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    What is the odd and even rule in Delhi

    Have a query about the odd even rule levied in Delhi? Looking out for detailed reasons behind this rule? Find advice from experts on this page for all your queries.

    Actually I wanted to know the rule which is levied in the Delhi last year which is odd and even rule. Actually I don't know the much about it so I am very curious to know about the rule levied by the Delhi government because of so much vehicles pollution. Why these rules came by the government? What is the reason beyond these odd and even rule?
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  • This system was implemented in Beijing in 2008. There this system turned out to be very effective and the system has been made permanent by the government there.
    Similar rules are imposed in many places around the world like Paris, Mexico and Bogota to curb road jams and pollution.
    This rule is implemented in Delhi in 2016. Women drivers, two-wheelers and vehicles carrying children in school uniform and VVIPs are exempted from this rule.
    As per the rule the private vehicles ply on the basis of the last number of their licence plates — odd numbered cars on odd dates and even-numbered ones on even dates. For example, if a car registration number is 2022, it will be on the roads only on even dates 2nd, 4th, 6th and so on. CNG vehicles having valid stickers would be exempted from this rule.
    Embassy vehicles do not come under odd-even rules. The commercial vehicles bearing yellow number plates are also will not come under the purview of the rule.

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  • To control pollution and traffic different ideas are implemented by the local administration in crowded cities.

    Odd-even is one such interesting idea which has been implemented in some places in the world and taking a cue from that the Delhi Govt in 2016 started this practice.

    Theoretically speaking, by allowing odd number ending vehicles on odd dates (1, 3, 5 ...) and even number ending on even dates (2,4,6...), the traffic can be reduced to half and consequently the pollution should also be weakened. As pollution is related to many other things also, it is not necessary to see the improvement on that aspect but definitely it is a good idea for reducing the traffic.

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  • To control Delhi Air pollution , AAP government introduced odd-even model. The scheme has been performed in two phases. One from 1st to 15th January, 2016 and the second phase of the scheme was implemented between 15th to 30th April 2016. There was expectation that this will reduce air pollution in Delhi.

    With many are saying this did not help much in air pollution at least daily commuter said this has reduced traffic congestion. Supreme court still have cases on going to take measures on air pollution and AAP government trying to take approval from NGT to implement this rule.

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  • The odd-even rule initiated by the Delhi Government w.e.f. 1st January, 2016 has been borrowed from some Chinese cities. The rule is very simple. There is a registration number of every car. If the number is even, it will ply only on every alternate day. Similarly, the cars with odd registration number will ply on other alternate days. As for example, if the cars with even numbers ply on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then the odd numbered cars will ply on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then from Sunday, the sequence will again be repeated.

    This system has been mooted to reduce the number of cars on the road and to control vehicular pollution and traffic jam. However, the Government vehicles, ambulances, etc. have been exempted. But, till now, the scheme has not been very successful.

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  • This rule was designed to check the the overcrowd ness in Delhi. Initially this was initiated in China and its popularity and success prompted Delhi -government to implement the same.
    The implementation part is simple, the vechiles carrying odd numbers will ply on the odd dates and on the even dates, it would be the turn of the even numbered vechiles to ply.
    Some exemption has been offered to women drivers, govt officials on emergency duties and the the ambulances.
    In Delhi, it was implemented way back in January 2016 but ceased functioning later on due to failure of administration. However, this can be reintroduced so as to avoid traffic congestion and for this public co- operation is required to curb pollution.

  • Have you ever had imagined of the scenario wherein the 50% of the vehicle plying on the road have been restricted to enter the city in order to control the pollution. This was the most sought out activity on behalf of the Delhi government in order to reduce the pollution level in the city which once had crossed the dangerous level that the even the schools were had to be closed keeping in view the safety of the students.

    The Odd-Even rule had been implemented by the Delhi government on two different occasions in which vehicle number ending with even number (i.e., 2/4/6/8/0) were allowed in days ending with the same digits. This one can be referred to “Even" part of the system. On to the other way, the vehicle number ending with odd numbers (i.e., 1/3/5/7/9) were allowed in days ending with the same digits. This is referred to as the “Odd" part of a system. This practice was applicable to the personal vehicles & not to the commercial vehicles. The bikes never came under this purview.

    Although a good initiative but was a failure with signs of unpreparedness on behalf of the state government because the metro rail got so much overloaded that this got shut down may times while delaying the employees for their destinations. The city is also not having with the enough buses in order to carry out with so much travelers but the most importantly this didn't indicated the reduction in the pollution level but having with some good signs of less & smooth traffic.

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