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    I want to teach students of B School

    Are you looking out for teaching in B school? Wondering whether it is possible to do so? Find suggestions and eligibility criteria on this ask Expert page.

    I did my B.Tech from NIT Jamshedpur and PG Diploma in Actuarial Sciences (Full time, 1 Year) from NMIMS, Mumbai. I have got roughly 12 years of work experience in Operations / Plant Administration, Manufacturing & training supervisors & In-charges for various shop floor roles & responsibilities.

    I want to share my learning & experience (not just the book knowledge) with the students of various B Schools. I applied to few colleges as well, but it seems they are too rigid & are looking for specific qualifications and teaching experience.

    What can be done?
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  • A professor may teach several different courses in a business school. They are hired to teach students pursuing an undergraduate and/or graduate degree in fields related to accounting, finance, international business, management, and marketing. Full-time business professors should hold both a master's degree and a PhD in business administration, management, economics, or a related field. Generally, persons qualified from established private schools are preferred to state universities and smaller private universities degree holders.
    In your case basically your are graduate from technology, good B Schools may not consider your case even though you have experience. So if you want to go as a teacher in a B School, you should aim for getting an MBA degree from any reputed institute like IIMs. Once you obtain the PG certificate from a good institute, with your experience you will have more chances of getting a good teaching post in a good B School.

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  • Please do note that as such, you are not qualified to teach in any B school. Even if it is a very ordinary B school, affiliated to any University, or a B school that is directly recognized by the AICTE, where the PGDM course is offered.

    The only option available for you is to continue to work in some good industry and do the PGDM or MBA course part-time from a leading B school in your area. This should be a very good recognized B school.

    You could also take some time off, and do a full time PGDM course from any of the IIMs. The best are IIMs that are situated at Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Kolkatta. Even then, you need at least five years of work experience, before you can gather all the skills to teach in any B school.

    Furthermore, there are almost every single B school affiliated to any University, which wants a Phd degree in Management and also a pass in the UGC NET and the State SLET examination, the State where you live in. Make sure that you get this fine as quick as possible.

    In the meanwhile, there are some B schools where they also offer the BBA course. If you evince some interest, you can be appointed as a part time Faculty Member in some subject like Operations Management. Of course, even here, please do note that you are still not qualified to be a Faculty Member.

    Kindly note that the B school requires a minimum MBA and or doctorate qualification. You seem to be having a very wrong idea of what it takes to teach the MBA course. You may have experience, but the subjects that are there in the MBA course is totally different from your line of specialization. As such you can find a good slot in a technical institute run by companies like the TVS group or the Mahindra and Mahindra group. However, you need to immediately get the MBA and the doctorate degrees to be eligible to teach the MBA course, anywhere in the country.

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  • Right Sir, that makes perfect sense. I will think over it. Thank you.

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  • Though your idea of teaching in B.Schools seems to be a praiseworthy idea but to implant the same, you have to follow up the the points noted below-
    1) You have to consider the qualification of the professors engaged in B.schools and if you carry out an analysis of their qualifications most of them do possess doctorate degree in the Management with some renowned institutions and have sufficient exposure in the teaching in the Management - schools. So, accordingly you need to acquire a degree from a reputed institution like IIM by clearing the CAT test with a high percentile so as to get entry in IIM, Ahemedabad, IIM Lucknow etc.
    2) Remain touch with the syllabus of B. Schools and see what materials are included in their courses of studies. Such familiarity would wipe out your dilemma regarding the essential criterias to be achieved in this direction.
    3) Start the course of Management with a reputed school and then clear the interview of the Management - school. Your experience with the present industry will help you in getting Management - solutions in many of the cases.
    4) Develop your communication- skill so as to make an effective representation of the core - subjects being taught in the MBA cirriculam.
    5) Attend the seminars of the Management - schools and listen to the lectures of eminent professors and scholars and be familiar with the latest tools being employed in the Bussiness- field.

  • You have a good practical experience of operations and working of a plant and it is a part of engineering only. So your qualification is more related to technical side while B schools require minimum management masters degree for it's teachers.

    At this stage how you will be going to acquire those qualifications like PGDM or MBA is a challenge. You can not take risk of leaving your established career in your present job.

    One thing which can be tried is to go for correspondence or evening school mode to acquire the requisite qualification and then take advantage of your experience and apply for B school teaching vacancies.

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  • From your credentials it appears that you are in the age group of 40-45.

    At such an age going for PGDM or MBA is definitely a challenge though it is not impossible. One can try for that path as it will require a lot of hard work as you may not be in touch of academics for a long time.

    Another point which is also to be considered in this scenario is getting a coveted teaching job in a B school. Today there are many aspirants ready to join as lecturer or Assistant Professor in such colleges and they get preference as they are fresh and have come with them with latest syllabus and techniques of management world. Age can be a big barrier while competing against them.

    These are some of the perceived difficulties in your case and making a career in this line and one has to consider all these factors before embarking on this journey.

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  • Generally, for teaching management in B-schools or in UGC-recognized universities, a person must have cleared the NET in management. For appearing in NET, the candidate must have qualified MBA or equivalent with 55% marks in aggregate (for General Category).

    You have done B.Tech. I would advise you to go for MBA on part-time/correspondence and thereafter appear in NET. Otherwise, you may complete M.Tech in your subject and try to teach Operations Managment in b-schools. As management is an inter-disciplinary subject, students of economics, engineering and commerce can also teach management students in b-schools under special circumstances.

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