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    How to crack UPSC in my first attempt

    Planning to give UPSC exam? Wondering whether it is possible to crack in first attempt? Relive your worries by going through the tips and advice provided by our ISC experts on this page.

    I am a graduate student and also want to prepare for UPSC exam. What are the main things should I do to crack it in my first attempt? I know that it would be crazy to crack it in first attempt but a lot of people did it. So I am also very motivated to crack it in the first attempt. Can you help me in this process and tell me some main tips to make this process very easy?
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  • Anything is possible in this world if we have the determination and dedication. If you are really interested in cracking the UPSC exam in the first attempt, what you should do is you should decide on a programme for your preparation. You have to decide the subjects which you are going to opt for the exam. Start studying those subjects from the fundamentals. You should study to understand the subject. Basics are to be understood clearly. Study with an object. After completing each chapter make yourself some questions referring to various books and try to answer all the questions. If you are not able to answer some of the questions go back to the book read, again and again, try answering the questions. Once you are confident you can go to the next chapter. Follow the same sequence. Once you cover the full syllabus. Start answering available old question papers and correct the answers. This process is called a self-learning process.
    There are some institutes who will give you training and coaching for this UPSC exam and you can join there and get trained there. This will help you in facing the exams with more confidence.

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  • You have said you want to clear UPSC examination. First, let me know which UPSC examination you want to clear. Are you appearing in Indian Civil Services Exam, or Indian Statistical Services Exam. or Indian Economic Service Exam. or Indian Forest Services Exam. or Geologists' Exam. or Combined Defence Services Exam. or National Defence Academy Exam. or Indian Engineering Services Exam.?

    The patterns of question papers of these examinations conducted by UPSC are different. The eligibility conditions are also different. First chose in which Exam. do you want to appear and then seek further guidance. Proper advice can be given only then.

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  • Your ambition can be fulfilled if you work hard and do wholehearted efforts.

    One thing which is of Paramount importance is selection of optional subjects. One has to see what is the subject which is the core strength of ones knowledge. It is natural that one can score there better.

    Other thing is to solve as many earlier years paper as possible. More you cover is merrier. It is not necessary that you only solve the questions of IAS. In fact one should practice questions which are asked in various other exams like banking services, revenue services, subordinate services etc. Confining only to old IAS papers will not be a good strategy.

    In these most coveted exams in our country what matters is not only to score high but to compete with other equally ambitious young minds. So it is necessary that much efforts are to be done to get success in this line.

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  • Competeting in UPSC - IAS or other similar UPSC exams require a long time strategy. They can not be just attempted and cleared in a flying manner.

    People, who have long cherished dreams of becoming a top administrator or executive in Govt start preparing for it since their high school times. The reason is that the syllabus is vast and there are no boundaries of general knowledge and aptitude test questions.

    Accumulation of knowledge and learning over a period of at least 4-5 years is a pre requisite for such competitive exams where even a score of 1 mark less makes thousands of aspirants out of the fray.

    I have no intention of demotivating anyone and at the same time I simply assume that you are already in the correct path and have already prepared and are still preparing for this tough goal since last few years.

    With that positive note I also speculate that in addition to your studies for graduation, you have already started solving the old question papers of these coveted civil services as well as their near cousins.

    Choosing optional papers is also a tricky matter as you have to opt for those, where you can score high. These exams are not tough but the problem is to come on the top as many brilliant minds are fixing their life time ambitions to these careers only.

    I will reiterate that a long time strategy coupled with dedication and hard work and strong will to excel is the only way to get through in such exams in first attempt.

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  • At the first outset, I would appreciate your interest and with a little careful planning, success at the fist instant can be achieved in the IAS Examinatin provided you consider the following tips-
    1) As soon as you pass out your graduation, time is to be utilised effectively in pondering over the questions set of the last seven years including the optionals for which you would be choosing for your IAS examination. It hardly matters if you select History or Geography despite being a Mech - engineer graduate.
    2) Enrol yourself with a premier institution so that you can getter inputs for the clearance of preliminary test. There are some compulsory papers such as essay - writing, comprehension and grammar related portions where you must follow up their instruction to maximise your scorings and at the same time be familiar with the latest developments in our country apart from the international one.
    3) Optional papers are to be chosen carefully and such selection of papers of Arts - stream may enhance your rate of score though you may be a science or an engineering graduate. By opting Philosophy or Geography as optional papers, the aspirants have fared better in their IAS examination.
    4) On the final round of selection the aspirants have to face the experts of the subjects where the real potentiality of the aspirants are tested, hence aspirants must be honest in their response. One must be good listener and patience should not be lost.
    5) Answers for the written portion should be written with their own words without copying the texts of a text - book.
    6) if Physics or Mathematics is one of your optional papers, make a sufficient preparation of all the relevant formulaes to be used in course of solving problems and all the formulaes should be entered in a note - book so that it can be revised conveniently a number of times prior appearing for such papers.

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