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    How does one become a successful freelance writer?

    Interested in becoming a freelance writer? Looking out for detailed information about how to start, work, and payment? Find advice from experts for all your queries on this Ask Expert page.

    I would like to know the opportunities available to a freelance writer.
    How does one start and grow?
    How is the payment and work like?
    I would like details about where and how to begin and whom to approach for a break?
    Please share your experience if you are a freelance writer yourself.
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  • Anyone can be a freelance writer. You don't need any experience or degree.
    1. One can get many sites when you research the internet for the sites offering this profession.
    2. You should acquire some Organisation skills. It is better if you practice the habit of noting down the tasks to be performed list and also get writing skills by practising the same on various topics whenever you get some time.
    3. You can create your own blog and start writing there on different topics and inculcate the habit of reading the posts of other people on various blogs so that it will give you an idea about writing in a blog and how it is different from ordinary writing.
    4. Get confidence in yourself and don't have the fear that I can't do it. You can do it and practice makes people perfect. Initially, you may not get much encouragement but don't get dejected but go on trying. You will be successful.
    5. It is not a job. It is a business. So you should track everything on your own. So learn task management skills. Make a roadmap and go on following the same. You are your own boss here.
    6. Download Grammarly app on your system so that there will not be any spelling or grammar mistakes in your write-ups.
    7. Start writing and reading as much as you can. Try to spend some good amount of time on reading and making a summary of what you have read in your own words.
    8. Write a few pieces and either upload them as a Google Doc or publish them on Medium. Initially, when somebody wants to give you some freelance writing job they may prefer seeing your posts. These drafts may be useful for that. But make sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes and try to be as precise and as brief as possible.
    9. and are two good sites to start your work. They daily publish jobs and they are of good quality also,
    10. Sign up for Twitter and LinkedIn and start connecting or following other writers and businesses you want to write for. Don't use them for social networking but for business networking.
    11. Start posting some of your write-ups there.
    12. As a new freelance writer continue to learn. Whether it's writing tips, business tips or pitching tips, hone your skills by learning from those who have done it before.
    13. Initially, it may take some time to take off. But never give up. Go on writing and publishing.
    14. Finally, remember that daily spending some time on ISC will help you in learning about the required skills and you can earn some money by posting here also.
    Get started and go on. All the best to you,

    always confident

  • Becoming a writer is not a big deal but becoming a successful writer demands a lot of hard work, command on the English language, knowledge and creative writing skills.

    How to start it? That is the question which many aspiring writers ask. The answer is not straight forward.

    There are many blogging sites which offer free registration and space for keeping your articles, reports, poems, travelogue, ideas etc. When people surf the net they may encounter your blog site and if found interesting they will come back again and again. But if it is a mediocre material then there may not be good traffic to it and then from the commercial point of view it will considered to be a futile effort.

    There are sites where you need not to make your blog but there are already some sections where you can discuss an issue in forum section and answer questions asked by people.

    ISC is one of such sites. It is a very ideal place for the beginners as you can in your simple English participate in discussions and slowly improve your write ups. Once you get hold of good English you can start writing articles on subject of your interest and submit them for publishing. Please remember that the site editors or administrators will not be approving an article if it is below the level. So initially be prepared for rejections also. Success comes with efforts only. We have to check for our deficiencies and try to correct them and rewrite the article and submit.

    So it requires patience and persistence in this line.

    These sites earn revenue from advertisements and other premium service products. Every site has its own revenue distribution method. Some sites do not distribute any revenue.

    So if you establish yourself as a good writer then you can start monetizing your work. In some sites you will be directly alloted money while in some sites it will be through third party advertisement revenues. For example one can link his blog to Google Adsense and then whenever someone has visited your blog you are entitled to share a small part of the revenue generated by the site from the associated advertisement.

    Now everything depends upon the quality of the work which has been uploaded in net and how many people are viewing it. Traffic is the essence of all revenue generation programs in the internet.

    Knowledge is power.

  • For becoming a freelance writer one should have good control in English language. That is primary pre-requisite for becoming a writer.

    What I will suggest you is that you can start by writing comments below the articles in newspaper sites or other general sites. This will make you slowly expert in context related comment writing.

    This was the first step. Now comes the main action that is writing your own articles on which other people are supposed to comment.

    This is the difficult part. You have to work hard for this and I believe that with concentration and dedication one can achieve this objective.

    As rightly said - Practice makes a man perfect. So these things definitely require practice. Perfection does not come so easily. There are writers who wrote for years together but their writings published only after a long struggle.

    We should not be discouraged by these arguments and keep our pace study practicing writing and writing.

    That is the only way to progress ahead.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Freelance market is growing every year. And people who don't want to keep the employees on full time basis are making use of the freelancers. And in case of the freelance writers here are some of the requirement.

    1. Impeccable English. No grammatical errors.
    2. Niche command. e.g you can write good articles on specific topic.
    3. Portfolio if you wish to bid on higher rates gig.

    You usually start with the low rate like say 1 to 10$ per 1000 words and above. You can go for higher rates depending on the amount of experience you have. Some of the time you have to also adjust with the earning by bidding on low cost projects. This is during the dry days.

    If you take indian projects then payment would be through IMPS, NEFT or even the UPI. And in case of the international projects, you can get paid through the paypal and the payoneer. You may have to also try some other like transferwise etc.

    It'd be harder to say where to begin. But start with a blog. Make sure to have a niche and write atleast 10 articles error free on the blog. You can use that blog posts as samples when someone wants to check out your writing. From here onwards you can start bidding on the projects on freelancer, upwork etc. And start taking clients. Avoid rush jobs and the jobs that ask you to write like 20 articles for say 20$. Those jobs exhaust you and get you helpless in mindset and also finance side.

    Hope this helps you get a headstart with the freelance writing.

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    Everybody can become a freelancer it is not mandatory to have a degree.even who don't have degree can become a freelancer. Only skill and enough communication knowledge should be applicable to become a successful freelancer writer.
    1)Be a good writer :

    Be sure that you are comfortable with writting,that is medium in which you can express yourself with ease and clarity and that is something you don't mind doing almost every single day of your life without respite.

    2)Be comfortable :

    Unless you want to be the hermit novelist living on poverty you will need to reach out other people as a freelance writer.

    3)Realize that turning a creative passion into a job can dampen your enthusiasm :

    No matter how much you love writing,there will be occasional writing jobs that you will hate doing in this situation you will need to learn the art of just doing it

    4)Balance the joys of working alone with soaking up the vibes from being around the people :

    Working from home or for yourself can be very lonely at times no matter how much you love you writing and you can feel as if you are working in a vacuum.

    5)Be prepared for a lot of self discipline and good money management :

    If you are planning on making a career from writing freelance, you will need to have a good sense of responsibility toward your clients or employers and yourself.

    6)Set a goal and keep working in the meantime :

    If you plan to write magazine, online, and newspaper articles, don't quit your day job until you are making enough money to sustain your lifestyle.

    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

  • Many Members have given many useful suggestions. I am also giving some of the tips.

    (a) To become a successful blogger, a person must have good English writing skill, and I know that you do possess good writing skills in English. Your command is excellent.
    (b) You have to find some good sites which can make you popular. You have to search the internet extensively for this purpose. Only after becoming known in the blogging circle, you should start your blogging site.
    (c) Develop a good network through LinkedIn, Quora and Facebook. This will help you. Read other bloggers and observe their style of writing.
    (d) Chose your strength areas for blogging. As for example, some bloggers write only about vehicles, some write about cell phones, some on computers or travel. You have to choose your area(s) and stick to that particular area.
    (e) You have to extensive research on a particular topic before writing a blog. This is very much necessary. Half-hearted writing or poorly researched articles won't help you in the long run.
    (f) As many Members have said, patience is the key to success. You have to be patient. To develop goodwill in the world of internet, it may take even 4-5 years. You must learn to struggle to establish yourself.

    Best of luck!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Writers have to LEARN their craft. Then, Find a niche or field where you can establish yourself as an authority. The best way to lure new clients is to show them examples of your previous work.

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