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    Will lack of B.Tech. semester-wise mark sheets cause problems in job applications?

    Worried about not having B.Tech. semester-wise mark sheets? Know from experts if this would cause issues with a job application and what you should do right away.

    I am applying for a government job. I have all the other original mark sheets other than the semester wise mark sheets of my B.Tech. program. Will this create any issues when applying for the Government job? What should I do?
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  • For government jobs, they are very much required. You can get those mark lists from the University. What is the problem in getting them? It is not a big issue. In fact, you can take as many times as you require. You have to pay the challan for the required amount and give your application in the University office. They will give you in two days if there are no other complications. I suggest you better get them and keep you.
    I completed my M.Sc in 1978. All semester wise mark lists originals are available with me even today also. It is always the best thing to keep all the originals properly filed with us for our lifetime. So don't ignore. Apply now and get the mark lists as early as possible.

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  • Yes, It will be an issue, if you get a job and are unable to produce it.

    It is important to have the semester wise/ consolidated marks sheets for Government Jobs and even private jobs.
    Most jobs have the basic cut off of 'AN AGGREGATE of 55% or 60%' in the BSc, B.E or B.Tech etc advertised.

    The semster wise markssheet also plays an important role when the average marks scored is questioned or rounded to a whole number (avioding decimal)

    Right now, if you have to, you can apply for the government jobs/ competitive exams and prepare for the written tests etc. THese will be needed at the time of document verification wherein your ID proofs, education etc will be scrutinized in detail before allocating the job.

    Please apply and in the mean while you can get the duplicate copies of the semseter wise marksheets.
    Please visit the university website under whose auspices your engineering college falls under. There would be guidance to applying for duplicate marksheet. A form would have to be filled and a pre-agreed fee would have to be paid.

    You can also draft a letter to the Registrar of the university explaining the service you need and enclose copies of your degree certificate, the university roll numbers and or hall ticket for the exams etc.

    If you have any issues, you can approach the university office or the college from which you graduated by phone, mail or in person OR post a reply with your university and college details, one of us can help you out.

  • As per the existing norm of recruitment in the Jobs of the central - government or otherwise, it is essential to produce all the marks - sheets - semester wise.
    The organisations have certain criterias including the passing each semester with a minimum mark as decided by the recruitment - committee and in most of the cases it is fixed a cut - off point of 65 percent.
    It would not take much time provided you apply for the same right now. You will be required to write an application to the office of vice - chancellor indicating the requirement of marks - sheet of each semester along with a demand - draft of the prescribed amount for this purpose. The same will be delivered to you at an address as mentioned by you in your application.
    Don't hesitate to apply for any post for which you are fit. By the time, the stage of verification of the documentation approaches, you would be able to show the same.

  • As far as the Government job is concerned, the final degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet will be required at the time of verification of certificates. If the final degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet are not available, only then semester-wise mark sheet will be sought.

    The following documents are generally required at the time of verification:-
    (a) Class Xth mark sheet and certificate (for verification of date of birth)
    (b) The Graduation certificate and consolidated mark sheet (in your case, B.Tech)
    (c) Caste certificate (if you are selected under reserved category)
    (d) AADHAR Card (although it is not compulsory)
    (e) Admit Card of the recruitment examination which you have qualified

    But even then, for your own convenience and record, get the semester-wise mark sheet from the college where you studies B.Tech.

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  • If you have a consolidated marksheet where semester wise break up is shown clearly and the total aggregate and percentage is also shown clearly then this document can be shown at the time of verification of the documents. There is absolutely no problem on that account.

    The problem comes when there is some ambiguity and confusion in the consolidated marksheet and the verifying authorities ask for semester wise marksheet.

    To avoid all these embarassment it is better to apply to your university for the duplicate copy of semester wise marksheet. For this, one has to deposit the requisite fee as per the university procedure and apply for the duplicate mark sheets of the relevant semesters.

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  • Most of the Govt Jobs make use of the aggregate percentage. And some of the other type of the jobs require you to input the semester wise percentage. However govt is perfectly aware of some universities offering GPA and yearly percentage or grade system. So they often adjust the job applications accordingly. So you may have to inquire on which type of the jobs does not have any strict criteria on that.

    In case of the campus placement in IT companies they too do the same. And often end up taking basis of the person who scored more on that criteria. Off campus they only care about the performance of the student or person in the system. And on that basis, they hire for the jobs.

    So technically it should not cause any problem but often the job applications are need to process through basis. So you may notice that change.

  • There is no option if you do not have the original mark sheet of your degree. You can ask for the transcript of the mark sheet from the university where you have obtained your degree. Getting duplicate certificate is a tedious task but you can always ask for the transcript in which all your semester subjects, marks, and percentage are mentioned. This will serve the purpose.

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