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    What should I do UPSC or CAT?

    Confused between opting for UPSC or CAT? wondering which one is better than giving NEET? Get advice from our ISC experts on this page and decide your further plan of action.

    I am in 1st yr of BSc(Bio stream) and also 2 yr dropper. I had prepared for NEET and now I am really confused about what do now. I am very disappointed with NEET result and in a big trauma for what to choose. I have decided to prepare for UPSC or CAT. But I am not yet sure about what to do.
    Can you provide guidance?
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  • CAT is Common Admission Test for the management degree course in IIMs and other institutes.

    UPSC( Union Public Service Commission ) is India's central agency and will conduct the Civil Services Examination, Indian Forest Service examination, Engineering Services Examination, Combined Defence Services Examination, National Defence Academy Examination, Naval Academy Examination, Combined Medical Services Examination, Special Class Railway Apprentice, Indian Economic Service/Indian Statistical Service Examination, Combined Geo-scientist and Geologist Examination, and Central Armed Police Forces(Assistant Commandant) Examination and others.
    For both the above the important point is you should complete your graduation first. Without completing graduation you may not be able to do any one of the above two. So immediately you should concentrate on your graduation and complete that. Then based on your score and your interest you can choose any one of the above two. Both are tough and very hard work is the requirement.

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  • Pragati, it depends on what you wanted to become. If are interested in private or public sector. You must understand both CAT and UPSC is for all India so there is tough competition. If you are interested in government jobs then go for state civil services examination and UPSC both. If you want private sector job then do MBA. If you are still confused then complete graduation and prepare for both. Almost 50% aptitude and English study is common in all examinations. When you complete graduation then you will be mature to decide or else whichever happens first just grab it.

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  • NEET is held for Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate medical studies in India. CAT is held for admission in top-level business schools of India. UPSC is an organization which conducts various top-level recruitment examinations in India. Most probably you wanted to mean Indian Civil Services (ICS) Examination by mentioning UPSC. NEET and CAT for higher studies in medicine and management, respectively, whereas ICS Examination is a recruitment examination

    First, I would advise you to complete your Graduation with all seriousness. At the same time, simultaneously go through the question papers of CAT/other management entrance examinations and Indian Civil Services Examination. Thereafter (after completing your Graduation), you decide whether you would go to appear in CAT for management study or appear in ICS examination for Class-I services under Central Government.

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  • You need to clarify your doubt regarding NEET examination. It is a test for all those interested to persue MBBS course with the medical colleges covered within the NEET jurisdiction. So it is ideal for those having passed 10 +2 with Biology having secured at least 50 percent in their final examination and by going through the cirriculam of 10+ 2, the test is definitely tough where you have to choose the correct answer from the given four answers and hence a thorough studies of the text book is required to tick the correct answer.
    Now regarding the CAT test also known as Common Admission Test is the specific test for the aspirants interested to continue Management - course through the premier institutions including IIM. You can take up the course after your graduation. A high percentile in the test beyond 95 will offer you a chance to secure a seat in the coveted institutes. This calls for hard labour and far sightedness to crack the test.
    UPSC conducts several examinations such as Indian Forest service, Indian Administrative Services, Engineering Services examination etc.
    You have to decide yourself which would be better for you for your career path. Go ahead with your graduation - course with full dedication and decide either of the two depending upon your passion and inclination. UPSC and CAT tests both being tough in nature, you would require full time devotion to crack the test. Yeah u may seek the guidance of the professional institution in order to secure a good ranking in either of these two tests.

  • Both UPSC and CAT are good steps for the bright future. But, there is little deviation between them. If you got win in UPSC, you will have chance to deal with the people in the form of executing good deeds for the wellwish for them. In this direction, your thoughts to be given importance for the people not the money.

    But, if you win in CAT, you will attach to reputed company and you work for the benefits of company. Here you give the importance to the business not else.

    So, you decide with which your thoughts have to be coup up with.

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  • If we talk of competitive exams then no exam is going to be easy or without hurdles.

    A large number of aspiring candidates are appearing in these exams for various career options.

    You can not choose your career in a random fashion. In fact one must find out what is one's interest and aptitude because it is only then a person will do the requisite efforts in that direction.

    CAT exam and UPSC services are no exceptions. They are the most coveted ones and it is imperative to work hard with a focussed approach to crack them. It is not a question to pass this exam but what counts is the score. Only top scoring candidates will be having a chance to get a situation in job market.

    Anyway it is not late and you can still make up for the deficiencies by charting out a study plan and then following it religiously. Please remember that for scoring high in these exams selective study will not suffice. You have to go in exhaustive mode. There are students who are qualifying these exams even after two or three attempts.

    Even if a student does not get selected in these exams the hard work put up by him will not go waste. There are many exams for subordinate services in Govt organisations where one will be benefited by this hard work. So acquisition of knowledge and studies does not go waste. Somewhere in your life it will help you.

    NEET, CAT or UPSC services are the top notch competitive exams in our country and they filter out the scorers from the mediocre lot. They are the bench mark testers for assessing the knowledge of students.

    In such a situation only determination, hard work and persistent studies will be helpful and accordingly one has to prepare one's mental frame.

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  • You see, to decide whether you should go for UPSC or CAT is really not important. The most important question is – What you really want to do?

    Who can answer this question? You and only you can answer this question and that too after much deliberation. You still have enough time to figure out your field of interest. If you don't narrow down your choices, you will remain confused & won't be able to go far.

    It's more important to learn to take your own decisions & fight for them. To reach a decision, you must gather as much information as possible about the two exams / courses and then try to visualize what would your life be, once you clear the exam (any of them). It's the mind that has created the confusion, & it will be the mind who will settle it.

    Meanwhile, try improving your Mathematics & English (vocabulary) that will help in long run.

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  • Please check how many attempts of NEET you can still try as per your age.

    I advise you to prepare again for this test wholeheartedly and if you work hard you can get through it and get admission in medical line. In the present scenario it is still a good career option.

    CAT and UPSC exams are equally difficult and if one can not score in NEET then one is likely to have same fate in CAT and UPSC also.

    The advantage of having Biology as one of the subjects can be taken in NEET exam. In other exams students having Mathematics or Science also appear and score magnificently.

    So take advantage of your Biology background in NEET.

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  • CAT and UPSC are very two different fields requiring different skill sets.
    1. In CAT you should have good Quantitative Aptitude and reasoning abilities i.e basically good at maths.
    2. Here you get to work in Private sector at a managerial post.
    3.To get admission in good colleges your 10, 12 and graduation marks matter a lot.
    4. Beneficial for candidates with work experience.
    5. Here by doing MBA you can work in a pharma company where your graduation knowledge comes in practice.

    1. Here you only need basic aptitude skills to clear CSAT but the main requirement here is to critically analyse things going around and to foresee their impacts on society and the country. It requires lot of practice and hard work and also memorizing many things.
    2. You get to work in public sector and can make huge impact on society.
    3. Your 10 , 12 and graduation marks do not matter much. One needs to have minimum 50 percent in graduation
    4. Work experience does not play a major role. Your exam marks are important.
    5. Here you can work in Public health Department or several other like AYUSH where your graduation knowledge can play important role.

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