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    How to transfer text and photos from one smartphone to another?

    Have you got a query about transferring data to a new phone? Want detailed guidance to transfer text and photos and usage of shareit to do so? check out this page and get answers from our ISC experts.

    My aunt has bought a Redmi Note 5 recently and transferred the SIM with her contacts to this new phone. On her earlier phone, which is Oppo Joy 3, she had saved some poems written by a friend.
    What would be the best way to transfer those poems, as also photos, from the Oppo phone to the Redmi one?
    The store salesman suggested that she do so via the SHAREit app, saying it is free and can be downloaded from the Google play store.

    Please provide guidance with detailed steps so that I can explain to her. Her queries -
    1. The SHAREit app would be required to be installed on both phones in order to transfer the data from one phone to another? How to use it once installed?

    2. Other than installing and using the app, is there any other quick method to transfer all the data (whether text or images) from one phone to another?
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  • Mobile transfer tool will enable you not only transfer messages but also copy pictures, songs, videos, contacts, call logs and apps from one Android phone to another Android Phone.
    The procedure will be as follows.
    1. You have to install the tool" Mobile Transfer" on your PC. Then, it can be launched and can be brought to the primary window. Then select "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click "Start".
    2. Then you have to connect both the Android phones with the computer with 2 USB cables at the same time. Then the system will identify both the phones will automatically as "Source" and "Destination". You can start changing the places of the two phones by clicking "Flip" button.
    3. All the content can be transferred. If you want to transfer only some topics, you should remove the marks before the items which you don't want to transfer and then click "Start Copy" button. When the transfer is completed, click "Completed" button.
    This way you can transfer. This tool allows transferring data among Android, iOS and Symbian, which supports more than 800 devices including HTC, iPhone5, Samsung and Nokia.

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  • Normally all smart phones linked with some email. It is better to send the required documents,pictures,etc., through an attachment. The recipient can download the same through his mail over his mobile. I used to transfer like this if there is no computer in the middle. If the computer is available, through usb we can transfer easily.

  • There are many ways in which the files can be transferred from one mobile to another.

    Shareit is one of the popular app where both the mobiles should have this app and then with little interactive steps one can transfer files from one mobile to other.

    Bluetooth is another application which is generally available in mobiles. Once you put on the bluetooth in both the mobiles they will scan and 'see' each other and then it is very easy in a few steps to transfer files.

    Another simple method is to purchase a OTG cable which is a simple cable and fits in mobile at one end and to its other end a pen drive can be attached. Now one can easily copy files from the mobile to this pen drive. After this one has to disconnect it from this mobile and connect to other mobile and copy files from pen drive to the other mobile. This is the most easy and convenient way.

    One can transfer files using the popular emails or WhatsApp etc also.

    There are many other apps also, including 'Mobile Transfer', which can be used for this purpose.

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  • Using Shareit is no big deal. The issue is how the text is stored. Is it in apps like Memo? Wordpad? Notes? In that case you won't be able to send the text. If the Oppo phone is still having Whatsapp ask her to send the text and photos to you which you can forward her. If she has a memory card ask her to transfer her necessary data from Oppo to the card and insert that in her new phone.
    Give her a tip: Ask her to always store her data in removable SD card. This wouldn't slow her phone and transfer of data is easier.

    Shareit is better than Whatsapp because it lets almost any amount of data to transfer using Hotspot of your phone. But don't worry. The transfer won't take your internet. It doesn't require internet to transfer through Shareit and the transfer is almost superfast compared to other modes of transfer. So if she wants to get her job done immediately, SD card "transplant" should be done. If she has limited data and endless internet Whatsapp would suffice. If she has neither SD card nor endless time, then make her download Shareit.

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  • If texts are in a non-copyable state, screenshot them. Then you can forward those images through Whatsapp or other media. But then these screenshots are forever a reference material. That is why you have to always write in a note-keeping app. There are many such apps on stores. Just type "Notes". They come with share feature which is quite useful in circumstances like these.

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  • Madam, the simple step by step procedure to use shareit is as follows:
    1. Download the shareit app in both the mobile phones.
    2. Open the app in the mobile phone from where you want to transfer files and photos to another phone.
    3. When you will open the app, you will find a menu as send. Click this menu.
    4. In the next screen, you will find files, videos, apps, photos and music. Please select any one which is relevant.
    5. After that, you have to select the files or photos which you want to transfer to another mobile pone. You can select many files or photos at a time.
    6. After that, the phone will search the nearby mobile phone. Please pair it with another pone by selecting receive menu in another phone.
    7. Once pairing is completed, your files and photos will be transferred in another phone.
    You can also transfer music, app, videos by using this method. You can also use xender to transfer files or photos instead of share it.
    You can also use wifi, Bluetooth to share photos, videos and files.

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  • Android phones can make use of plenty of file sharing applications out there.

    1. ShareIt
    2. Air Drop
    3. Mi drop (for Mi phones)

    My prefered option is either Mi drop or the Shareit.

    1. Download Shareit from google play center.
    2. Install the app.
    3. Give your device a name and start the hotspot from the app.
    4. Ask the friend to repeat the step uptp 3 .
    5. Select the friend from available for share option and then share files with him by following the steps.

    As you can see those are the applications easy to make use of for transferring your files. Alternatives email and whatsapp is a good option.

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