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    Remedy for feel headache, seizure and uncomfortable in any situation.

    Are you suffering from repetitive headaches, seizure or feeling uncomfortable? Looking out for medical advice? Find remedies and suggestions to resolve this uncomfortable condition from our ISC experts.

    I am a student of Dibrugarh university from Assam. I just completed my Masters degree. I have some problem related to my mental situation. I am not sure about that it's my psychological problem. But I often feel uncomfortable in any situation. Most of the times I have a headache in my head which pressurise me, feeling nervous, seizure, and most of the time a fear is always there on my mind.
    Last year I took help of a doctor. He asked me to do some test, but the result was normal. There have some less in haemoglobin level. So I don't know what to do.
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  • Normally the head ache is caused due to tension or much worry. If we find the same are cause, we can seek remedial measure as meditation.
    Another easy method to stop head ache is closing the right side nose and breath through the left side nose for five minutes.
    Applying the paste made of the tablet 'neerkkovai' (which is available in all country medicine shops or ayurveda medicine shops)on the forehead is good. the paste can be simply made by smashing the tablet pouring some water by keeping in the palm is enough.
    A bunch of leaves of 'nochchi' can be kept in a cloth bag and the same bag is to be used as pillow while sleeping. Here nochchi is the leaf called in english as 'five leaved chaste tree',Mewri or Nirgundi in Hindi, Bile nekki in kannada, Indrani in Malayalam,sindhuvara,nalla vavili in Telugu.

  • Headache is a symptom and it indicates that there could be a problem in the physiological or mental system of the body. Sometimes stress conditions can also lead to headache.

    Doctors can diagnose the real cause by getting some tests done and by other clinical methods.

    In many cases, there may not be any perceptible reason for this.

    There are some lifestyle related methods which sometimes help in such cases.

    The first and foremost is getting a sound sleep for at least 8 hours. This is essential for overall calmness and tranquility of routine life. Another thing is to avoid stressful conditions and situations as far as possible. Keeping oneself under control and eating discipline and time schedule is another aspect which is also very important for having a good lifestyle.

    Exercise is also one important factor as it helps in keeping the body in good shape and small ailments do not affect the healthy body.

    Those who are sentimental and think a lot for every event or action in their life should try to be with friends and other company as far as possible so that the mind does not wander here and there when they are alone.

    In essence, a disciplined life with time alotted for every activity will tone the mind and thinking process in a constructive path. The real success is achieved when we do not find any vacant time having a feeling of what to do.

    So I strongly believe that with these adaptations you can to a good degree get rid of your present situation.

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  • Headache is caused by due to stress and tensions so one should start doing yoga it is very beneficial to every human being .By doing yoga regularly you will get rid of stresses and tensions. Apart from yoga you should also start doing some laughter therapy it will help you to get out of the tension and you will feel relieved.

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  • A headache is not a disease. It is a symptom of a disease, like the fever.

    Headache can also happen due to severe mental strain. The exact reason for headache can be told by a physician after conducting a test.

    So, I would advise you to visit a physician if the headache continues for more than one day. He will be able to determine the exact reason behind the problem after conducting some clinical tests. Thereafter he will prescribe medication. You must follow the medication prescribed by the qualified physician.

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  • Excess strain on your part is the root cause of your headache and this requires the complete text relaxation of nerves. There are a few tips related to Ayurveda which may offer you substantial relief -
    1) You may consume Brahmi tablets regularly in night at least for 40 days. This has the calming effect on the mind bringing a sound - sleep and this would relax your nerves.
    2) In Ayurveada, Nirgundi - oil is available and a few droplets of this oil is to inhaled for the immediate relief of headache. This should be done when the situation demands.
    3) In night, you may apply almond - oil on your forehead and this should messaged gently for atleast five minutes.
    4) Soak a few Almonds for overnight and the Almond so soaked should be consumed regularly in empty stomach for at least forty days. This will tone up your metabolism, strengthen your nerves, alleviates your headache and strengthen your eye - sight.
    5) There is an excellent home remedy for the alleviation of anemia. Take 10 pieces of Raisins, soak it in 50 ml of water for overnight and in the next morning, consume this after mashing it properly. It's consumption for at least forty days would remove constipation and it would also increase Homoglonobile because of presence of high iron - content in it. You may also take up two pieces of Walnuts regularly.
    If your position does not improve within a month, you may drop in to chamber of a Physician for redressal of your problem.

  • If this condition is due to mental disturbance or similar reasons then I will suggest you to go for practice of Yoga.

    Yoga is not only an exercise regime but it is a philosophy of a good lifestyle. Inhaling and exhaling with long breaths regulates the flow of enough oxygen in the body and rejuvenates the mind.

    Yoga, in addition, inculcates a discipline in our life which diverts us from the vicious circle of negative thinking to the bright side of life.

    It is worth trying and many people have already benefitted by this ancient miracle.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I would have given some suggestions for your 'problems', but the word 'seizure' is the one preventing me from doing that.

    If what you say is correct- that is,if you experience seizure, then there is no room for any self medication. You have to meet a very good,qualified and experienced doctor immediately. Are you sure you had/are experiencing seizures (fits) or just feel giddy and uncomfortable?

    So let the doctor examine and investigate and come to conclusion. Sometimes the issue may be just simple and may vanish by using some simple medicines,external applications or Ayurvedic medicines or external application oils/liniments. It may be caused by sinusitis etc.
    It can also signal ,some other problems which may need more serious medical care and maintenance. That is why you should consult a good qualified and experienced doctor immediately.

    Once the doctor rules out any serious problem after all needed examination.tests and investigation, your othe issues may be solved in a jiffy .

    However, in the meantime ensure that you are taking normal quantity nutritious food, good sleep and avoid worrying. That itself may bring some relief.

  • You please take some time, sit calmly and think about why you are uncomfortable. Are you under any pressure? Are you feeling the tension? If you are getting stress and if you are feeling the tension, I suggest you go and consult a psychologist. You should go to a good psychologist. You have to explain to him the whole problem you are facing. A headache may also be due to your psychological problem. So it is better to take his advise.
    Don't get disturbed for small issues and try to concentrate on the studies. Take rest at least for 8 hours in a day. You should do some exercise daily and try meditation for some time a day.

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  • A headache may arise for many reasons but as you indicated you feel uncomfortable in every situation I am sure this headache arises due to tension and stress. There are many home remedies for a headache. I will suggest to you the following things:
    1. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, close your eyes and tries to take the long breath. It will reduce the stress level.
    2. If possible try to do yoga daily, it will also help you to lower down your stress.
    3. Pranayam is also a very good option to remove a headache. Due to pranayama circulation of blood increases which reduce a headache.
    4. You can use a balm to reduce it.
    5. If you have a sinus problem and headache you can try the date fruits with milk, it will really help you.
    6. To increase haemoglobin you should use iron-rich food in your meals.
    7. Boiled milk in an iron container is also a good option to increase haemoglobin.
    8. Dry fruits also reduce the stress level and tension.

    So, follow the above steps these will really help you.

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  • Remedy for feel headache, seizure and uncomfortable in any situation.

    1.Having read your post carefully, I would first say that two negative things you have mentioned 'my psychological problem' and 'fear' have to be taken off your mind and thoughts.

    2.Nobody is perfect, not even the psychologists, the counsellors and the Gurus. It is just that people have different ways of handling their fears and insecurities. Please spend time looking into your life, what has happened so far, what are the basic reasons for you to feel insecure, is it finance, is it the career, some people feel insecure about the way they look, friendships and love.

    3.You need to get out of this negative thinking, nothing is more important than you and your family. Take care of this and the rest will fall in place in time. Don't compare yourself with people who are very successful, have lots of money, friends, fancy car, home etc. Think about the people who are in more difficult situations and thank God that you are taken care of.

    4. You have mentioned seizure and headache. This sometimes can happen in people who have 'fits'or epilepsy. This is of various types if the doctor who has seen you has checked this then fine, if not please see a good physician or neurologist. Even if you have seizures, nothing great, even babies have it and all they need is appropriate tablets.

    5. Low hemoglobin level, depending on the level, you would need some tests, dietary changes or some injections of Iron. In India, many women have low hemoglobin and they carry on with their lives. If the tests reveal that it is a nutritional type, then you need good quality vegetables, greens(spinach), fresh fruits (amla, lemon, goose berries, organes), good quality nuts (almonds,walnuts). If you are okay to have eggs, fish, lean meat, chicken or goat liver, then have them regularly. Basically, you would need a diet rich in iron and important vitamins (folic acid, B6,B12). If you cannot have access to good sources, then you can ask your doctor for a HEMATINIC supplement syrup or capsules (for example dexorange is a old brand that some doctors use).

    6.Glad to see that you have a masters degrees, this shows that you do have the talent and qualities within you to succeed, you just have not realised it fully. Be bold, be positive and look for a job and focus on the good things that you have in life.

    7. Go out, interact with people in the neighbourhood, locality, workplace, relatives, make friends, laugh a little more and once you start interacting and having conversations, exchange of ideas, it will raise your morale and confidence levels. you will be surprised to know that there are many people with problems and you will get a first-hand account of how people handle them.

    8. Fix up a disciplined daily routine for physical exercises, yoga, stretching exercises, breathing exercises. The very important part of the physical exercise is that our body releases endorphins and neurotransmitters called as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. These are important natural mood elevators, you would not need tablets for this.

    9. Give all this a try, if it still does not work out, then seek professional help.

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