminate in bigger branches when you go deeply inside them.

    So my sincere advice is that you complete the course in hand and depending upon your interest choose a line. It is true that some lines may be more prospective than others but it is also true that it is a dynamic situation and opportunities change from one branch to other.

    Whatever line you choose, what matters most is how much effort you can put in your path of ambition and progress.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Being a technical field, computer science students always need to keep themselves updated. You have made the correct choice of pursuing the course "Hadoop".
    But apart from qualification, there are many other things which are considered while selecting any candidate for a job.
    The communication skills, your presentation skills, practical knowledge and teamwork attitude matters a lot. To have theoretical knowledge is one thing and to apply the same knowledge practically is another aspect.
    Another point is, It and software-based companies hire candidates through on-campus recruitment every year and if your institute has such a tie-up, you may get a job easily. But in most of the cases, these jobs are under some bond and you have to work dedicatedly to become permanent there.
    If this option is not available for you, you can apply off-campus for jobs. You may not get a job in big companies initially but you should start working as soon as possible. You can join small firms at first to avoid any gap between studies and profession because such a gap in the technical stream is not preferable. So it is better to gain experience in small firms and keep trying in other companies.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • 1. Hadoop is currently a good course for people who pursue employment in the database, data storage sections of MNCs, banking, logistics etc. This course gives you an upper hand over other B.Tech freshers because, you will be an expert in handling huge data as project managers, analytical/software/testing professional. It is a good choice in your education career as a computer science graduate.

    2.We all know that degrees and certificates alone do not get the dream job. You need good grasp of the subjects, a reputable score/projects.
    Many job adverts allow final year exam going B tech students to apply for jobs, you can start this soon.

    3. Once you complete, prepare a good CV and then register on job portals (linkedin,internshala,naurki etc). Try your best for campus interviews because it saves a lot of time, even if it means to take a second or third choice companies to work with.

    4.If you don't get a quick break, look into doing an internship in a reputable company like Infosys, Wipro, TCS or their outsourcing agencies. The top companies do have global internship programs that gives your a better edge on the worldwide platform as a fresher.

    5. Try to work on live projects with start-up or self-made entrepreneurs, here you get a chance to interact with people who have good insights in the field and you will develop useful contacts.

    6. Persevere with your quest for the job etc, consider the GATE exams and or PG studies by regular or distance mode. For instance, if you get a decent job as a fresher with your B.Tech, you can enroll for a MTech via IGNOU or future online certification course that will enable you to progress up.

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