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    Why does Nepal have a triangular flag?

    Ever wondered why Nepal has got a triangular flag? Want to the real reasons for this different shape? On this page, you can scroll through the responses from experts and understand about the reasons for this shape of the flag.

    As far as I know, almost all the national flags of all countries are rectangular in shape. Only the national flags of Switzerland and the Vatican are square in shape.

    However, the national flag of Nepal is triangular. It is the only country with the triangular flag.

    I would like to know whether there is any reason behind such a triangular shape of the national flag. Or was this shape chosen randomly by the authorities in Nepal?
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  • The flag's shape is believed to symbolize a Nepalese pagoda as observed by the local Nepalese.
    If a mirror is placed at the hoist side an image of a pagoda will get generated in the mirror.
    It gives an indication that as long as the sun and moon exist, there will be the existence of Nepal and its Nepalese people. This is the belief of this country's citizens.
    The official government interpretation is that the two triangles represent Hinduism and Buddhism.

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  • Nepal remained isolated for a long time and its flag did not change with time. It is a unique flag and symbolizes the uniqueness of that country.

    It is actually a reminiscent of hindu kingdom as many ancient hindu kingdoms had triangular flags.

    People of Nepal love their flag and hoist it and show it at many occasions. It is used during religious ceremonies and festivals also.

    The red colour in the flag is Nepal's national colour and the blue border depicts peace and harmony. The triangles represent the Himalayan Mountains. The planetary bodies signify that the country Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon.

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  • Nepal is the only country without a rectangle or a quadrilateral flag. The flag of Nepal has two pennons or pennant ( this is the correct term used to describe a long trinagular flag).

    If one looks at the history of the South Asian countries and our own region (Udaipur, Chitral,Dir, the Mughal and Sikh empires), a triangular flag and unusual shapes were common because each King or kingdom or princely state had their own flags until the British, Portuguese etc descended. Once the British empire established slowly the flags of the states were phased out and the rectangular shape was adopted.

    But Nepal has since ancient times had a flag that resembles two triangle placed one on another. The oldest flag is said to likely be designed by a King of the Rana dynasty many centuries ago. It is often attributed that the King of Nepal - Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1774 AD changed the then existing flag with moon coming above the sun. The moon stood for the Moon dynasty kings and the sun stood for the Sun dynasty kings. It also had faces similar to humans to represent the sun and moon gods. This was changed in 1962, wherein the faces were removed.

    The red colour is that of the offical flower of Nepal, the rhododendron. The moon implies the royal home and the sun implies the Rana dynasty. The blue border stands for peace and harmony.

    If someone wants to draw the Nepal flag exactly, then refer to Page 235-237 of this pdf about the Nepal constitution ( which gives detailed instructions for the same.

  • Nepal has a distinction of remaining as an isolated country for a long time so it's traditions, rituals and other good remained intact and did not get modified with time.

    The flag of Nepal is also one such example which represented the traditional Nepal heritage and symbolized it's borders and integrity. It has definitely the ancient hindu impression in its design and is preserved since a long time.

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