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    Can we use star anise in our dishes?

    Wondering how to use star anise in food delicacies? Looking out for various recipes online? Check out this page and get various recipes here on this ask Expert page.

    Sometimes while eating out I observed that in some dishes especially biryani or pulao, there is star anise present which gives a flavour of its own.

    As we do not use this particular spice in our regular food I wanted to know about this more. Somewhere I found that it is not good for health. Is it true?

    Can someone tell me the details about this spice? Is there any other use of this item?
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  • This is good for health. The details are as follows.
    Star anise comes from Illicium verum, a type of evergreen tree. The fruit is picked before ripening and then dried in the sun to allow it to harden. It will be distinct star-shaped, reddish-orange colour with a strong aroma.
    The taste of this item is described as sweet and liquorice-like. The oil of the fruit is also added to mouthwash, perfume, toothpaste and cosmetics.
    Star anise contains many medicinal compounds that contribute to its long list of health benefits.
    6 Benefits of Star Anise are
    Kills off bacteria
    Rich in antioxidants
    Wards off fungal infections
    May boost heart health
    Natural flu fighter
    Can help regulate blood sugar

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  • Star anise is a common spice mainly used for giving strong flavour to the biryani and curries. It is also put in masala tea.

    It is mostly used in Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines.

    The main use of star anise is in synthesizing the anti-influenza drug as - tamiflu.

    There are two varieties of this spice - Japanese star anise and Swamp star aise (Southern USA) which are toxic in nature and should be avoided.

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  • Star anise good for our health and for our skin. Star anise is a seed pod from an evergreen tree. All of the Anise seeds are herb and there tree leafs are used to make medicine. Anise is used for upset stomach, intestinal gas, runny nose and as an expectorant to increase productive cough as a duiretic to increase urine flow and as an appetite catalyst.

    You can use star anise in your dishes as well as well as you can make a tea of star anise which is very beneficial for our health. Anise is well known as healthful and medication. Its ability to decrease swelling and settle digestive tract is still used today, mainly in pediatrics. In high doese it is used as an Antiseptic and for the treament of Asthama, cough and respiratory. illness.

    Star Anise is today grown almost exlusively in Indo china, shoutheren china and Japan. Star anise, illicum Verum is sometimes called Chinese Star Anise.

  • Star Anise has innumerable antioxidant properties - to name a few, it supports our digestive - system, has antibacterial and antifungal properties and its continous use may regulate blood - sugar level. Those suffering from cough, cold and Asthama would be benifited with its use.
    We in India use Anise - seed on various occasions such as stomach - discomfort, feeling nauseous and for the removal of gas from the intenstine. This being a harmless herb may safely be administered to babies by boiling Anise - seed and such water may be administered for improving digestion.
    Star anise is the extension - form of our indiginious anise having similar properties and is used in Biryani to offer strong aroma and flavour.

  • You do not use Star Anise and are concerned that it could be harmful?

    Star anise is a good source of Shikmic acid (Shikmate) that is used to make anti-viral drug for Flu (Oseltamivir - Tamiflu). Hence Star Anise is used by many for common colds and flu.(

    There are reports of infants having irritability, seizures after being fed Star Anise tea. This is related to the TOXIC JAPANESE star anise ( (Illicium anisatum)).The Japanese variety has 'sikimitoxin' that is harmful to humans

    The Chinese star anisee ((Illicium verum) is safe and good as long as we can ensure that the product is genuine.

    Normally, people cannot chew the Star Anisee because of the pungent and overpowering flavour. It is just added to dishes and curries during the preparation and allow some simmering and resting time so that the flavours and aroma can be released, the whole star anise as such will be picked out like bay leaves and kept aside while eating.

    The US Food and Drug Administration has raised concerns and the contamination or adulteration with the Japanese variety and recommended consumers to aviod star anise tea (

    So, use it as along as the product is of good quality. If in doubt, remove it while you eat dishes or avoid it during preparation.

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  • Star Anise is a popularly used ingredient for various recipes mainly because of its strong aroma . It is mainly used in mughlai recipes. Although it is mainly used in cooking but it has lots of medicinal properties too.
    You can use it in preparation of other dishes and also it can be used for making tea. Regular consumption of this tea will be beneficial for you too.
    This spice came from a ever green which itself has lots of medicinal properties too. This is basically picked up when it is green and then dried up in sun.
    This awesome spice has anti oxidant properties in it. Thus it is good for your health too. It is also rich in antiseptic and anti bacterial properties too.
    Two types of Star Anise is available in market. One is Japanese and the other is Chinese.

  • Star anise is "Star" shaped spice and it is quite a popular spice which can be easily found in the houses of India used in different dishes and especially in the "Biryani" as it provides a special aroma and flavour to the Biryani.

    It is also used in making Masala Tea as it adds a nice flavour and aroma to the tea.

    So you can use Star Anise spice in your recipes according to your preference and taste.

  • Star anise is a star in shape and it is Commonly known as spice. It is used in Biryani for good fragrance and it also used in meat for fragrance it is very famous spices which is used In many dishes for fragrance. And it is also used in masala tea.

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