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    How to become an English professor?

    Do you want to become a Professor in English? Check this page to know how to relise the dream from our experts.

    I am doing my final year of B.Com programming from Delhi university. I desire to become an English professor in Delhi university. Since I am not aware of what I should do next, I am here to ask you that what is the procedure that I need to follow to be able to accomplish my desires? Also how much percentage I need to acquire in my bachelors to be eligible for further requirements.?
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  • If you want to become a professor of English. you should qualify for your graduation and you should get admitted to the post graduation course in English. After completing your Post graduation you have to appear for the NET examination conducted by CBSE and you should qualify for the test. Then you are eligible to join as Assistant Professor in any University as per their requirement. When they give an advertisement for the posts you have to apply.
    Alternatively, you can apply for your PhD degree in English after completing MA. Once you complete your PhD, you will become eligible for Assistant Professor post without writing the NET examination.

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  • Professor of English is a coveted post and by being attached to a premier college will certain enhance rapport of the aspirant having a post graduate - degree in English.
    In order to remain in lime light in the field of professor of English, you need to be a little bit careful in choosing the the college from where your graduation and post - graduation are to be continued such a graduation from St, Xavier's college, Mumbai, St. Stephen College, Delhi, Lady Sri Ram College are the notable plateforms to be chosen for this purpose and for the Post - graduation courses you may choose Delhi University, Kolkata University, Mumbai - university etc. Such combination of institutions will help you in your prompt selection for NET test provided you have secured at least a high second class securing at least an aggregate of 55 percent marks. Once you qualify the NET test conducted by CBSE normally held twice in each year, you will be called for the final selection in a college depending of the vacancy being flouted in the leading papers.
    Alternatively secure a Ph.D degree under the guidance of an eminent professor producing a thesis of high order and such an award will exempt you from appearing NET test and by means of your impressive performance on the board of interview, you will land you a job of Lecturership in a coveted college.

  • If you have interest in teaching line and especially if you want to become a lecturer in English then you will have to do efforts in that particular path.

    The first thing is that you will have to go for post graduation in English that also if possible from a reputed university.

    After this you have to apply for NET and once you qualify in NET you can apply for lectureship.

    Please note that there is a large rush for the coveted posts of lecturer in colleges and the competition is very high. So you have to work hard to reach your goal.

    You can also consider going for Ph.D. after which you need not to go for NET and only with your Ph.D. degree you can apply for lectureship.

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  • Please do note that if you want to become a professor in a prestigious University like the Delhi University, you need to have a First Class Master's Degree full time from the same or some other UGC recognized University, full time. Regarding you eligibility to do this course, am not too sure. Please check with the University authorities. If you are eligible, plunge into it and take up the Master's Degree. You can then appear for the UGC NET examination in the same subject and qualify. You can also take the Delhi State examination, which is normally called SLET. Once you qualify you are eligible to get a junior level teacher's position. Once you get in, that is the starting point. You must compulsorily do the Part time Doctorate degree.

    With the doctorate degree, you also need high quality research publications. To get an idea of the kind of publications needed, please do visit the library of the Delhi University and understand the same. Please do note that these days, the competition is very severe and only those who demonstrate a high level of scholarship, can aspire to become Professors.

    In reality, the University of Delhi is the best when it comes to quality teaching. You can also check with the Asoka University, New Delhi, if they have any other creative courses for you to make a career. They do have a Post Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies, for which a law degree is fine. Kindly check if you will be interested in this course. Of course, you anyway need a doctorate, since your primary interest is in teaching.

  • To become a lecturer of English literature in any college, one should have the degree of B.A in English literature and then M.A in English literature. He/She must obtain very good marks in M.A in English. He/She will have to appear in NET and/or SLET. After qualifying NET/SLET, the person will be able to apply for the lectureship/assistant professorship.

    A Lecturer/Associate Professor gets promoted as Associate Professor/Reader and an Associate Professor/Reader gets promoted as Professor. There are some conditions for promotion as Professor including possessing a Ph.D. degree in the relevant subject.

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  • Your present educational pursuit is in commerce subject which may take you to the accountancy and commercial side but you are now indicating your interest and liking for teaching English in colleges or university.

    So you require some mid course corrections in your career aspirations.

    Normally for being qualified for teaching English to graduate or postgraduate classes one has to acquire a Masters degree in English followed by either qualifying UGC - NET exam or Masters degree followed by Ph.D.

    Now you have to change your educational pursuits in this direction. You may have to do B.A. in English before you try to go for Masters. This will be the additional time to be incurred by you as you have not planned your ambitions after your class 12 itself.

    Anyway, whatever delay has happened is happened and now you focus whole heartedly for your desired goal of learning English and then trying for a lecturer job.

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  • A. Good that you are aiming to become a professor of English at Delhi university. It would be a long journey, especially if your are doing B.Com from Delhi University.

    B. First would be to aim to get a good score in your Bachleor's degree. the minimum is 55%. I'm concerned that many sought after reputed colleges/universities would not accept B.Com for DIRECT ADMISSIONS for their MA English programs. For instance, if you take Delhi University itself,you would need to take up the entrance exam and the syllabus of which would likely be based on BA English standards.(

    C. Then you need to do your Masters in English from a reputed university. Here, in your case, it may not be a good idea to do MA by distance mode because you have your B.Com.

    D. One needs to have a good academic track record in the chosen speciality during Master's to be eligible to get selected.
    Even in MA the minimum you need to score is 55% from a recognized university. It always helps to take the NET/SET in English conducted by UGC and CSIR.

    E. Once you become eligible, then you can apply for the faculty position in the Delhi University. Some universities start from Assistant Professor onwards. Once you are selected, then you gain teaching experience, publish papers and then do your PhD or M Phil which will enable you to be eligible to become an Associate professor and then a Professor.

    F. This pdf gives the qualifications for Assistant Professor at Delhi Univeristy (
    Please read carefully the rules for Direct recuritment given in section 4, page 5-7 of this 84 page UGC new faculty guidleines.(
    This advert for the post of Assistant professor in English, University of Delhi in June 2017 gives you an idea of what you need in hand (

    G. I would suggest, since you are in Delhi University, try and meet a faculty member or a PhD scholar at the English department ( who can give you useful insights and suggestions as to how to plan your education path to become a Professor of English.

  • To be a professor of English, you need to have graduation and post graduation degree in Arts with English as the main subject. These BA and MA degree in English should be from recognized by UGC. You need to have Ph.D./or NET for getting into the teaching job at University level. These are the basic requirements.

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  • Unfortunately, with your B.Com, you cannot become a faculty in English.
    To become a faculty in English, you will first have to enroll yourself in B.A with a major subject in English.
    Once you pass with marks more than 55%, you have to take admission in M.A, English from a Recognized University.
    There again you have to secure 55% marks to be eligible to appear for either NET or SLET conducted by U.G.C.
    Meanwhile, you have to register yourself as a PH. D student in an University with a relevant topic in English, under a recognized Professor of your University.
    If you qualify in the U.G.C NET, you will be eligible for UPSC and apply for the Lectureship posts. to become a professor, you will have to acquire 20 years of experience as a Lecturer, and then a Reader, in a recognized university.

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