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    Cancelling an already obtained US student VISA if the student now decides not to go to US.

    How to deal with the Visa when not utilised to go abroad? Will it gets cancelled automatically? get the doubt clarified from our experts from this ISC page.

    A student gets admission in some US college and also gets a US VISA but due to some reason he does not go there and remains in India.

    In such cases does the VISA automatically gets cancelled after some time or is it the student's duty to inform the embassy or VISA agent for getting it cancelled?
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  • When a student gets admission in a US university then on that basis he gets student VISA endorsement in his passport from the US embassy or their authorised agent.

    Due to some reason if he does not go to US and remains in India then he has to inform the university about his change in plan. Normally while entering US the student has to file some forms and information in the immigration counter which then completes the entering formalities and VISA remains valid and active for its approved duration.

    If the student does not enter US then after some stipulated time the students VISA gets cancelled automatically and any entry against it will be denied in US.

    Now a days these things are online and automated so there is no confusion or ambiguity.

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  • Once you get a seat in any educational institute in the USA and you obtained your VISA, it gives eligibility to enter the USA. But when to reach USA airport there you have to complete some declaration forms in which the details of your entry into the country and the details of the material you are carrying with you. This is the record that you have entered in the USA. In the airport in your passport, they will put a stamp also which indicates that you have entered in the USA. If you have not entered the USA within that time, the VISA will automatically get cancelled on the due date. You need not do anything special.
    But if you have already allocated a seat in Institution, it is your duty to inform the institute that you are not coming for joining and you have to give the reasons for not joining, Otherwise, whatever tuition fee you have paid will not be returned back.

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  • Student visa F1 gets cancelled due to two reasons. One occurs when the student remains in the United States without attending school for certain extended periods. The other results when a student takes time away from school and spends several months abroad. So you see visa should get cancelled once your presence in college is not recorded. Basically you will have to inform University and ask them if you have to do anything for visa? Other way you don't have worry. Anyways it is you who spend money on VISA so does not matter if you use it or not.

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  • It is better to inform the US consultate or office from which the visa was issued.

    For International students pursuing studies in USA, the visa granted in F1. This is for any studies that involves more than 18 hours in a week.
    The validity of a F1 visa is based on the 'DURATION OF STATUS' which is until the course completes. Once the course is over, the student has to leave within 60 days.

    For issue of F1 visa, the US school/college/university issues a Form I-20, this is a student and exchange visitor information system (SEVIS) document that falls under the US department of homeland security.

    In your case, the college that has issued the I-20, would inform the Immigration authorities about the failure of the candidate to join the course.

    It would be wise to contact the US consulate that issued the F1 visa and inform by means of a detailed letter as to why the student is not joinings studies. This would be helpful, in case the student has to apply for future visas to USA for studies or work.

    It is advisable NOT to travel to USA on the same F1 visa, even if the F1 visa is valid but the student is entering USA after the start date of the intended course.

    Please inform the university also about the decision not to take up the accepted course.

    I would suggest, use the contact information provided to you when you applied for the visa or please visit the (

    Phone: Call +91 120 4844644 or +91 40 46258222.

  • I think it's best to inform the VISA agent or the US consulate or the office from where the visa was issued. It's always good to close the matter, rather than fret about it for long.

    I don't think it will be a time consuming affair. You just need to drop a mail.

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