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    Can we offer normal grass to Lord Ganesha?

    Have a query about the grass offered to Lord Ganesha? Want to know if durva or doob grass is different from normal grass? Here, on this page you can check out the suggestions provided by experts for all your queries.

    Can we offer normal grass (grass found in parks, etc.) while worshipping Lord Ganesha during Ganesha Chaturthi days?
    Is durva grass or doob different from this grass?
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  • You can't use ordinary grass for Ganesh pooja. The grass you have to use is called durva grass or doob is different from normal grass. People can identify this grass by seeing it. Only Dyrva grass is to be used for Ganesh pooja. Durva grass is also available everywhere.

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  • It is only flowers that are used for poojas and worship. In leaves Tulis is used and Vilva is used to worship Lord Shiva. Only Lord Ganesh is worshipped using Durva Grass. Durva grass -- an no other grass.
    Durva grass is known as Arugam pul in Tamil, Karuka in Malayalam.

    Durva Grass is used to worship Ganesha as there are few legends behind that. One of them is that Lord Ganesh was cured of certain health issue(body heat or burning sensation ). Then Lord Ganesha said that whoever worshipped him with Durva Grass will be blessed by him.

    Durva grass also has medicinal values and the juice is used as curative in many health situations.

  • The grass used to offer to Lord Ganesha or to that matter to any other God is known as durva or doob grass.

    This grass is just like the grass found in lawns and parks but has subtle difference from other of its clan. It has three branches or hands affixed at one end. In fact the durva grass having broken hands or base is not considered for offering to God. These are generally 1 - 2 inch in length.

    In some puja ceremonies people pluck these durva grass and select good pieces from it to offer to the God.

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  • Thanks for your responses. My doubt is clear now.


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    The Durva grass has long been used in Hindu rituals, especially by those who worship lord Ganesha. Durva means which is cut or eaten by animals. In Sanskrit, the Rig Veda and the atharvana Veda mention the Durva grass. In the bhavishya Purana, Durva is stated to have appeared from lord Vishnu's hands and thighs as he bolstered.

    It is for this reason that lord Ganesha is worshipped with 21 blades of the grass on Ganesha Chaturti each year.

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  • Normal or regular grass in the parks are not offered to Lord Ganesha.

    The Durva grass is considered auspicisous and used while praying to Lord Ganehsa. It is also known as doob, the ones with 3-5 leaflets are the desirable ones. The side leaflets refer to Shiva and Shakti and the middle one is said to attract the prinicple of Ganesha. So, offering this is said to have more positive benefits. The durva grass has the ability absorb the three primal deity priniciples which the normal grass does not have.

    This grass is long, has a single stem above the ground level with 3-5 nodes of spourting tender leaves. It is thin and creeps close to the ground and can grow in areas with very less water.

    If you cannot buy or get Durva grass, you can offer the Arali flower (Nerium Oleander) (the reddish pink flower) or the Errukakam flower (Calotropis gigantea) or the red hibiscus flower.

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