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    How can I lose weight naturally

    are you targeting to lose weight? Wondering how to do so naturally? Here, you can check out advice from out ISC experts and prepare an action plan to lose weight.

    Actually I am overweight. I want to be slim and trim. My current weight is 56kg and I want to lose 10 kg. How can I lose my weight naturally without taking any medicine at all? If anybody who knows well about dieting and nutrition can you guide me as well?
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  • The following points are to be observed.
    1. Daily you have to walk for at least one hour.
    2. You should walk early in the morning. You can do it in the evening also. But not immediately after eating.
    3. Don't use refined oils Go for Til oil. Reduce oil products.
    4. Take less quantity of rice. But use higher quantities of vegetables. Eat when you feel hungry only.
    5. You try wheat or ragi in the nights instead of rice.
    6. Don't eat junk foods.
    7. Idly is the best food in the morning. Otherwise ho for ragi Upma. Avoid oily foods in the mornings.
    8. You can take foods. Apple, grapes. orange and other foods. Banana can be reduced.
    9. No sugar and no sweets. If you fond of sweets once in a while use jaggery sweets.
    10. Do some yoga-like Pranayama at least 15 minutes a day.
    You should not eat chocolates and cream biscuits. By following the points you can reduce your weight by 10 Kgs in a span of 3 or 4 months.

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  • Weight loss can be achieved in a planned manner with a combination of watching what goes in and how we spend our stored calories

    A.Changes in Food intake:
    Early in the morning, you need to drink warm water 1-2 glasses.
    Avoid white salt, white sugar, added sugar, Maidha preparations (mixture, Nan, Kulcha, Parota), Noodles etc
    Aviod pizza,burger,soft drinks, fried food and snacks
    Aviod over-eating or comfort eating in the evenings and night.
    Rice based dishes preferably in the mornings, afternoon some millets and grain based dishes, night preferably fruits, vegetables and salads
    Increase protein in your diet and reduce the carbohydrate stuff.
    Avoid ready made food stuffs with long shelf life, tinned or canned food stuffs, sauce,ketchups.
    Reduce eating outside and takeaway meals. Instead switch over to healthy salads and low calorie, high fibre dishes
    Between meals, avoid snacking, instead curb hunger with a small portion of fruits and salads.
    Warm Lemon juice with honey is good to help to control weight.

    B.Changes in life style:

    Be anything but sedentary, in the office walk around, avoid lifts, climb up stairs, go for short walks etc. Keep a pedometer to stimulate yourself to set higher and higher targets.
    Office drinks of coffee and tea ( have many liquid calories) that we ignore. Instead switch to plain green tea or black coffee without added sugars.
    Biscuits, cakes, samosa,chats, chocolate bars unhealthy sandwiches, panner and chicken rolls are
    often tempting in the office or workplace cafe. Instead choose multigrain roll with salads. Coke,pepsi, soft drinks (aerated/carbonated), tetrapack drinks all are loaded with sugar. Instead change your office drink to fresh juice without added sugar.
    Avoid sleeping too much in the afternoons,spending time on gossip and playing games on the mobile and desktop. instead utilize the time for some simple exercises, walking etc.(

    C. Physical exercise:
    This should be the key for atleast 5 days a week. Start with walking for 45 minutes minimum and then gradually increase the speed and duration.
    If possible cyclying, swimming or jogging are very good 2-3 days a week.
    Do graded exercises like climbing stairs or cardio work-out.
    If you like dancing, please do, it also buring calories.
    Have a basic exercise plan and stick to it.

    D. Don'ts
    Ambitious weight loss and extreme diet are not good for health and people fail.
    Aviod unrealistic targets of weight loss. In your case, plan the 10 kg weight
    loss over 3 months.
    Sudden untrianed runing for 5 kilometers or so will do more harm to your knees and its ligaments.
    Aviod using over the counter weight loss tablet or preparation unless it is prescribed by a trained medical professional.
    Lastly, once you loose weight please remember that it is very easy to put it on back. What we need is discipline and the conscious efforts to focus on diet and exercise regimen.

  • Based on my personal experience I can tell you what does not work.

    1. Fasting. It's the best way to retain your fat for longer time. Fasting never helps for reducing weight. It kicks your brains defense mechanism and your belly fat starts increasing.

    2. Oats. It's not complete solution for your health. it improves metabolism and also works on digestion. but it does not give you energy required. And also does not reduces weight. So don't fall for that. Eat it only as a breakfast.

    3. Sleeping less than 6 hours. Sleeping less means your body requires more food to consume and more fat to store. That contributes to weight gain. And that leads to more health issue.

    4. Stress. You think too much? you;'ll gain weight. You worry too much? You gain weight? You're depressed? You will continue to gain weight by eating in this phase.

    5. Tea. The green tea and stuff is just advertising. If this were that easy to lose weight by drinking tea. There won't be gym and cardio in the world.

    What does work?

    1. Exercise. There is no alternative to exercise. Either do gym or cardio. Buy equipment and do the exercise. That's something surely going to help you in the health building.

    2. Avoid eating fried food. Yes that includes both veg and non veg fried items.

    3. Avoid eating after 11pm at night. That way your body will have enough time to digest food.

    4. Meditation and yoga. That should keep the stress and the depression away which helps during the weight loss.

    These are some of my personal observation for naturally weight loss.

  • There are a few tips and if implemented religiously, one can loose around 5- 7 kg within a time - frame of three months but doing such tips on regular basis will yield permanent result. The useful tips are as follows-
    1) Start your morning with warm - water, as soon you get up take two glass of warm - water followed by addition of one tea - spoon of Lemon - juice in each glass of waterand nothing should be taken for half an hour at least prior to this concoction.
    2) Indulge in brisk walking for at least half an hour regularly in both morning and evening. This will improve metabolism helping you to shed weight.
    3) Avoid fruit juices having excess sugar. Addition of sugar in such juices will put an extra weight on the body.
    4) One may take plenty of salads of Cucumber, Onion, Tomatoes and raw Raddish along with your lunch. In fact start your lunch with this salad and then take other items. Soon the belly will be full with the major portion of salads containing less calories. This in turn will help in shedding weight.
    5) In the evening take a glass of green tea without addition of sugar and the green tea containing flavonoids will enhance metabolism thus reducing weight. Alternatively take a tea spoon of coriander- seed in 200 ml of water and boil the same till the volume is reduced to half. Filter it and add some drops of lemon in this concoction. Seep the same on warm state. Regular consumption of the same will reduce weight since coriander strengthens metabolism to the body.
    6) Almonds or Walnuts if taken on moderate amount either in the morning or evening in the empty stomach will help one to loose weight since these nuts contain less calories but full of antioxidants, Calcium, Magnesium, Protiens, Vitamins to take care of the excess weight.
    7) Abstain from taking excess sweet items, oily and starchy foods since all these will contribute to weight addition.
    8) Dinner must be taken prior to 10 pm giving enough time to body for proper digestion prior to sleep. There should be a gap of two hours between the sleep and dinner.
    9) Water consumption should not be less than 2.5 lit per day. However, intake of water should be half an hour after the lunch and dinner.
    10) Avoid excess stress so that body hormones work at peak point helping your for sound sleep.

  • Weight reduction requires a lot of change in one's lifestyle and definitely it also requires determination to go for it.

    The first and foremost thing is controlling the food intake and its type. Oily and high carb junk foods are to be totally avoided. Fruits, fresh vegetables and fibrous foods are to be increased in the diet.

    Balance exercises are the key for burning the unnecessary fat in the body. Long walks in morning or evening are the best courses if one is not able to go to gym.

    Roadside food is tasty but not good for health. Even the food in high end places contains a lot of oil or cheese or butter and definitely it is the source of unnecessary fat.

    So it boils down to the healthy home made food which can be customised to the weight reduction program suiting to the individual.

    Laziness and increased sleeping hours create a conducive environment for fat deposition. Active life is the only way to combat this and have a healthy life.

    Do not fall prey to marketing gimmicks of some weight reduction formula in the market. They may do harm to you instead of doing any good.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Apart from the diet advise and the exercise regimen suggested by our Members, I would advise you to include millet in your diet. Kindly prepare this dish which is very simple. Fry millet without adding any oil and then powder it in the mixie. Keep it aside. Boil one hundred ml of good pure drinking water to a vessel and add one tomato cut to pieces. Now add just one teaspoon of the millet powder and add the garam masala powder ( just half a teaspoon is enough), Keep boiling the mix for five minutes. Once the time is over, put off the stove. Mix the boiled "rasam" as we call it with a little rice and have it. If you do not like rice, you can even take the rasam, as a soup. Have this thrice a week. It has been proved to be very effective in reducing excess fat in any human being.

    Another thing. Apart from the exercises, please do some cycling for about four hours per week. You are sure to reduce weight.

  • 1. Drink more water for your weight it should be 2.5 liters + . Calculate your water requirement by using following website.
    2. Reduce fatty diet like Ghee and oily food and have 2-3 times lemon and green tea daily.
    3. Have atleast 15 mins of cardio and exercise daily.
    4. Yoga will help you more if you do at home or outside.
    5. Do not eat carbs in night. Try to keep low intake in dinner which contains proteins.

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  • Here are few ways to lose your weight naturally:

    #1 Drink warm water mixed with 1 lemon juice and one spoon of honey.

    #2 Eat your meals at a fixed time and avoid eating anything in between. Also ensure that you take your meals at least before two hours you go to sleep. It is advisable to go for a walk after dinner and lunch.

    #3 Avoid junk avoid and oily and spicy foods. But eat fruits, vegetables. Take fibrous food as much as you can add in your diet.

    #4 Keep count of calories you take in your diet.

    #5 Little bit of exercise one should do to shed extra fat of the body.

    #6 Drint a lot of water at least 12-15 glasses in a day.

    #7 Also avoid to take full cream instead go for toned milk and try to take less sugar in your diet. Say no to cold drinks.

    Hope these all points may help you to lose your weight as eating nothing may be harmful for anyone's health.


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    – Mark Twain

  • Generally, more water consumption helps in reducing weight.

    Consumption of water supports to normalize body metabolism. People who find difficult to have more water in a day can try infusion drink.

    Yes, infusion drink helps to reduce weight.

    What is this drink and how it works? Mixture of few ingredients in water tempts to drink more water who finds hard to make habit of water consumption. Also the drink has negative calories.

    Well, here are the steps to prepare it.

    Soak cucumber slices, lemon slices, few mint leaves and peeled ginger smashed pieces in one or two liters of water(do not prefer copper bottle even though it is good for health). Prepare(just mix everything) it in previous night and refrigerate.

    Next day, instead of normal water consume this flavored drink but do not drink in empty stomach or immediate after meal(at least 1 hour gap is recommended.

    Extra points:
    1) Keep your mind stress free
    2) Avoid outside junk food
    3) Eat when your hunger level starts
    4) Have junk only when it is homemade
    5) Walking/jogging/yoga/exercise keeps active for whole day
    6) Do not sleep in day time and early to bed at night time is best and effective
    7) Prefer hot/warm water instead of normal or cold ones.
    8) Avoid carbonized/calorie drinks
    9) Meet your best friends or relatives in person rather than chatting in devices(gives stress relief)

  • There is no magic formula to weight loss; what you need is a strategy that makes your body use fat for energy. The most commonly practised strategies include –
    1. Portion control: where you eat a lesser quantity of food. If you have been eating three chapatis, you reduce them to 2 etc.
    2. Calorie deficit: this involves reducing the number of calories consumed. An average person needs between 1500 – 2000 calories, depending on factors like age, gender, weight etc. The calorie intake should not go below 1200, as that could be detrimental to health
    3. Exercise: cardio (walking, running, jogging, cycling, etc.) helps in burning calories. Strength training and resistance training are other forms of exercise that aid weight loss, as they build muscle, which needs more calories to maintain
    4. Hydration: water intake is essential for weight loss to occur. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
    5. Restrictions: follow a restricted diet. Stay away from junk foods, aerated and other sweetened drinks, reduce fatty foods etc.
    6. Eating healthily: a balanced diet, with the right amount of nutrients, is recommended. This includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and pulses, sprouts, nuts and seeds etc.

    There are weight-loss diets that give promising results. In these diets, you don't go hungry or deprive yourself of nutrients. One such diet is called intermittent fasting (IF), it involves choosing specific eating periods, and fasting (not eating anything) during the rest. There are two methods of IF –
    5:2 – in this method, you eat normally on five days of the week, and fast on two non-consecutive days. You can eat anything on the days you choose to eat but don't overshoot the calories. Spread the meals out to have 1500-1800 calories. On the days of fasting, you are allowed 500 calories. This can be had as one meal, or split into small meals. Low calorie, high fibre foods are filling, and subside hunger, and can be eaten on the day of fast. Low-calorie fruits, raw vegetables, such as cucumber, and maybe a carrot, sprouts, a few almonds, a chicken breast etc., can be eaten to add up the 500 calories.

    16:8 – this method involves eating in an eight-hour eating window and fasting for 16 hours. It is easy to fit three meals in this pattern of eating, provided you reorganise your eating schedule. If you eat dinner at 19:00 hours, your next meal would be at 11:00 hours, this could be a late breakfast or a brunch. Alternatively, you can have lunch or a snack between now and dinner. The timings are flexible; you choose your eating window and stick to it. This method doesn't deprive you of nutrients and aids weight loss.

    There are many online tools, that allow you to track calories consumption. Make use of them, to get the numbers right.

    Other things that you can do are –
    1. Cut out sugars from your diet
    2. Reduce carbohydrates
    3. Get enough sleep
    4. Drink methi-danna water

  • If you want to loose weight, you should have work hard and keep patience. A balanced diet and regular exercise work effectively. Here are some tips;

    1.Start your morning with warm water with honey and lemon.
    2. Do some exercise
    3. Take light breakfast. You can eat poha, upma, oat porridge, idli sambaretc. As per your choice You can take milk, tea or fresh fruits juice.
    4. In afternoon, you can eat chapatti, a bowl sabzi, lots of salads,
    5. In evening a cup of tea with 2buiscuits or some fresh fruits.
    6. at night a bowl dal and rice/chapatti, salads etc.
    7. At night take cinnamon tea

    Some importants points to follow:

    • Avoid junk food oily food.
    • Avoid packaged juices as they have excess sugar inturn may may put on weight.
    • Avoid refined oil, refined flour, and refined sugar. All refined thing as they are processed and are not much beneficial.
    • Avoid stress.
    • Take good sleep.
    • Do regular exercise (it may be brisk walking, stretching, surya namaskar) as per your capacity or choice.
    Further, you can also try keto diet or intermittent fasting (8:16, 10:14, 12:12 hrs) whatever suits you. These are also effective with good results.

    But at last be regular and hopeful and keep patience.

  • If your planning to loose weight , you to ensure that you loose weight in a systematic manner and goals set are realistic. I wanted to know how you could say that you need to loose 10kg to look Slim /Trim. Did you went to through some BMI Calculator? What is your age?

    I would first request you to check the BMI Calculator available online to verify if your really overweight/obsessed person based on your age, weight, height . If you find yourself overweight based on the reports generated online , then you can set your target weight which is ideal for you.

    You need to ensure to loose 0.5kg /per week at the max and its considered as normal and healthy weight lose target set per week. Why I am saying you to not go for sudden weight lose diet plans is to ensure you don't end up spoiling your health. People go with weight lose plans which say that you can loose up to 2kgs in a week and end up loosing hairs along with the weight which is not good enough right!

    I would suggest you to ensure your calorie intake required for a day based on gender, age & weight factors and you can also find calorie plan chart online. Based on your target weight lose desired in a week you can modify the calorie intake and also you need to ensure you work on loosing the fats by including some activities like Yoga, Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Jogging for at least 45 min - 50min a day.

    Ensure you intake good amount of water like 3 - 4 liters a day and included high protein rich diets.

    Cut on intake of junk foods, sweets and salts.

    If you ensure proper diet as per your gender , weight , height and age along with rigorous exercise plans , you can definitely work on weight lose in effective manner.

    Ideally you can set a target of loosing 2kgs in a month.

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